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									Physical abuse:                                     Neglect and acts of omission:
Includes hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking,       Includes disregard to a person’s physical or care
pinching, burning, misuse of medication, forms      needs, failure to provide health, social care leisure
of restraint e.g. being tied to a bed or chair.     and education. Failure to provide adequate
                                                    medication, nutrition and heating.
What to look for: An injury inconsistent with
explanation, bruises found in different states of   What to look for: Lack of attention to personal
healing, small clusters indicating finger marks,    care needs, rashes, pressure sores, lice, being left
friction burns from a carpet, outline burns e.g.    alone for long periods, dirty and wet, failure to
radiator. There may be a reluctance to seek         ensure privacy and personal dignity.
medical help.

                                                    Psychological and emotional abuse:
                                                    Includes threats of harm or abandonment,
Sexual abuse:                                       humiliation, blaming, controlling, harassment, and
Includes rape and any sexual act to which the       verbal abuse.
vulnerable person has not consented, is unable
to consent to or does not understand, or was        What to look for: Symptoms of stress, onset of
pressured into consenting. This also includes       bed wetting, anxiety, tearfulness, low self-esteem,
non-contact abuse such as exposure to               unexplained paranoia, lack of eye contact.
pornographic material.

What to look for: Bruises and bleeding
around rectal & vaginal area, stained or torn       Discriminatory abuse:
underclothes and nightwear, “love bites”, overt     Includes victimisation in relation to race, gender,
sexual behaviour or language not previously         sexual orientation, disability, religious and cultural
used, or conversely fear of any type of physical    background. It may take the form of slurs and
contact.                                            harassment or denial of rightful opportunity,
                                                    provision of goods or services to meet individual

                                                    What to look for: Fear and anxiety, withdrawal
Financial or material abuse:                        from activities, agoraphobia, and depression.
Includes theft, fraud, and unreasonable
pressure in relation to wills, property,
inheritance or financial transactions.
Exploitation of a vulnerable person’s generosity
or lack of understanding of the value of money      Institutional abuse:
or goods.                                           Where groups of people are exposed to similar
                                                    maltreatment due to institutional practices.
What to look for: Sudden inability to pay bills
or purchase necessities, unexplained                What to look for: Lack of privacy around toileting
withdrawals from savings.                           and bathing, lack of choice of food, bedtime,
                                                    communal clothing and toiletries etc.

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