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BIKE-A-THon 2009 by fionan


									                                                               and used them in the first ride, they wanted to do it again!
            And the Ride continues ...                         This time they set their goal for Charleston, SC and brought
             The roots of SC Ride 4 Life 2009 stretch back     newcomer, Greg Elrod, into the group. SC Ride 4 Life ‘95
             to 1994 when two friends, Rick Walton &           covered 275 miles and raised over $3,800.
             Warren Bright, were planning their family’s            For SC Ride 4 Life ‘96, the four riders from 1995, and
                                                               five newcomers, rode 308 miles to Hilton Head Island, SC

summer vacation together. Both families wanted to go to
the beach. When Warren and Rick mentioned riding their         and raised over $3,500 for Foothills PCC.
bicycles to the beach with their families later following to        This fund raising effort has raised the following
meet them, the wives challenged them to do it. The challenge   amounts to help save lives:
was taken and the plans made.
     Then, as God uses each one of us, another friend             SC Ride 4 Life 1999 - 18 cyclists - over $13,000!              16th Annual Trek
suggested that they make the ride a fund-raiser for a             SC Ride 4 Life 2000 - 24 cyclists - over $13,000!
deserving ministry. Rick shared the idea with Mike
McLeod, and Mike wanted to be a part of the effort.
                                                                  SC Ride 4 Life 2001 - 25 cyclists - over $20,000!                   to the Coast
                                                                  SC Ride 4 Life 2002 - 20 cyclists - over $16,000!
After seeking His guidance, the ministry that God laid on
their hearts was the crisis pregnancy ministry of Foothills       SC Ride 4 Life 2003 - 27 cyclists - over $21, 500!
PCC. The men contacted Foothills PCC, and SC Ride 4               SC Ride 4 Life 2004 - 19 cyclists - over $17, 000!
Life was born.                                                    SC Ride 4 Life 2005 - 23 cyclists - over $19,000!
     Training began in earnest with only one month before
the ride. Support began to be pledged as set amounts              SC Ride 4 Life 2006 - 37 cyclists - over $25,000!
or by the mile. Rick, Warren and Mike worked as hard              SC Ride 4 Life 2007 - 34 cyclists - over $22,000!
on the fund-raiser as they did in training. The Journal-          SC Ride 4 Life 2008 - 40 cyclists - over $31,000!
Tribune newspaper also ran an article on the biking trio
and their cause.                                                    This year we are praying for over sixty riders...Will
     Finally, on the morning of June 23, Rick, Warren          you be a part of what God is doing?
and Mike set out on a this collective yet personal quest.           One question can be asked, “Why do the same guys
Without so much as one support vehicle, the three men          keep riding every year?” Two reasons are the personal
set out by FAiTH And PRAyeR. The WLFJ radio                    challenge and the satisfaction it brings upon completion.
announcer prayed that morning for God to put His angels        yet the overriding reason for the ride is each person’s love
on all sides and protect them. And how God did! At one         for life and lives - both the born and the unborn.
point, storms could be seen all around the trio, but the            you can be a part of that purpose and accomplishment,
storms never overtook them!                                    too. Help us celebrate over 15 years of fund raising with
     The first day 147 miles were traveled. Not one of         our best Ride ever!
the three had ever tackled so many miles in a three day
stretch and they wanted to get as many miles behind
them as possible the first day despite temperatures that
                                                                                 Sign up for
were in the nineties. That evening saddle soreness set
in and Warren’s knee began to bother him. yet, the next
morning the trio was back on the road, riding toward their
                                                               SC Ride 4 Life 2009 today!
goal. Over the next two days, if the thought of giving up
ever came to mind, they would pray and remember the
Center and the sponsors who were counting on them.
And God would give them a renewed burst of energy
and determination!
     On June 25, 1994 three weary, but triumphant bikers
                                                                                 SponSoRS:                                    BIKE-A-THon
rode into Ocean Isle, NC with 317 miles behind them!
That first year SC Ride 4 Life ‘94 raised over $1,700 for
                                                                             Print It! 882-3609
                                                                    State Farm – Kim Sullivan 647-5761                         June 11, 12, 13
the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center ministry. And what
an encouragement their ride was to the all the Center’s
                                                                     Yoder’s Building Supply 972-3003                               Benefiting
                                                                           TIFOSI Sunglass Co.
     in 1995, the same trio told the Center they wanted to
                                                                                                                               Foothills pregnancy
make another ride, SC Ride 4 Life ‘95; God had so blessed                                                                          Care Center
The purpose of South Carolina Ride 4 Life...                                                                                   Registration Form...
 South Carolina Ride 4 Life is a group of like-minded individuals who seek to promote                                       1. Complete this Registration Form before June 1, 2009.
 pro-life causes by raising money and awareness primarily through the sport of cycling.                                     2. Mail form to SC Ride 4 Life 2009, PO Box 421,
                                                                                                                               Seneca, SC 29679 with a registration check payable to
 The SC Ride 4 Life committee is soliciting donations on behalf of the Foothills                                               SC Ride 4 Life, or sign up online at
 Pregnancy Care Center. All funds are deposited and accounted for through Foothills                                                              FEE SCHEDULE
                                                                                                                                         January 1 - March 15         $50
 Pregnancy Care Center as an authorized charitable organization.                                                                         March 16 - May 15            $60
                                                                                                                                         May 16 - June 1st            $75
 The purpose of Foothills pregnancy Care Center...                                                                          * Jerseys and T-shirts are not promised for registrations after
                                                                                                                            May 16th.
 Believing that all life comes from God and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, the Foothills                                            (PLEASE PRINT)
 Pregnancy Care Center exists to love, counsel and aid women who are experiencing an unplanned
                                                                                                                            name ________________________________________________
 pregnancy and to provide them with knowledge, support, and information to aid them in making a
 decision to choose life.                                                                                                   Address ______________________________________________

                                                                                                                            City/ State/ Zip _________________________________________
           - Policy and Procedure Manual
                                                                                                                            Home Phone _____________________ Cell ____________________
           Foothills PCC is a non-profit 501(C)(3) ministry.
           All donations are tax deductible.                                                                                e-mail ________________________________________________

                                                                                                                            Age ________________________               Sex        F       M
 Join the “SC Ride 4 Life 2009” trek across the state, the Golden Corner’s only bike tour with a Pro-Life emphasis.
 Riders will travel from Seneca to Georgetown, SC over three beautiful days. you’ll enjoy the physical rigors, a sense of   Fund Raising Goal ______________________________________
 achievement, and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped support this ministry.                                        Rider___________________ Rider Support __________________

Tour Details...
                                                                                                                            Jersey Size       S      M       L       XL        XXL        XXXL

                                                                                                                            T-shirt Size      S      M       L       XL        XXL

Start            Seneca, SC on June 11                                                                                      Alumni years ___________________________________________

Overnight Two nights in area hotels provided; 2-3 persons per room                                                          emergency Contact ______________________________________

Finish           Georgetown, SC on June 13                                                                                  Phone_____________________(Cell) ______________________ (H)

Rest Stops As needed w/refreshments                                                                                         i (undersigned) have read and do understand the Purpose statements of SC
                                                                                                                            Ride 4 Life and agree with the purpose of this ministry. Furthermore, i
Meals            dinner on Thursday.                                                                                        covenant to bind myself and respective heirs from making any claim or
Provided         dinner on Friday.                                                                                          demand or to commence, cause, or permit to be prosecuted an action
                                                                                                                            in law or equity against Foothills Pregnancy Care Center on account
Support          Each cyclist must raise a minimum amount of $300. The registration fee is in addition to                   of any personal injury, disability, property damage, loss of services,
                                                                                                                            expenses, or damages of any kind that i have sustained or may sustain
                 the total. Support persons must give $35 registration and raise a minimum of $200.                         as a result of preparing for, and participation in the bicycle ride deemed
                                                                                                                            “SC Ride 4 Life 2009”.
Shirts           Cyclists will receive a cycling jersey* and a custom designed T-shirt for SC Ride 4 Life 2009.
                 Support personnel will receive 3 custom-designed T-shirts* for SC Ride 4 Life 2009.                        i also warrant that i am in sound physical shape and am capable of
                                                                                                                            making this demanding bicycle ride.
                                                                                                                            Signed: _______________________________________________
SC Ride 4 Life 2009 is a one-way ride to Georgetown, SC.
Limited transportation (as available) will be provided back to Seneca on Saturday.                                          date: _________________________________________________
* Jerseys and T-shirts are not promised for registrations after May 16th.

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