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									        FTSE creates new investment tools supporting global shift towards
                             a low carbon economy

Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York, 15th June 2009: FTSE Group
(“FTSE”), the global index provider today announces the launch of new capital investment tools
to help investors identify and gain exposure to the rapidly growing environmental technology
sector. The pioneering move comes at a time when climate change and environmental concerns
are at a global high and clean technology opportunities are of increasing interest to investors

Climate change is a key issue on political agendas across the globe, in turn creating new
investment opportunities in low carbon sectors. The new tools aim to support global capital
markets’ response to developing a low carbon economy. They include the world’s first global
environmental markets industry classification system, designed to allow companies to be
classified by sector and sub sector according to the environmental products and services they
provide. In addition, seven new equity indices which use the new environmental markets
classification have also been created.

The introduction of the classification system allows those companies who provide essential
environmental products, activities and services, to be identified more easily, facilitating a peer to
peer comparison on a global, regional and pan-regional basis. The system also provides a basis
for the creation of sector based investment products such as ETFs, mutual funds and derivatives

The seven new indices cover the following markets:
       FTSE   Environmental   Opportunities   UK Index
       FTSE   Environmental   Opportunities   UK AIM Index
       FTSE   Environmental   Opportunities   US Index
       FTSE   Environmental   Opportunities   Japan Index
       FTSE   Environmental   Opportunities   Europe Index
       FTSE   Environmental   Opportunities   Asia Pacific Index
       FTSE   Environmental   Opportunities   Asia Pacific ex Japan Index
Donald Keith Deputy CEO, FTSE Group commented “FTSE is proud to provide investors across
the globe with tools to guide their investment decisions in the exciting growth area of
environmental markets. As a proven leader in indexing, we aim to continue to provide innovative
products that enable investors to assess and analyse markets with accuracy and precision”

Additional information:

For more information please contact:
FTSE Group
New York
Jill Mathers, Tel: + 1 212 641 6166 or email
Sabrina Bhangoo or Mittal Dave, Tel: + 44 207 866 1821 or email
Hong Kong
Meredith Blakemore or Emily Mok, Tel: + 852 2230 5800 or email
Stewart Ueno, Tel: +81 3 35 81 3444 or email
Natalie Brooke, Tel: +61 2 92 93 2867 or email

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About FTSE Group
FTSE Group (“FTSE”) is a world-leader in the creation and management of indexes. With offices in Boston,
Beijing, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Madrid, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Shanghai and
Tokyo, FTSE works with investors in 77 countries globally. It calculates and manages a comprehensive
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basis. The company has collaborative arrangements with a number of stock exchanges, trade bodies and
asset class specialists around the world.

FTSE indexes are used extensively by investors world-wide for investment analysis, performance
measurement, asset allocation, portfolio hedging and for creating a wide range of index tracking funds.

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