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                                Pupil Illness Policy

This policy outlines procedures to be followed in the event of a pupil illness. As illnesses
are diverse in nature it will not cover all eventualities.

Pupils who are Unwell
Staff should ensure that pupils who are unwell are sent to the school office in order
that parents can be notified. In such cases staff should complete the appropriate form
(attached) which indicates the precise nature of the symptoms and the reason for the
pupil being referred to the office. This will ensure that the Secretary is able to contact
parents and inform them that their child will need to be collected from school. The
decision to send a child home will be made by the School Secretary, having discussed the
matter with the Headteacher. The Headteacher remains responsible for such decisions
but may delegate this responsibility during periods of his/her absence from the school

In cases of head injuries, parents should always be informed of the injury immediately.

On occasions where a prompt response is required the school may take a decision to
refer a child to hospital. On such occasions, transportation to the hospital should be via
the emergency services whenever possible.

Arrangements at school
Pupils who are unwell and awaiting collection will remain in the area adjacent to the
school office. The former Head’s study will act as a sick/medical room on such occasions.

Returning to School following an illness
Children with an illness that will not allow them to remain in class should not return to
school until they have recovered. Children with a fever, vomiting, diarrhoea or an
infectious condition harmful to others should be kept at home. Children with flu and/or a
cold may return to school after being fever free for 24 hours. Parents are required to
write a letter confirming the nature of the illness resulting in absence upon the child’s
return to school.

Medication Policy
For children who require medication during the school day, our separate medication
policy requires that parents bring any medication to the school office in the original
container. Medication must be stored in and dispensed from the school office. Full
details are contained in the Administration of Medication Policy
Periods of Exclusion from School for Children Suffering from Infectious Diseases

Prior to admission, parents are asked to complete a medical form. The school works in
close association with the School Nursing Service to ensure that appropriate
immunisations and medical tests take place. The purpose of this is to protect all
students from infectious diseases. The following exclusion guidelines apply in cases of
infectious diseases.
Disease             Exclusion of Cases            Exclusion of Contacts
Glandular Fever     Exclusion is not necessary.   Not excluded
Hepatitis         A Exclude for at least 7 days Not excluded
(See note 2)        after the onset of jaundice
                    and     a     certificate   is
                    furnished by a medical
                    practitioner stating that the
                    person      is    no    longer
Impetigo            Exclude until appropriate Not excluded
(School sores)      treatment has commenced
                    and sores on exposed
                    surfaces are covered with a
Leprosy             Exclude until approval to Not excluded
(See note 2)        return has been given by the
                    Medical Officer of Health.
Measles             Exclude for at least 4 days Immunised contacts not excluded.
(See notes 1 & 2)   after the appearance of the
                    rash.                       Non-immunised contacts should be
                                                excluded until 14 days after the first
                                                day of appearance of rash in the last
                                                case. If non-immunised contacts are
                                                vaccinated within 72 hours of their
                                                first contact with the index case, they
                                                may return to school.
Meningitis          Exclude until well.           Not excluded
(See notes 1 & 2)
Meningococcal    Exclude until well.              Not excluded
Infection   (See
note 2)
Mumps               Exclude for at least 9 days Not excluded
(See notes 1 & 2)   after onset of symptoms.
Poliomyelitis       Exclude for at least 14 days Not excluded
(See notes 1 & 2)   after onset and until a
                    certificate is furnished by a
                    medical practitioner stating
                    that the person is no longer
Ringworm,           Exclude until the day after Not excluded
Scabies,            treatment has commenced.
Pediculosis (Lice),
Rubella (German Exclude until recovered or Not excluded. (Female staff of
Measles)          for at least 4 days after the childbearing age should ensure that
(See notes 1 & 2) appearance of the rash.       their immune status against rubella is
Streptococcal       Exclude until the person has Not excluded
Infection           received           antibiotic
                    treatment for at least 24
                    hours and has recovered
                    from the illness.
Tuberculosis (See Exclude until approval to Not excluded
note 2)           return has been given by the
                  Medical Officer of Health.
Typhoid         and Exclude until certificate is Not excluded
Paratyphoid         furnished by a medical
Fever               practitioner stating that the
(See note 2)        person      is   no    longer
Whooping Cough Exclude for at least 5 days Exclude     non-immunised      household
(Pertussis)       after starting antibiotic contacts who have not attained 7 years
(See notes 1 & 2) treatment.                of age for 14 days after the last
                                            exposure to infection or until 5 days of
                                            a 14-day course of antibiotics has been
                                            administered to the contacts.
A parent or guardian of a child with a disease listed in the table or a child who has been
in contact with an infectious disease which stipulated an exclusion for contacts is
required to notify the School as soon as possible.

   1. These diseases must be notified by the to the Medical Officer.
   2. These diseases must be notified by medical practitioners to the Medical

February 2004

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