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									                Religion and Society – Social Responsibility

Conscience/Local Government/First-past-the-post/ Decalogue/Church/Electoral
System/National Government/Bible/Situation Ethics/Proportional Representation/
Golden Rule

 The holy book of Christians with 66 books split into the Old Testament and New
 Testament =

 The community of Christians (church is the place of worship) =

 The idea that Christians should base their moral decisions on what is the most
 loving thing to do =

 The way in which voting is organised =

 The voting system where whoever gets the most votes in a constituency wins the
 seat =

 The voting system where seats are distributed according to the proportion of
 votes each party gets =

 Headed by the Prime Minister =

 Local council looking after local issues =

 The Ten Commandments =

 The teaching of Jesus that people should treat others, as they would like to be
 treated themselves =
    State ONE of the                 What does the word conscience
   Ten Commandments                  mean? How is conscience part of
     (The Decalogue)                 moral decision making?

 What is the difference              Outline different Christian attitudes
 between the Church and a            to politics with biblical reasons for
 Church?                             each view.

Explain Situation Ethics and            “People should look after themselves
give reasons why some                   instead of relying on the Welfare
Christians disagree with it.            State”. Do you agree? Give a
                                        religious view as part of your answer.

   Explain the difference between            Explain how Christians make
   Proportional representation and           moral decisions using the
   first past the post voting.               Church, Bible, Jesus and their

 Explain why the Golden Rule is
 important for Christian                       “The Ten Commandments
 attitudes to the Welfare                      are the only laws this
 State.                                        country needs”.

                                                 England is a democracy
Explain the relationship
                                                 and Zimbabwe is a
between teachings of the
                                                 dictatorship, explain the
Parable of the Sheep and
                                                 difference in terms of
Goats and the provisions of
                                                 the effect on how people
the Welfare State.
                    Religion and Society – War and Peace

Reconciliation/Bullying/Pacifism/Just War/Nuclear weapons/Forgiveness/World
peace/Other weapons of mass destruction

Weapons based on atomic fission or fusion =

Non-nuclear weapons that can destroy large areas and/or large numbers of people
e.g. chemical weapons =

Refusing to fight in wars =

A war which is fought for the right reasons in a right way =

The basic aim of the United Nations to remove the causes of war =

Intimidating or frightening people weaker than yourself =

The act of stopping blaming someone and/ or pardoning them for what they have
done wrong =

Bringing together people who are opposed to each other =
   Name ONE weapon of                             Explain why some
   mass destruction                               Christians think it can
                                                  be right to fight in a

   What does the word                   Outline the work of ONE religious
   pacifism mean?                       person, community or organisation
                                        for world peace.

                                           Choose ONE area of conflict in
   Outline the attitudes to war
                                           the world and explain why the
   in either Hinduism or Islam.
                                           conflict is happening.

Explain how reconcilitation and          “Religious people should never
forgiveness helped South Africa to       argue with their families”. In
move on from Apartheid.                  your answer, you should refer to
                                         at least one religion.

   How did Hiroshima,
                                                       Outline Christian
   Nagasaki and Sadam
                                                       teachings about
   Hussein persuade people
   of the dangers of chemical

                                                         Outline religious
                                                         attitudes to
 „All religious people should support
 their country‟s armed forces‟. Do
 you agree? You should refer to at
 least one religion.
                Religion and Society – Crime and Punishment

Moksha/Sattya/Sarvodayais/Retribution/Dharma/Capital Punishment/Ahimsa/

An act against the will of God =

An act against the law =

Rules made by Parliament and enforced by the courts =

Punishments should put people off committing crimes =

Punishments should make criminals pay for what they have done wrong =

Punishments should change criminals so that they will not commit crimes again =

The act of judging people and their crimes =

A penalty given for a crime =

The death penalty for a crime =

Liberation from rebirth =

The religious, moral and social duties of a Hindu, performing these can lead to
liberation from rebirth.

The Hindu belief in non-violence =

Hindus believe that justice is strongly linked to truth =

A concept developed by Ghandi meaning welfare for all =
 Outline different                         Explain with an example Christian
 theories of                               teaching on forgiveness.

 What are justice and                   Explain the different attitudes to
 judgement?                             Capital Punishment in Hinduism or

  “Committing a sin is as bad as                    Name a prisoner of
 committing a crime”. In your answer,               conscience and outline the
 you should refer to at least one                   reasons why
 religion.                                          He/she was imprisoned.

                                                    Outline different
   Explain, with appropriate
   examples, the differences
                                                    arguments about
   between a sin and a crime.
                                                    capital punishment.

 Choose ONE religion
                                         “No religious person can agree with
 other than Christianity
                                        capital punishment”. In your answer,
 and explain its attitude
                                        you should refer to at least one religion.
 to punishment.

Choose ONE religion other                        „Forgiving people all the time
than Christianity and explain                    only makes them worse‟. Do
why justice is important in                      you agree? You should
that religion.                                   refer to at least one
                         Religion and Society – The Environment

Pollution /The Greenhouse effect /Acid Rain /Natural Resources/ Creation/Stewardship
/Environment /Conservation /Animal Rights/ Etrophication / Deforestation /Radioactive
Pollution/Renewable Resources/ Finite Resources

Contamination of the environment =

Increase in the earth‟s temperature because carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere =

Rain, which is made acidic because of the release of sulphuric and nitric acid by coal smoke =

Materials, which occur naturally and can be used by humans e.g. oil =

The design and start of the universe =

Looking after the earth for the next generation =

The area in which plants, animals and humans live and on which they depend for survival =

Protection and conservation of natural resources and the environment =

The belief that animals have rights, which should not be exploited by humans =

An excess of nitrates, nitrites and phosphates in rivers, which leads to a lack of oxygen and the
poisoning of fish and waterways =

The cutting down of jungles/trees which causes the removal of carbon dioxide, replacement of
oxygen, the soaking up of nitrates and the prevention of soil erosion =

Dangerous waste produced by power stations.

Resources, which can be used time and time again, like wind and solar power without harm to the

Resources, which can only be used once and then, disappear, like coal/oil.
What is pollution?
                                                       What do the words
Explain using two
                                                       conservation and
                                                       stewardship mean?

 “If religious people really cared
 about the environment, they would
                                                      Explain how Hindu
 stop using cars and washing
                                                      teachings on vegetarianism
 machines.” In your answer you
                                                      would influence their
 should refer to at least one religion.
                                                      views on animal rights.

 What is meant by                         Outline the work of a religious
 creation? How is this                    person, community or organisation in
 explained in the Bible.                  support of the conservation of the

                                                         “Religion does not
   Explain why the use of natural                        help animal rights”.
   resources may threaten the                            In your answer you
   future of the planet.                                 should refer to at
                                                         least one religion.

 Explain how the
 teachings Hinduism                                        Explain why some
 or Islam could help                                       Christians are opposed to
 reduce pollution.                                         medical research being
                                                           carried out on animals.

Outline the teaching of                      Choose one religion other than
ONE religion other                           Christianity and outline its
than Christianity on                         teachings on animal rights.
Outline the medical
                                       Explain the different attitudes
treatments available
                                       among Christians to infertility
for infertility.

Explain the different attitudes
                                                    How do Christians view
to transplant surgery in either
                                                    transplant surgery?
Hinduism or Islam.

 Outline non-religious                 “The line between saving lives and
 attitudes to infertility              playing God is very thin” . Explain
 treatments.                           some of the dilemmas faced by
                                       religious people.

                                                    Explain why some
   “Only God should interfere with
                                                    religious people
   our genes”. Do you agree? In
                                                    believe in the
   your answer, you should refer to
                                                    scientific cosmology.
   at least one religion.

 Describe the
                                             Explain why there are different
 Biblical cosmology
                                             attitudes among Christian to this
 in Genesis.

“Science has                          Science by itself does not explain the
disproved religion”.                  creation of the universe‟. Do you
Do you agree? In                      agree? You should refer to at least
your answer, you                      one religion.
should refer to at
least one religion.

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