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					                                                             Agenda No 11

      Operations Sub-Committee - 14th October 1999

      Rail Connections at Long Marston - Request by
       Stratford District Council for Study Funding

      Report of the Director of Planning, Transport and
                     Economic Strategy

This report informs Members of a study that has been undertaken by
Stratford on Avon District Council to establish the feasibility of reinstating the
former Stratford-upon-Avon to Cheltenham railway line at Long Marston. The
report recommends that the County Council does not contribute towards the
cost of the study.


1.       the Sub-Committee does not authorise the release of £490 from the
         1999/2000 budget for transport studies; and

2.       the District Council be informed of the reasons for refusal of part
         funding of the study by the County Council.

1.       Introduction

1.1      Stratford on Avon District Council recently resolved to commission a
         small technical study to determine whether it is still possible to
         reconnect the former Stratford-upon-Avon to Cheltenham railway line
         at Long Marston. The original line at this point has been severed by a
         number of planning permissions granted in the mid 1980’s which have
         now been implemented. In resolving to carry out this study the District
         Council’s Strategy Committee resolved to invite the County Council to
         share the cost of the study.

1.2      It is understood that Halcrow-Transmark have carried out the study at
         a cost of £980. The District Council have requested that the County
         Council give consideration to contributing £490 towards the cost of the

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2.      Previous Studies
2.1     In 1995 the District and County Councils jointly commissioned Halcrow
        Fox to undertake a rail study of the Stratford area. One of the issues
        covered was that of the feasibility of reinstating the Stratford-upon-
        Avon to Cheltenham line.        A number of specific issues were
        considered in the Long Marston area, not least that of the implications
        of the planning permissions granted on the original alignment of the
        line. The final report, produced in October 1996, concluded that the
        existence of development on the line will require a new alignment
        through the depot site, with approximately 1.2km of new line from a
        point north of the exchange sidings to a point just south of Wyre
        Cottage (paragraph 3.7.5, Page 44).

3.      Conclusions

3.1     The 1996 Stratford-upon-Avon Rail Study concluded that the Stratford-
        upon-Avon to Cheltenham could be technically reinstated, with the
        provision of a new alignment in the Long Marston area. The County
        Council’s view has been that this situation has not changed
        significantly, and therefore the further study at this stage was not

3.2     In the circumstances, a contribution towards the study seems

Enquiries: about this report should be made to Adrian Hart 01926 412873

Division/Local County Councillor: Councillor B W Slaughter

Background Papers
Letter from Stratford on Avon District Council dated 6th July 1999
The Stratford-upon-Avon Rail Study (1996)

Director of Planning, Transport and Economic Strategy
Shire Hall

4th October 1999

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