A New Model of Consultancy

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A New Model of Consultancy

The largest pharmaceutical company in the world has warned that 2005 will          RSA
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be a tough year. It is therefore time to acknowledge the depth of the              Hatfield Park
challenges facing the entire industry. The concerns of political, legal and        Hatfield
regulatory demands are familiar to many in the industry. As is the generic         Herts AL9 5NB

competition cited by Pfizer. The warning highlights the need to optimise
resources.                                                                         telephone
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Last year saw a number of events that will continue to have far-reaching
consequences. And for more than just the companies directly involved. They         facsimile
include:                                                                           +44 (0)1707 271366

  • the withdrawal from the market of Vioxx                                        email
  • concerns over Seroxat                                                          enquiries@theRSAgroup.com

  • Crestor’s less than smooth road to market
These events have focused attention not just on those drugs but on all             www.theRSAgroup.com

medicines in their respective classes. Moreover, they serve to remind us of the
importance of the challenges we face in many areas. These range from
achieving regulatory compliance to formulating successful sales and marketing

Life science companies face increasing challenges in achieving maximum
value for the resources they expend. So they have tended to put more pressure
on suppliers of consulting services to reduce rates. At the same time many
companies have increased restrictions on their use of consultancies.

The pharmaceutical industry has shed a lot of jobs in recent times, particularly
in Europe. Many people with years of experience and expertise within the
industry have made their exit. Several have formed small independent
companies selling specialist services to the life science sector.

RSA has undertaken some research among some 3,000 independent
contractors to the pharma industry. It confirms that providing services to the
life science industry through small independent companies is a growing
phenomenon. But it also reveals that people working in this model are
frustrated by the lack of:

  • an established brand to take to market
  • access to a network that enables them to provide a more comprehensive
    menu of service options.

Executive Search       Interim Management          Recruitment      Consulting

Life science consulting trends                                                      RSA
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Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has used consulting organisations to     Hatfield Park
provide a broad range of services. They range from strategic consulting,            Hatfield
through information system design and procurement, to full outsourcing of           Herts AL9 5NB

services. The principal suppliers have been the traditional ‘big five’ consulting
companies. Smaller suppliers include some niche players providing specific          telephone
specialist solutions.                                                               +44 (0)1707 259333

Running a consulting firm is all about balancing utilisation and rates. Firms       facsimile
have to cover the costs of maintaining a flexible workforce deployed across         +44 (0)1707 271366

multiple sectors and geographies. In recent years many consulting firms have
had to reduce their rates to maintain a presence in life sciences. And they         email
have found it difficult to achieve reasonable levels of utilisation for their       enquiries@theRSAgroup.com

The result of these dynamics has been a major restructuring of the consulting       www.theRSAgroup.com

sector. Major firms have diluted their industry specialists with more generalists
whose utilisation is easier to maintain. This structure enables them to deploy
individual consultants across a wide range of industry sectors.

Life science companies needing specialist expertise have increasingly turned
to ex-employees to provide a flexible resource. This has had the effect of
fuelling the growing market of independent specialist contractors. But this
model is constrained. It requires larger networks and more established brands
to provide a comprehensive menu of services.

A new model for consultancy
Consulting must be part of a comprehensive resource plan. To optimise the
provision of consulting services to the healthcare sector, two things are

  • to integrate the best of existing service models
  • to evolve them to match the current needs of the market place.

Clients need access to a variety of resourcing options. These include:

  • recruitment services to help select people for permanent positions
  • interim managers with the skills required to achieve specific goals within
    an agreed time period
  • complex bespoke consultancy services.

Executive Search       Interim Management         Recruitment       Consulting

Bespoke consultancy services require access to appropriate expertise               RSA
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combined with predictability of outcome, budgets and timescales.                   Hatfield Park
To match these market needs for consulting services, we have to combine two        Herts AL9 5NB

  • the well-developed delivery management mechanisms of the traditional           +44 (0)1707 259333

    consulting firms
  • access to real industry expertise through networks of small independent        facsimile
    providers.                                                                     +44 (0)1707 271366

This combination requires a significant infrastructure. Firms have to be able to   email
manage and maintain a ‘virtual network’ of individual specialists. They also       enquiries@theRSAgroup.com

have to create a delivery framework to ensure the client receives value for
money.                                                                             web

RSA’s new model of consulting incorporates governance and delivery
management for bespoke consulting services.

Intelligent resourcing
RSA Consulting’s Intelligent Resourcing service offers a partnership to clients
to develop a resource plan. The plan can draw from across the spectrum of
resource options:

  • search and selection of permanent staff
  • interim management services
  • access to bespoke consulting services

The new model supports multi-functional, multi-geographical work and rests
on a database of 90,000 contacts. This is a network that permeates all levels
and sectors of the life science industry – and much of the healthcare sector.
RSA has developed it through personal relationships nurtured over the 24
years since its foundation.

The state of flux in the pharma and biotech industries – and the attendant cost
pressures – have created a new resource. There is now a wealth of experience
and expertise available to companies from independent experts. These tend to
be people of high intellect and invaluable experience. They enjoy the freedom
of working for themselves. They are available for assignments of anything from
a single day up to a full-time placement. The expansion of resourcing services
to include consulting services enables clients to access the expertise they
need without adding to permanent headcount.
Executive Search       Interim Management          Recruitment      Consulting

Through its substantial databases, RSA is able to cover the full range of           RSA
                                                                                    The Melon Ground
pharmaceutical roles. That extends from medical directors to CRAs, sales            Hatfield Park
directors to combinatorial chemists. Clients do not have to contract with           Hatfield
multiple organisations to access a variety of services. They can access these       Herts AL9 5NB

services through a trusted brand with an effective delivery framework.
RSA Consulting provides bespoke, end-to-end consulting services that are            +44 (0)1707 259333

revolutionary in providing professional services. These are part of an integrated
package of intelligent resourcing services. The question ceases to be ‘how do       facsimile
you find the right person?’ It becomes ‘what expertise do you need?’.               +44 (0)1707 271366

Changing with the times                                                             email
Through its intelligent resourcing service, RSA offers an opportunity for clients   enquiries@theRSAgroup.com

to optimise the purchase of resource.
Over the last 20 years the pharma industry has changed almost beyond                www.theRSAgroup.com

recognition. To deal with these changes the recruitment and consulting
industries also need to adapt. They need to develop in innovative ways. RSA’s
Intelligent Resourcing service is a logical step in this process. It can provide
the life science sector with the antidote to consulting fatigue – a bespoke
consulting and resourcing service.

A new consultancy model will not only help companies meet current
challenges but future ones as well.