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					Guidance to fill in the Education Provider Complaint Form
The form is designed to be completed electronically so the boxes will expand as
you type. If you want to fill in the form by hand, you can use additional sheets of
paper if you run out of space. Please make sure it is clear if you use additional
sheets which order they are in.

If any section of the form is incomplete, we will send it back to you so that you
can complete it.


Place a cross in the box that applies to you or write in space the next to “other”
what your title is.

Family name
Please provide your family or surname.

Given name
Please provide your given or first name.

Address (Include Post Code)
Please provide the address where you would like to receive any correspondence.

Please provide at least one telephone number. You might want to give us two
numbers (for example, your work and personal numbers or home and mobile

Please provide at least one email address if you have one. You might want to
give us two addresses (for example, your work and personal addresses).

How are you related to the education provider or programme of study?
In this box we would like you to tell us about how you are linked either to the
education provider or to the particular programme of study. You may be a
student or a lecturer on the programme based at the education provider. You
might be someone who has received treatment or care from a student or a
member of academic staff at an education provider. You may be involved in the
teaching of practical parts of the programme. How you are related to the
programme or education provider will affect what other complaints bodies you
can go to and so we need to know this information to assist you.

Please name the education provider or education providers who deliver the
programme or programmes that you want to complain about. You can make a
complaint about more than one programme or education provider on the same
form, but please make sure it is clear if there are differences between your
complaint for each. Please ensure that the programmes are on our approved
programme list on our website as we can only handle complaints about
HPC approved programmes.


Have you taken your complaint to the education provider?
Place a cross in the correct box. We normally expect you to have taken your
complaint to the education provider and your complaint to have reached an
outcome before we will investigate.

If yes, please give the name and job title of the person who handled your
Give the name of the person at the education provider who looked into your
complaint. Please also give their job title. This information will allow us to work
out firstly what type of complaint you have made (ie formal or informal) and also
allow us to contact the right person if we investigate your complaint.

Has the education provider completed investigating your complaint?
Place a cross in the correct box. We will not normally investigate a complaint
until an education provider has had the opportunity to investigate and come to a
decision about what action to take.

If yes, what was the outcome of the investigation?
Give a brief summary of the decision the education provider made about your
complaint. Normally, education providers will issue letters that indicate the
outcome of a complaint. You may want to include a copy of this letter with your

Have you taken your complaint to any other body / organisation /
Place a cross in the correct box.

If yes, please list:
     All the bodies, organisations or institutions you took your complaint
     If their investigations are complete
     The outcome of each complete investigation

As there are a number of organisations that may be interested in your complaint,
you may have contacted a range of other people to let them know about your
complaint. To prevent the investigations overlapping we ask you to let us know
about all the organisations you have contacted. Please complete the table to let
us know who you have contacted, if they have completed their investigation and
what the outcome of the complete investigation was.

In the first box please give the details of your complaint. You should be very
clear about the areas of the complaint. It is useful to know the dates of important
events or decisions.

When telling us about your complaint you can use the following list to help you.
The list is a summary of the kinds of areas of education programmes that we set
standards for and you should think about these areas when making your
    Information provided to students before starting the programme.
    The way that the education provider made a decision to offer a place on
       the programme to a student or not.
    The facilities used for teaching and learning.
    Members of staff on the programme or contributing to teaching or learning.
    The way the programme is managed.
    The subjects being taught and how they are taught.
    The practical parts of the programme where students may be in clinical
    The assessment for the programme and how quality of assessment is

In the second box, please let us know what you would like to be done about your
complaint. We protect the public by setting standards for our registrants and the
education programmes they complete. This function is very precise and we
cannot offer compensation or change marks or grades.


You are required to sign and date this section of the form. We are asking you to
confirm that we have the authority to show your complaint to the education
provider so that they can respond to us about the details of your complaint.

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