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									             Welcome to

Welcome to Careers West Wales’ inaugural KickStart online challenge. The challenge
has been devised specifically for 6th form schools and colleges throughout South West
Wales to use at the beginning of a new term. The idea is that you as students work
together as a team on a mini project to develop entrepreneurial skills, problem solving
techniques, marketing initiatives but most of all have fun!!

The concept revolves around the sport of roller hockey and the bidding for an appropriate
stadium in your town to be the home of this developing sport. You will be up against other
establishments throughout West Wales from Neath & Port Talbot, Swansea,
Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.

You will need to get together in groups of between 5-10 students. Each member of the
group will bring with them different talents, skills and abilities. There are a variety of tasks
that will utilise everyone’s strengths. The way you work as a team will influence how
successful you will be in completing the sections online. The deadline for submission is
4pm on Friday 15th September 2006.

Roller Hockey
Roller Hockey is a fast semi-contact ball game played on roller
skates or blades between two teams, consisting of four floor
players and one goalkeeper each.

The object of the game is to score goals by passing, dribbling
and shooting a small hard ball into the opposition's goal using a
stick, which is similar to the ‘original’ two-sided field hockey stick.

                            This fast paced sport is an exciting spectacle, no matter what
                            the level of play, that has significant tactical similarities to
                            Basketball (screens, blocks and set plays) and is played on any
                            smooth hard surface such as concrete, parquet or tiles, known
                            as a ‘rink ‘, the standard size of the rink is 20m x 40m.

Although Roller Hockey is a small sport in England, it is extremely
popular in Latin countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Argentina
where Clubs such as FC Barcelona, FC Porto and Deportivo La Corunia
attract crowds in excess of 5,000 people to matches and employ the
best professional players from around the world.

Look at the National Roller Hockey Association of England website
                               Step by Step Guide
Step 1 – The Concept

Hook them quick - make that BIG impression! To get them to read on, you need to

• An Executive Summary - a one or two page explanation on what YOUR idea is all about.
This is the bit they will definitely read so grab your opportunity and get them excited.
Hammer home your WOW Factor. Think of it as a Lift Pitch, because if you can't explain
your idea to someone in a one minute climb from the ground to fifth floor your target will be
out of the doors and gone. If you pull it off, you'll be off to a flyer with them licking their lips
and reading on. Start with a one liner - your strapline - that really sums up YOUR idea so
that your reader instantly 'sees' where you're at.

• A Sales Summary - a clear description of what YOU will offer your clients/customers
focussing on your core products/services and their benefits.

• A Technical Explanation - you need to give a credible description of how YOUR bid can
be turned in to reality, how it will engage newcomers to the sport and how you will develop
your idea in to a corporate identity, also how YOUR idea works and what it will do for
YOUR clients/customers that will make it worth paying for. Keep this short and to the point.
Investors want to know that YOUR business is possible, deliverable, offers saleable
benefits with profits, but without an unreasonable risk.

Step 2 - Personnel

Have YOU and YOUR team got what it takes?

• Do you have all the skills and qualities YOUR idea needs to be a success? Can YOU
deliver? If you want to impress, the personal qualities of your team matters – show that
you’ve got all the right people in place.

• Make sure you clearly set out the roles and responsibilities of each team member and
how they fit together. What are their strong and weak points? Make sure you know this
before deciding who does what. Just because someone is your mate doesn’t mean they’re
Managing Director material! This is a TEAM effort, so make sure the work is shared
Step 3 - Operations

How will YOU turn YOUR idea into reality?

• Here’s where you detail all the nuts and bolts of your idea, for example, venue,
product/service, finance, marketing & promotion etc.

• Where’s the nerve centre going to be? Will your stadium give access to YOUR key
markets? You need to consider transport links, environmental impact, effects on local
economy, availability of skilled workforce in the area etc.

Step 4 - The Product / Service

What’s your BIG idea?

• How will you take the concept of Roller Hockey on to another level and sell it as a
product or service in your local community?

• Put yourself in your clients’ or customers’ shoes when giving details of YOUR product or
service. Think of it as they would think of it. Tell them why they won’t be able to do without
YOUR idea now and in the future. This shows you really understand your market which is
what often makes a successful idea stand out.

• What’s your USP - your Unique Selling Point! What gives YOU and YOUR idea the
edge on your competitors?

• Your competitors are Secondary schools and Further Education Establishments across
Swansea, Neath & Port Talbot, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire & Ceredigion.

Step 5 - The Market

Even the coolest ideas in the world won’t sell themselves.

• You will need to know YOUR market and how you will promote YOUR idea to your
clients/customers and capital investors.

• Spell out where you are now - new market (boldly going where no man has gone
before!), mass market (everybody wants ya!), niche market (you’ve only 3 clients in the
whole country!). This is one place where size really does matter. How big’s your market,
what’s its history and where do YOU and YOUR idea fit in?

• Your aim must be precise. Who exactly is your target customer or client? Have YOU
done any research to back this up? Or do you know of any?

• Love thine enemy? It’s up to you, but you must know your competitors intimately. What
are their strengths and weaknesses? How are YOU and YOUR idea different or better?
How is your brand better?

• Where are the gaps in YOUR market and what are YOU going to do about them?
Step 6 - Market Research

Your idea sounds like a winner, but what’s YOUR market like?

Your reader will want the lowdown on your market.

• A market hungry for YOUR product or service should jump off the pages of your plan.
Make your great market research show just how cool your idea really is and how there’s a
market with the readies to buy what you’ve got to offer. Think about using your research to
establish a niche for your idea.

• Some market research has been done on your behalf:

The stadium has been designed to have the capacity to hold 12,000 spectators which
consists of the following:

Exclusive Hospitality Boxes:
The Stadium Hospitality Boxes provide exclusive vantage points overlooking the main rink,
the boxes provide the ideal opportunity to mix business with pleasure, as well as the
perfect vantage point to savour the atmosphere of stadium events.

There will be 3 sizes of hospitality boxes.

A: Has a capacity of holding up to 50 people and the stadium will have 2 of this type.
B: Has a capacity of holding up to 30 people and the stadium will have 4 of this type.
C: Has a capacity of holding up to 20 people and the stadium will have 4 of this type.

All boxes overlook the main rink from the top tier to give an unrivalled view of the action.
The interior of the boxes will be fitted out to the highest standards including a TV, kitchen
area, dining table & chairs, telephone & internet connections.

Spectator Seating:

Spectator seating will be on two levels and split into three categories:

Gold spectator seats (top tier): There will be 45% of the remaining capacity.
Silver spectator seats (lower East & West stand): There will be 35% of the remaining
Bronze spectator seats (lower North & South stand): There will be 20% of the
remaining capacity.

Revenue from advertising can be very lucrative. It could be a great source of income for
the stadium and will provide the ideal platform for businesses both local and national to

Perimeter Advertising Boards

The size of the advertising board will be 1m high by 2m long and will be located around the
perimeter of the rink. The cost to advertise on the boards will be £1,500 per year.
Light Boxes

There will be 60 light boxes in total and these will be situated at strategically placed
points within the main interior corridors, concourses and stairwells of the stadium. These
will capture the attention of spectators as they make their way to and from the stands and
their seats. The cost to advertise on the boxes will be £1,200 per year.

Big Screen Advertising

One of the stadium's main focal points. Businesses can benefit from advertising on one of
the two big screen hoardings available. There will be 25 on-screen advertising slots that
will be shown simultaneously 3 times throughout the event and the cost of each slot will be

Step Advertising

There will be an opportunity for businesses to market their company to the stadium and
television audience. Stadium step advertising offers a different option by actively catching
the graphic imagination of match and event goers. The stadium will have 12 sets of steps
and the cost to advertise on the steps will be £2,200 per year.

Match and Event Day Programmes

The ideal medium to target and communicate with. It advertises to a captive consumer and
corporate market located within and around the stadium. It is estimated that there will be 8-
quarter page advertising spaces available per programme at a cost of £175 per advert. It is
also estimated the sales from programmes will be 65% of the capacity of the stadium and
each programme will sell for £1.50.

Step 7 - Roller Hockey Quiz

We have devised a quiz based around Roller Hockey and various stadiums to help you
with the project, all answers can be found by visiting the web sites associated to the
questions. By completing the quiz you will gather information crucial in completing your

The email address to return completed forms to is:
                                           East Stand

                                              Box A

                             Hospitality                     Hospitality
                              Box B                             Box B


                                                                              Box C
                Box C

                                                                                          South Stand
North Stand


                                                                              Box C
                Box C

                            Hospitality                       Hospitality
                              Box B                             Box B

                                              Box A

                                           West Stand
                                                          Carl Griffiths June 2006

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