; The-Long-Term-Neurological-Conditions
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									           VOWNnet East Midlands
                        in partnership with

                       invites you to a FREE

       “Levers for Change” event:-
    Working together to commission better
   neurological services in the East Midlands
             on Thursday 24th September 2009
                     9.30am – 4.00pm
      At The Whitehouse Hotel, Kegworth, Derbyshire
                DE74 2DF (nr Junction 24)

The aims of the day are to:
 Learn how we can work together to improve the commissioning and
  delivery of services for people affected by long-term neurological
  conditions in the East Midlands in line with the NSF for LTNC and
  the NHS Next Stage Review.
 Improve understanding of the role of neurological voluntary
  organisations in the East Midlands and the Neurological Alliance

The day is open to anyone with an interest in the commissioning and
delivery of services for people with a long term neurological condition.

    To register please complete a booking form online here by:
                       11th September 2009.

              The password to book is “commission”.

   If you have any problems booking please call 0207 972 3049

Please pass this flyer on to anyone you think might be interested
                     in attending this conference

  A detailed programme and directions to the venue will be sent
              with the confirmation of your booking

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