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					          WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU TO OUR PRACTICE                                     SUGGESTIONS OR COMPLAINTS

At Rawson Road Medical Centre our aim is to provide the best service possible to all our   We always welcome patients’ constructive comments regarding the improvement of our
patients in a friendly and caring environment!                                             services. Therefore, let us know your views by filling in a slip with your comments or
                                                                                           ideas for improvement, and pass it into reception who will then pass it on the Practice
OUR PRACTICE TEAM CONSISTS OF:                                                             Manager, who will read your comments and take your views and ideas very seriously.

PRACTICE DOCTOR:                       Dr Mittal                                           We also have a Complaints procedure in place. If you wish to complain about an incident
                                       Dr S Pitalia                                        or the service you have received from a member of our Practice Team. For further details
                                       Dr SK Pitalia                                       you can write to our Practice Manager or you can pick up a leaflet from the surgery

PRACTICE MANAGER:                      Mrs Angela Dunne                                    STANDARDS YOU CAN EXPECT FROM US

PRACTICE NURSES:                       Mrs Samantha Standley                               We will be courteous, helpful and act in a professional manner at all times
                                       Miss Colette Welsh                                  We will keep all information concerning you confidential and secure
                                                                                           You will find our surgery clean and comfortable
RECEPTION STAFF:                       Mrs Avril Kennedy                                   You will be able to see a doctor within 2 working days for non-urgent problems
                                       Ms Janet Cahill                                     If you have an urgent medical condition you will be seen on the same day
                                       Miss Lisa Potter                                    We will visit patients at home if medically appropriate, the same day if possible. Please
                                                                                           request the visit before 10am
OUR ATTACHED COMMUNITY TEAM INCLUDES:                                                      We will issue referral letters within 3 working days of the decision to refer
District Nurse Care Manager Nicola Gelling                                                 Repeat prescriptions should be available for collection 24 hours after the date of request
Midwife                     Ann O’Toole                                                    (longer at weekends)
Health visitor              Geraldine Oliver                                               We will provide leaflets on specific health matters and provide education material and
Counsellor                  Ruth                                                           displays on health topics in the waiting area.
                                                                                           All staff will provide advice about using the practice
OPENING HOURS                                                                              They will direct you to other members of our team (i.e. nurses and doctors) where
Monday Tuesday and Friday              8.30am – 6.30pm                                     We will provide an up to date practice leaflet explaining our services in more detail
Wednesday                              8.30am – 6.30pm                                     We will provide a smoke free environment
Thursday – half day closing            8.30am – 1.00pm                                     We will give telephone advice when appropriate
                                                                                           Suggestions and complaints from patients will be dealt with seriously and promptly
For 1 Wednesday each month we close for half a day for staff training.                     We will aim to respond fully with 21 working days.

GP CONSULTATION TIMES                                                                      WE WOULD ASK OUR PATIENT TO RESPECT THE FOLLOWING:

All consultations are by appointment                                                       Courtesy to our staff at all times, please remember they are working to doctors’ instruction
Except Thursday afternoon which is half day closing                                        Please try to attend appointments on time and give adequate notice that you wish to cancel.
                                                                                           Lateness or non-attendance inconveniences other patients and wastes appointment times
NURSE CONSULTATION TIMES                                                                   An appointment is for one person only. Where another member of the family needs to be
                                                                                           seen or discussed, another appointment should be made and the patient’s notes will then be
All consultations are by appointment                                                       available
                                                                                           Patients should make every effort to consult at the surgery to make the best use of nursing
                                                                                           and medical time. Home visits should be medically justifiable and nor requested for social
                                                                                           Please do not waste appointment times with seeing Dr for repeat prescription, these can be
                                                                                           done by the reception staff and be ready for collection the next day.
SMOKING                                                                                         CLINICS

WHY GIVE UP?                                                                                    All our clinics are by appointment only

Over 100,000 people die each year in the U.K. from smoking related diseases                     Baby and child development                Thursday 10.30am – 12.00pm
                                                                                                Antenatal                                 Mondays 1.30pm – 3.30pm
HOW TO GIVE UP                                                                                  Counselling                               ask Reception for details
                                                                                                Travel & Vaccinations                     by appt with Practice Nurse
Stopping smoking is all about motivation. Without the real desire to give up you are unable     Asthma                                    by appt with Practice Nurse
to succeed, you must want to give up rather than feel you should give up.                       Diabetes                                  by appt with Practice Nurse
                                                                                                Well Person                               by appt with Practice Nurse
Set a date, a week or so in the future when you intend to stop.                                 Family Planning                           by appt with Practice Nurse
                                                                                                Post Natal                                by appt with GP/Nurse
Tell all your friends, relations and work colleagues that you’re giving up on that day and      CAB (Citizens advice)                     ask Reception for details
ask for their support and encouragement. If at all possible, find someone to give up with
you.                                                                                            APPOINTMENTS

When the big day comes, plan it carefully with plenty to keep you occupied. Avoid               All consultations are by appointment only. Appointments can be made either by calling in
situations where the desire to smoke will be strongest, such as whilst drinking.                to reception or telephoning the surgery. All patients are registered with the practice and not
                                                                                                an individual Dr. We will try to see all patients requesting an appointment within 24/48
Finally, carefully put the money you would have spent on cigarettes on one side each day,       hours but on occasions we may be fully booked, therefore in conjunction with our local
to save up for some special treat as a reward.                                                  PCT and local doctors there has been an ‘in-house’ service made available, please note that
                                                                                                this service is not a drop in service, please ask at reception for more details.
If you’ve tried everything and failed but are still keen, seek help from you doctor, practice
nurse, or ring the smokers quittline for support on, 0800-195-2131.                             Should you not require your appointment with either the GP or Nurse then please telephone
                                                                                                the surgery as soon as possible as this appointment can be offered to another patient.
                                                                                                If you are requesting an appointment for today to see the Gp (not an emergency) and there
Whenever you feel the need for a cigarette, go back to the procedure which helped you give      are none available, the receptionist will ask you for a brief description of the problem. The
up in the first place.                                                                          receptionists have to ask this question as the Dr needs this information before he calls you
                                                                                                back. This information is for the GP’s purpose only, and not because the receptionists are
Avoid complacency and remember that you’re a non smoker!                                        being nosey.

CHILDRENS IMMUNISATION                                                                          PRESCRIPTIONS

Should any of the following immunisations be overdue then we would strongly advise you          For the safety of both staff and patients we do not take prescriptions over the telephone, so
to attend our next baby clinic.                                                                 to avoid any unpleasantness please do not ask. We do take prescriptions over the telephone
                                                                                                for patients who are terminally ill or housebound. If you get a repeat prescription the
2 months            DPT/Hib/Polio/Pneumococcal                                                  please bring the back of your prescription in ticking which items you require
3 months            DPT/Polio/Hib/MenC
4 months            DPT/Polio/Hib/MenC/Pneumococcal                                             Please allow 48hrs for your repeat prescription to be done taking into account that every
12 months           HIB/MenC                                                                    prescription has to be check and signed by the Dr before releasing to the patient
13 Months           MMR/Pneumococcal
3-5 Years           DTaP/MMR                                                                    You normally require seeing the doctor every 6 months for a review of your medication.
13 Years            Tuberculosis
15-16 years         D/T Polio boosters                                                          Please telephone the reception staff for other methods of getting your repeat prescription.

Alternatively, for the older child arrange an appointment with our practice nurse.

If in doubt about immunisation, then speak to the doctor, practice nurse or health visitor
RESULTS                                                                                          JOINING THE PRACTICE

For the safety of our patients, results cannot be given over the telephone by reception staff.   If you would like to register with our practice, call in at reception and bring your medical
They can be given by our nurse if arrange beforehand. When ringing for your results, can         card with you. If you have lost or cannot find your medical card, don’t worry, one of our
you ring between 1.30pm and 6.00pm.                                                              reception staff will be pleased to explain the procedure to you.

HOME VISITS                                                                                      We have an open list at present and anyone within our catchment area can register the only
                                                                                                 exception to that is if you have been previously removed from our list due to violent
If you are too ill to come to the surgery, it is helpful if you request a home visit before      misconduct Please do not be verbally or physically aggressive to our reception staff
10.00am, so that the Doctor can plan his rounds. Please try to come to the surgery               remember they are here to help you. Any act of physical aggression will result in you being
whenever possible for the facilities are better than those at home, allowing for a better        removed from our list straight away.

PRACTICE AREA                                                                                    NEWLY REGISTERED PATIENTS

Our Practice area is, Seaforth, Bootle, Litherland, Waterloo, Crosby and Thornton.               All new patients will be asked to see our Practice Nurse for a registration health check.
                                                                                                 This enables us to obtain details of your past medical problems and to provide better care
We would like to advise all our patients that if you move out of the above catchment areas
you will be asked to register with another Practice nearer to your home.                         If you fail to attend your registration check you will not be registered at the Practice.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS                                                                                NIGHT CALLS & WEEKEND CALLS

Please let us know as soon as you change your name, address or telephone numbers. If you         These are urgent visits requested outside normal surgery hours, for patients who are too ill
do not let us know of your change of address this could result in you being accidentally         to wait until the surgery opens again.
removed from ort list by the Health Authority.
                                                                                                 In such cases ring the surgery on 0151 220 3685 or alternatively ring NHS Direct on 0845
HEALTH VISITOR                                                                                   4647. The out f hours cover is provided by UC24 and is based at Litherland Town Hall,
                                                                                                 Field Lane, Litherland, but please note that is not a drop in centre and you must phone for
The Health Visitor is closely involved in the health care of our patients and takes particular   an appointment beforehand
interest in children, expectant mothers. She can be contacted by telephoning 0151 928
6444.                                                                                            OTHER CLINICS

MIDWIFE                                                                                          If you cannot get an appointment to see the GP or Nurse then you can attend the Litherland
                                                                                                 Walk in Centre, based at Litherland Town Hall, Field Lane, Litherland, This is a nurse led
We have a qualified Midwife who attends our surgery for the Antenatal Clinic, and works          centre that offered a variety of treatment. You can contact them on 0151 475 4667.
with our Practice Nurse and Health Visitor. Should you have any problems, queries or are
just seeking advice, she will be pleased to help you.                                            EMERGENCIES

DISTRICT NURSING TEAM                                                                            If you require medical help in an emergency which you feel cannot wait for the doctor to
                                                                                                 arrive Dial 999 for an ambulance.
The District Nursing Team is available to attend to the housebound for dressings, injections
or referral for special needs. They can be contacted on 0151 922 4092


It is vital that all women between the ages of 25 and 65 years have a smear test every 3-5
years. This is a simple procedure, which can prevent later health problems. Please make
an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

The surgery has disabled access with a wheelchair ramp situated at the front entrance and a
                                                                                               RAWSON ROAD MEDICAL CENTRE
large spacious waiting room that can accommodation wheelchairs. All patient services are
on the ground floor.


The practice has access to translation services, please contact reception for details.

DATA PROTECTION ACT                                                                                 PRACTICE LEAFLET
All patients’ records are dealt with in accordance with the Data protection Act and
disclosure to a third party will only be made with the written consent of the patient or the
patient guardian.

Our local PCT is:

South Sefton Primary Care Trust
3rd Floor Burlington house                                                                          136-138 Rawson Road
Crosby Road North
                                                                                                    Seaforth, LIVERPOOL
                                                                                                           L21 1HP
TEL NO: 0151 920 5056

                                                                                                   TEL NO: 0151 928 7575
                                                                                                   FAX NO: 0151 928 0270

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