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Embroidered custom t shirts About the Author


									Embroidered custom t shirts
Embroideries are very attractive and appealing. That is why many shirt makers make it a point to embroider their important and famous designs on
shirts. If you are aiming to have custom t shirts, you can actually use embroideries on them. Did you know that embroidered custom t-shirts are more
corporate looking and visually appealing? However, they may undeniably and practically be more expensive compared to the screen-printed shirts.

The process of embroidery is very tedious. As you can see, designs have to be stitched to the shirts. Because of the tediousness of the process, not
too many people embroider designs on custom t-shirts. As much as embroidered custom t shirts can be appealing, the costs are definite turn offs.
When compared to screen-printed custom t-shirts, in terms of expenses, embroidered shirts can really be costly.

There are also other hassles to embroidered custom t shirts. The shirts to be used should be thick to support the stitches. If not, the garment will surely
curl or pucker following several washings. Embroidery is also not ideal for thin and light shirts. In such cases, screen-printing is the better option.

However, there are also many reasons why you should aim to make your custom t shirts embroidered. As mentioned, the overall design, aesthetic
appeal and beauty of the designs and the shirts will be accentuated. Embroidered designs have much more corporate and premium appeal to people.
You will surely notice that your embroidered custom t-shirts will look more professional and expensive. The quality of the shirt is also raised in all
aspects and the logos and designs will appear more polished.

With quality comes price. Embroidered custom t-shirts can be more expensive compared to the screen-printed ones. However, the beauty and
flexibility can never be underestimated. Because embroidered custom t shirts usually have thicker shirts, you can expect that they can last longer. You
can also get an assurance that the designs will not peel off or fade as time goes.

You should consider having your custom t shirts embroidered. Wearers of such shirts will surely love it. In turn, the custom t-shirts will be more
appealing and noticeable, which can be at your advantage if you aim to use the shirts as a form of advertising, promotions or marketing tool. Shirts can
be screen-printed or embroidered, depending on your requirements, purposes and budget allocation.

About the Author
Embroidered custom t-shirts can be more expensive compared to the screen-printed ones. However, such custom t shirts can be more appealing,
more durable and more effective.


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