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                           Test 9 (time: 50 minutes) 80 marks


Read the text. Then do Exercises A and B.
What makes someone beautiful? Many famous authors have explored this topic in
novels which are still popular today, long after they were first written.

One example is The Picture of Dorian Gray, written by Oscar Wilde in 1891. Set in
London, it is the story of Dorian Gray, a wealthy, cultured and very handsome young
man, who meets famous artist Basil Hallward, who paints his portrait. At Basil’s studio,
Dorian meets Lord Henry Wotton, who flatters Dorian and has a harmful influence on
him by talking about how no one likes people who are old or unattractive. Back at home,
alone with his portrait, Dorian makes a wish that he could be young and handsome
forever and that only his portrait would age. To his surprise, his wish comes true.

Dorian first notices a change in the picture after heartlessly breaking up with the girl he
has promised to marry. The girl is so upset that she kills herself, and Dorian’s picture
begins to look ugly. He decides to hide his portrait so that no one else will be able to see
how it has changed.

As the years go by, Dorian continues to be popular, young and good-looking, and he
grows more cruel and insensitive. His portrait, though, shows the changes. It starts to
look like Dorian as he really is: a mean, old man. Dorian gets so angry that he picks up a
knife and tries to cut the picture. His servants find the portrait showing Dorian as the
young man he was, and Dorian’s body, with his true age and cruel, ugly face, dead on
the floor, killed by his own hand with his own knife.

At about the same time, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde.
Dr Jekyll is a quiet, respectable scientist who decides to do experiments to separate the
good side of his character from the bad. He invents a drink that changes him into a cruel,
ugly character, Mr Hyde, who has all Dr Jeckyll’s negative qualities, such as jealousy,
violence, selfishness and greed.

Dr Jeckyll feels better after becoming Mr Hyde – as though he were free of the heavy
weight of his negative qualities. He starts to drink the drink regularly, and one day, after
some time has gone by, Mr Hyde becomes stronger and begins to turn up whenever he
wants. Dr Jeckyll is unable to control him, and Mr Hyde becomes a criminal and
murderer who roams the streets of London. Finally, Dr Jeckyll realises that the only way
to stop Hyde is to kill him. Even though it means that he too will die, Dr Jeckyll drinks
poison to stop Hyde and to protect people from his violent actions.

A Write true (T), false (F) or not stated (NS) if the answer isn’t in the text. [5 points]
0 Lord Wotton was an old friend of Dorian Gray’s. F
1 Dorian kept his portrait in the library. ____
2 Dorian remained young forever. ____
3 Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde were really the same person. ____
4 Dr Jeckyll lived for many years after he had stopped Mr Hyde. ____
5 Wilde and Stevenson were good friends. ____

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B Circle the correct answer. [5 points]
0 Gray’s portrait was painted by Hallward / Wotton.
1 Gray was most interested in being good / looking good.
2 When Gray died, his portrait showed him as a(n) young / old man.
3 Dr Jeckyll was most interested in becoming a better person / having a more
exciting life.
4 Mr Hyde could / could not leave the house.
5 In the end, Dr Jeckyll’s positive / negative character was the strongest.


C Complete with the correct form of the word in brackets. [5 points]
0 The party is informal – just wear jeans and a T-shirt. (formal)
1 My brother is very _________ . He doesn’t know where his things are. (organised)
2 Christina’s very _________ . She wants to work as a photo journalist for National
Geographic magazine. (ambition)
3 The head teacher is _________ about the school rules. Everyone must follow them.
4 That old coat is very _________ . You shouldn’t wear it. (attract)
5 No one could complain about the _________ of the judge’s decision – both parties
were equally punished. (fair)

D Circle the correct answer. [5 points]
0 This watch has sentimental / romantic value for me because it used to be my
1 How can they live in such a filthy house? It’s drastic / unhygienic.
2 Marion is very punctual / confident – she always arrives on time.
3 Some models are so skinny / neat that they look as though they’re ill.
4 Bob’s room is so tidy / messy that he can’t find anything he’s looking for.
5 He hasn’t got any hair – he’s ideal / bald.

E Complete with these words. [5 points]
clutter, despair, mission, mugger, poverty, rival

0 I was in a state of despair when I saw the test – I knew I wouldn’t be able to pass it.
1 The _________ team has some great players – we’ll have to be very careful.
2 In the James Bond films, Bond is always sent on a dangerous _________ .

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3 My mum was attacked by a _________ yesterday, but fortunately some boys chased
him away.
4 Although ours is a rich country, many people live in a state of _________ .
5 There was so much _________ on my desk that I couldn’t find my mobile phone.

F Choose the correct answer. [10 points]
0 I’ve had no ____ life since I started studying for the university exams.
a social b friendly c cheerful
1 That water looks like it’s coming from under the kitchen sink. Call a __________ !
a plumber b cleaner c reporter
2 It took some time to _________ the files because I was using a new program.
a select b decorate c update
3 Joel’s recovery after the terrible accident was a _______ .
a title b miracle c final
4 The game started well but then everything began to ________ wrong and we lost!
a go b make c do
5 Don’t expect Misha to arrive on time – she’s very __________ .
a unpleasant b unfriendly c unreliable
6 Mr Drake is in a meeting and he has told us not to _________ him.
a interrupt b interfere c increase
7 _______ attacks can be a result of bad diet and lack of exercise.
a Height b Health c Heart
8 Tommy has _______ a lot of weight since the operation because he is less active.
a put on b take on c have on
9 Sally doesn’t want to live alone – she is hoping to find a _________ .
a home-owner b builder c flat mate
10 It has taken five years to _________ the house but now it looks fantastic.
a do up b hang onto c throw away


G Complete the second sentence in each pair with a causative in the correct form.
[10 points]
0 Mr Nicholas cut Liz’s hair yesterday.
Liz had/got her hair cut yesterday by Mr Nicholas.
1 The gardener cuts our grass once a month.
2 A mechanic serviced our car last week.
3 A technician is going to fix my computer tomorrow.
4 Our roof was being repaired when the snow started falling.

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5 Their air conditioner had been installed months ago.

H Choose the correct answer. [5 points]
0 The place when / where we usually go for lunch was closed today.
1 Carl’s sister, that / who is a famous dancer, has just come back from London.
2 Carol is the girl that / which lost her purse.
3 I don’t remember when / where I sent you that card. Was it for your birthday?
4 Do you know whose / who shoes these are? They’re enormous!
5 The prizes, which / that were given after the meal, were very popular.

I Combine the two sentences into one. Use who, which, when, where or whose.
Remember to use commas in the non-defining relative clauses. [10 points]
0 I applied for a job. It was advertised in the newspaper.
I applied for a job which was advertised in the newspaper.
1 The man is my uncle. His jacket is black.
2 That woman had plastic surgery. She is a famous actress.
3 The film won an Academy Award. It starred Julia Roberts.
4 I visited the Colisseum. I was on holiday in Rome.
5 I ate lunch at a restaurant. The food was delicious.


J Write an essay (120-150 words) giving your opinion on the topic:
Following fashion trends makes you look attractive. [20 points]

1 First, decide on your position: will you agree with the statement, will you
disagree with the statement, or will you discuss both views?
2 Make a plan for your essay:
     Introduction: Mention the topic and which of the three positions you will take.
     Paragraphs 2 and 3:
        - If you agree/disagree, you should give one point to support your view in each
        paragraph. Include examples/details to support your points.

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     - If you are going to discuss both views, give positive points and supporting
     examples/details in Paragraph 2, and negative points and supporting
     examples/details in Paragraph 3.
    Conclusion: Summarise what you’ve said and make a final comment about the
3 Remember to use linking words and phrases.


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