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Soldier: Army days start early – so will they. A lot of these guys don’t even know there’s 2
5 o’clocks in the day!

Right guys, let’s get up and start motivating yourselves. Sort your bedspaces out and clean this
place up, sort it all out.

Potential recruit: This is silly, this is!

Soldier: OK, this quilt here is folded different to every other quilt OK, sort it out. Same as this
one. I said every bedspace wants to look the same. That no good, that no good, that no good!
You’ve now got 9 minutes to get all this sorted, otherwise you’re going to get a late breakfast.

Potential recruit: Some of the stuff is a bit of a shock, like getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning I
do normally get up early anyway for work, but not 5 o’clock in the morning!

Officer: At this point now we’ll be carrying out your theory test for your Military Lesson which you
were taught last night. You have 10 minutes in which to complete this test; your time starts – now!

Basically what we’re getting now is the fact that they can actually retain information from the
lesson last night and pass it on again and inform.

Throughout the programme there are a series of lectures and briefings to let everyone know
exactly what they’re letting themselves in for if they do choose a career in the Army.

Soldier: The Terms and Conditions of Service. Just the same as in any civilian job, you have to
sign on the dotted line on a contract.

Today what I’m going to do is talk to you a little bit about what you’re going to go on to, providing
that you’re successful today, and that is physical training within Phase 1.

The 2.4km run is a pass or fail test: pass, they’ll remain on selection; fail, they will be getting on
the bus and going home.

Stand by – go!

That’s good, start working hard.

Officer: The run is an individual best effort, that means you run your heart out and put in
maximum effort.

Various instructors: There are certain jobs in the Army that require certain run times. You have
to come in in the time allotted for your cap badge for you to be offered that job.

We find that many females struggle with their run times. Not all of them, but fitness levels for
females is an issue.

If we’ve got a group of 10 boys, 10 girls, there’s nothing to say that those 10 girls shouldn’t pass;
they just need to put the effort in a bit more and a lot of it as well is mental attitude.

Let’s get through it, let’s work hard, all the way. Good effort, well done!

If you pass the run, well done. If you fail the run you can be deferred for 3 or maybe 6 months.

It’s obvious: you have to prepare to pass the 1.5 mile run, then you can continue with Selection
and stand a good chance of getting yourself into the Army.

Let’s keep going, come on. Good effort, well done!

Stand up straight, breathe in – STAND UP STRAIGHT! That doesn’t do anything, leaning over.

No 13 failed to finish and No 8 failed to finish.

Soldier: Sometimes people do get upset when they’ve failed. This can be the first time that
they’ve failed anything in their lives.

Instructor: OK ladies, unfortunately you haven’t made the run time today. What’s going to
happen now, the Duty PSO will give you an interview and they’ll tell you the procedures from here.
Don’t be too disheartened; go in there with a positive attitude and see what Duty PSO says. Have
you got any questions for me at this stage? No, OK. If you want to address into the reception
area and see the Duty NCO.

It’s not the end of the world because they will get a second chance. Good preparation on their
part, there’s no reason they shouldn’t pass second time round.

Instructor: First 2, standby, GO!

Come on, let’s get through, she’s beating you, come on!

Come on you, don’t forget your grenade! You’ve identified the enemy! OK, prepare to throw –

Officer: In the team tasks, what we’re looking for is the ability for them to work as a member of a
team effectively. Do they have the motivation, desire and will to learn?

Instructor: Alright then people, listen in and welcome to Team Tasks – Minefield Crossing. The
entire team will cross the minefield safely with the tyre. When I say go, what I want to see is just to
see you’ve left and devised the best plan I’ve ever heard. GO!

Soldier: We’re looking for potential leadership qualities and teamwork abilities, and making sure
that they’ve got what the Army wants – a bit of umph!


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