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Gemstones Metaphysical Properties by fionan


									Gemstones                            Metaphysical Properties
  Agate (variety)                           Helps wearer understand dream
  Helps to ground an individual.            world. Useful for magic,
                                            mysticism, and meditation.
                                            Lapis Lazuli
  Amethyst                                  Helps one to understand the mind.
  Helps to insure sobriety, brings          Promotes higher guidance.
  tranquility and peace of mind.            Helps head pain.

  Aquamarine                                Malachite
  For bravery, communication skills,        Brings harmony into one’s life.
  and confidence.                           Protective stone for aviation field.
                                            Moonstone (Rainbow)
  Aventurine                                Arouses passion.
  Aids physical healing.                    Accents the wearers nature.
  Draws out fevers.                         Because it has the colors of the rainbow,
                                            it brings with it the traits of the colors as
                                            well including the healing White Light.
  Blue Topaz                                Peridot
  Alignment with higher self,
  creative expression, writing,             Protects the wearer from evil spirits.
  focusing on your path.                    Peridot is said to help slow the aging
                                            process, and to aid in the treatment of
                                            digestive, heart, lung and eye disorders.
  Black Onyx
  Absorbs surrounding energy.               Rose Quartz
  Stress and grief reliever.                Emotional Balance and healing.
                                            Eases childhood traumas.
  Helps to balance creativity               Rutilated Quartz
  and mental processes.                     Gets energy moving on all levels.
  Very healing.                             Attracts love and stabilizes relationships.

  Chalcedony                                Smoky Topaz
  Helps rid the wearer of nightmares,       Induces deep relaxation.
  protects against evil.                    Stimulates fertility.
                                            Corrects reproductive imbalance.
  Citrine                                   Snowflake Obsidian
  Uplifment.                                Provides balance during times of change.
  Symbol of happiness.                      Helps one to see negative patterns in life.
  Said to help back problems.
  Garnet                                    Protects the wearer from
  Wearer is protected in                    external negative energy.
  travel and kept in
  good health.

  Hematite                                  Tiger Eye
  Most grounding of all stones.             Brings clarity & enhances psychic ability.
  Allows mental clarity &
  concentration. Helps jet lag.
  Iolite                                    Tourmaline
  A goods stone for finding ones            Vision & creativity. Inspirational power.
  direction in life.
  Helps to remove discord.                  Turquoise
                                            Helps start new projects.
  Jasper (Dalmation)                        Protects the wearer from falling,
  Creates a calming effect.                 especially from horses.
  Promotes feeling of stability
  and security.
  Thought to prevent pain during
  childbirth and to guard the mother        Balances the emotional body, helps
  & child.                                  with spirituality.
                                            Stimulates pregnancies.

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