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									                     Oxford Union Society Library Committee
                Minutes for MT 4th Week (Monday 29th October 2007)

Present: Alfred Artley, Charlotte Fischer (Junior Librarian), Chantal Hadley, Michael
Harrison, David Johnson, Peter Leggate, Su Lockley (Librarian-in-Charge), Katie Low,
Krishna Omkar, Josh Roche, Anne Ross, Maddy Rudge, Chris Stylianou, Luke Tryl, Ed
Waldegrave (Standing Committee representative), Simon Wan, and Philippa Warr
(Minutes Secretary).
Mike Roberts was also present but without voting rights.

1. Apologies

   Apologies were received from James Methven.

2. Membership

   Rebecca Anderson was deemed to have resigned following three absences.

   The Junior Librarian welcomed the new member Alfred Artley to Library Committee.

3. Minutes and Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

   The suggested works by Fernando Pessoa were ordered (see also item 3 from 2007MT3
   Minutes and item 10 from these Minutes).

   The remaining three books from Arina Patrikova’s donation were assessed.
   Chronotypes: the construction of time was rejected but Laocoön: an essay on the limits
   of painting and poetry and The evolution of the late antique world were accepted (see
   also item 7 from 2007MT3 Minutes).

   The Politics list book National rights, international obligations was checked and found
   to duplicate a book from another list and was therefore not ordered (see also item 9
   from 2007MT3 Minutes).

4. Complaints Book

   There were no new complaints.

5. Items for Strategy Committee

   The Junior Librarian explained the role of Strategy Committee.

   There were no items raised during the meeting for Strategy Committee but Committee
   members were advised that they can contact the Librarian-in-Charge with any new
   suggestions or matters arising via email.

      Members were reminded that the date and time of the Strategy Committee meeting is
      10:15am, Wednesday 7th November (2007MT5)

  6. Atlases

      This item was postponed as the atlases have not yet been acquired.

  7. Library Ladders

      There are three small, two medium and two large wooden ladders, previously used in
      the library, currently being stored in the Union boiler room. The Librarian-in-Charge
      explained the problems including health and safety concerns and potential legal issues
      resulting from injury that these ladders present.

      Krishna Omkar will add the matter to the Treasury Committee agenda to check whether
      this falls under the heading of Buildings Maintenance.

      David Johnson will contact Mallams Auctioneers for valuation.

8.    DVD Losses

      It was suggested that the library keep the DVDs separate from the cases in a lockable
      drawer to be placed in the case on issue. The Librarian-in-Charge explained that this
      increases scratching of the discs and that there is not enough free space to create a
      lockable storage area behind the desk.

      The Junior Librarian observed that a certain proportion of stock loss was inevitable but
      asked whether the DVD losses were maintained at an acceptably low level. The
      Minutes Secretary will find out when each missing item was last borrowed to give an
      idea of stock loss over time.

      Michael Harrison suggested the Library maintain a policy of replacing missing items as
      they are requested in order to avoid the cost of replacing what is not in demand.

9.    Book Lists for MT2007 Week 2

      The Theology list was postponed until the next meeting and if not completed by
      October 31st will be passed to David Johnson

10.   Book Lists for MT2007 Week 3

      The cost of the Fernando Pessoa texts was subtracted from the Modern Languages
      budget allocation and the list was passed.

11.   Book Lists for MT2007 Week 4

      The Physics list was passed. The usage of Mathematics for physicists by Dennery and
      Krzywicki will be reviewed at a later date to see whether one copy ought to be confined
      to the Library for reference.

      The Travel list was postponed until next week. Michael Harrison asked that any
      requests for travel books be sent to him as part of the budget allocation is presently

12.   Book Lists for MT2007 Week 5

      Classics – Maddy Rudge
      Maths – the Librarian-in-Charge.

13.   Book Lists for MT2007 Week 6

      English – Chantal Hadley or James Methven
      Business and Management – Niall Gallagher (Chair of Consultative Committee) or the

14.   DVD Releases for November

      The following DVDs were passed:

      Flying Scotsman; Ocean’s 13; Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix; Moliere; Hairspray
      (2007); Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – at World’s End; La Vie en Rose; Shrek 3; High
      School Musical 2; Transformers; American Pie 6; Bourne Ultimatum; Simpsons
      Movie; Desperate Housewives Series 3; Doctor Who New Series 3 Box Set; House
      Series 3; Little Britain Complete; Peep Show Series 4; Sopranos Series 6 Part 2.

      Working Title Romance Box Set was passed pending a check of whether we already
      have any of the films.

      The Library will order one season of Will & Grace (6 or 7) to assess its popularity.

      The matter of repeated requests for Disney DVDs was raised during consideration of
      The Jungle Book. The main issue being that copies of Disney films tend to be
      prohibitively expensive due to limited supply. The Minutes Secretary will produce a list
      of current Disney DVD holdings and borrowing information so the matter can be
      discussed in more depth at the next meeting.

15.   DVD List MT2007 Week 4

      The list was passed.

16.   Members’ Suggestions and Donations

      The suggestions list was passed.

      The Journal suggestion was passed due to the low subscription charge pending the
      Librarian-in-Charge checking whether this title is available via OxLIP. The
      subscription will be reviewed in Trinity Term.

      The donation of Deep Siege by Charles Ingram was accepted.

17.   Withdrawals

      The list was passed with the exception of Incomes policy – problems and prospects
      (part 1 and 2), by John Corina which are currently on loan and therefore deemed to be
      still used.

18.   New Members

      Mike Roberts’ membership was approved pending a vacancy on the Committee.

19.   Any Other Business

      Alfred Artley suggested the Library subscribe to The Church Times.

      The Junior Librarian suggested that this be submitted as a members’ suggestion and
      will be reviewed as per usual procedure in Trinity Term.

20.   Time and Date of Next Meeting

      The next meeting will take place on Monday 5th November (MT2007 Week 5) at 2pm
      in the Morris Room.


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