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                                             tt zypu
                                           Mat Sz ura
                                                own: Warre
                                           Hometo        enville, IL

                                           Current Club: Ch                  AHL)
                                                          hi-Town Shooters (AA

                                           Previou Club: U
                                                         University o Wisconsin – River F
                                                                    of                            A
                                                                                        Falls (NCAA DIII)

                                           Position: Defense

                                                 /Weight: 6’1”/215lbs
                                           Height/                  s.

Player Bio
P        o:
Matt is a sm
M          mart, puck-          tay-at-home defensema who is e
                      -moving, st                    an                   bring his size and
                                                               excited to b
talent to a team at th next level looking to win. Prior to his p
t                    he                                                    al
                                                               professiona career, Matt
spent four years play
s                               y         UW
                      ying hockey for the U - River F          ons where h was voted the
                                                     Falls Falco          he
team’s Most Improved Player in 2008. In 2
t                    d                                          d         ’s
                                          2009, he was awarded the team’ Workhor     rse
Award. In a
A                               ockey, during his sophomore and junior ye
           addition to playing ho                                         ears at River
Falls, Matt also play
F          t         yed Lacrosse at the V           el.
                                          Varsity leve

B         ning the Fa
Before join                     tt       wo
                    alcons, Mat spent tw seasons competing in the Nor              an
                                                                         rth America
Hockey Lea           tting the 20
          ague – split           003-04 sea
                                          ason betwe                     ndits and t
                                                     een the Texarkana Ban         the
D         ms
Dayton Gem and play   ying for th Springfie
                                he                   during thei 2004-05 campaign. In his
                                          eld Spirit d          ir      5
9 games p
90        played over the cours of his tw seasons in the NAHL, Matt totaled 19 points
                     r          se        wo         s
          while collecting 83PIM.
(6G, 13A) w

Matt’s Midg Hockey career inc
M          get       y                    ear with the Chicago Mission (Tier I AAA) w
                                cludes a ye                                         where he
was paired with curre          o
                     ent Chicago Blackhawwks forward Dustin Byfuglien. P             s
                                                                          Prior to his senior
y          h         M
year in high school, Matt left the Mission for the Ch          ll         AA), where he was
                                                     hicago Chil (Tier I AA
named Team Captain.
n          m

During the past summer, Matt tr
D                                       Force Sport Training in order t keep his skills
                              rained at F          ts       g          to
sharp and prepare him
s                             the current season. In his spare time Matt enjoys wo
                    mself for t          t                   e         t         orking
out, readin and fish
o         ng,       hing.

C       tatistics:
Career St

    Season     Te eam                             eague 
                                                 Le            GP      G 
                                                                       G     A        P       PIM     +/‐ 
    2003‐04    Te exarkana Bandits                NAHL 
                                                  N            24      1 
                                                                       1     2        3        15     n/a 
               Da ayton Gems                      NAHL 
                                                  N            22      1
                                                                       1     2        3        23     n/a 
    2004‐05    Sp pringfield Spirit               N
                                                  NAHL         44      4
                                                                       4     9        13       45     n/a 
                    TOTAL                                      90      6
                                                                       6     13       19       83     n/a 
    2005‐06    UW W ‐ River Falls                 AC (DIII) 
                                                WIA             7      0
                                                                       0     1        1        8      n/a 
    2006‐07    UW W ‐ River Falls                 AC (DIII) 
                                                WIA            18      0 
                                                                       0     0        0        10     n/a 
    2007‐08    UW W ‐ River Falls                 AC (DIII) 
                                                WIA            10      1 
                                                                       1     1        2        4      n/a 
    2008‐09    UW W ‐ River Falls                 AC (DIII) 
                                                WIA            24      0 
                                                                       0     2        2        14     n/a 
                    TOTAL                                      59      1
                                                                       1     4        5        36     n/a 
    2009‐10    Ch hi‐Town Shooter    rs           AAHL 
                                                  A            10      2 
                                                                       2     5        7        4      +8 
                    TOTAL                                      10      2 
                                                                       2     5        7        4      +8 

Any inquirie may be directed to Scott Dea
A          es       d                                               30)    ###.
                                        ady at or (63 ###-##


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