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									Press release

Ref: 1265                                                                 January 19, 2009

A man who provided mortgage companies with false details in order to build a letting
empire, has been jailed for a total of four years and nine months, following a lengthy
and detailed investigation by Hertfordshire Constabulary.

Leo Kusi-Appiah, 42 of Digswell Road, Welwyn Garden City was caught by officers
after fraudulently avoiding speeding offences. He received the prison term at St Albans
Crown Court on Friday, January 16, which was sitting at St Albans Magistrates Court.
He had pleaded guilty to the offence of obtaining property by deception at a hearing at
St Albans Crown Court last year.

Kusi-Appiah provided false information regarding his identity and income to mortgage
companies to obtain mortgages, which allowed him to set up three letting companies.
With the money he purchased 15 properties across the UK including Hertfordshire,
London, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, and Luton. It has been estimated the value of the
deception was around £1.6 million.

Kusi-Appiah also pleaded guilty to contempt of court, after breaking the Crown Court’s
restraint order to access £25,000 of the restrained property.

Kusi-Appiah also used the addresses of his properties to avoid prosecution for speeding
offences. He and his wife, Tracey Kusi-Appiah, 40 of Digswell Road, Welwyn Garden
City were found guilty of perverting the course of justice at a hearing at St Albans
Crown Court last year.

Mrs Kusi-Appiah received a 26 week sentence, suspended for a year, and ordered to
carry out 50 hours of community service.

In total, Mr Kusi-Appiah was sentenced to a total of four years and nine months in prison, made
up of two years three months for perverting the course of justice, two years for obtaining
property by deception and six months for contempt of court. The sentences are to run

Detective Sergeant Roy Stammers of the Central Area Money Laundering Unit said: “This was a
complex and detailed investigation that allowed us to use our powers under the Proceeds of
Crime Act to bring a criminal to justice whose lies allowed him to build up a vast property
empire. I am pleased with this result as it demonstrates that anyone who is determined to lie to
mortgage companies regarding their identity or financial status can expect a prison term.”

Roy continued, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the officers involved in this case
for their continued hard work and support.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary is now looking to seize the properties under the Proceeds of Crime
Act (2002).


Note to editors: For a copy of Kusi-Appiah’s photograph please go to the press section of or contact Simon Feldman in Corporate Communication on the phone

For more information: Please contact Simon Feldman in Corporate Communication on 01707
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