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					                   WHAT’S HAPPENING IN OUR
                      Summer term (b) 2005
     This half term is looking very busy! This week KS1 and KS2 will be involved in a
     creative arts project based on the theme of „Discovery‟. An artist will visit school
     for three days to help us. Lots of really fun things are planned!
     Alison Carter

      The Foundation children are working on a food topic this half term. The
      topic is centred around different themes:
      a pizza place, a restaurant, a cake shop, Macdonalds, a picnic and a visit to
      the seaside.
      Each area of the curriculum will be covered through the themes, for
      example maths with money and counting (laying the table) and
      communication through roleplay.

                                        YEAR 1
We are doing two mini topics this term. One is about Food and the other is based
around the theme of “The Seaside”. Our food topic will be fun! We are going to make
banana sandwiches and create funny faces on bread. Also, we will be baking potatoes
and buying fruit to make a healthy fruit salad. Then we will enjoy eating all this food
which is good for us! The second topic is the seaside and after we have been there for
the day we are going to do lots of art work and role play to finish off the term on a
really fun note!
                                             Year 2
This half term in year 2 we are focusing on the topic of the Seaside. We will be looking at it in
Geography and using maps as well as expanding their vocabulary of geographical words. In
history we will look at what holidays were like in the past, examining photos and talking to some
older people about their holiday experiences. Please talk to your child at home about any
holidays you have been on, so to help them with questions we might ask at school. In ICT we
will be designing deck chair covers that could be used at the beach.

As with everyone in school we will be visiting the seaside for the day, and the children will be
making a scrap book of their seaside experience.

If you have any photos of your child whilst on holiday, it would be lovely to see them, so the
children can show them to the others and discuss what they are doing.

                                    Year 3 and Year 4
This term Year Three are studying the Egyptians! We will be looking at how Egyptians
lived, the work, the leisure activities and how their way of life was different to ours!
We are going to have a real Egyptian man come and act out how life was in Ancient
We are also going to go to The Museum and Art Gallery in Birmingham centre to look at
their Egyptian collection….details to follow.
We hope you can send in anything relevant to our project

Our Garden with our herbs is growing well…we have a few stray plants there…potato
and carrot!
We are already looking forward to our seaside trip in July.
We are going to be having Big Arts week next week and will be working with a woman
doing lots of art and craft activities.
Year 5 and Year 6
This half term the Year 5 and 6 topic focus is called 'Our Backyard'. We have chosen
to specifically look at the nearby area of Bournville and look at how it has changed over
the past 100 years. The children will start the topic with a trip to Cadbury's World
where we shall be investigating the history of Cadbury's and the influence the
Cadbury's family had on the area. On June 20th the pupils will be returning to
Bournville to look at the building changes and to do some detailed sketches.

Geography: Where is Bournville? What influence did George Cadbury have on the

Science: Yr5: Micro-organisms - vaccinations, decay and bacteria. (Linked to the slums
and typical city lifestyles in Victorian times)

Art: Sense of place - detailed pencil sketches of buildings, perspective, adapting
images using watercolours and paint.

Music: creating music to match images, moods and emotions.

ICT: Control - creating own traffic light system using simple computer instructions.

PE: Rounders, Cricket & Athletics.

In addition on Friday mornings there will be a half an hour modern foreign language
taster course each week. Year 5 will be focusing on French whereas Year 6 will be
concentrating on Spanish.

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