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					„Love & Shoes‟ is a collaborative, multi-media exhibition
created by the influential British shoe designer Georgina
Goodman and the imaginative photographer and filmmaker, Mark
A selection of Georgina Goodman‟s clients have been filmed and
photographed as they share their passion for shoes. Moving and
still imagery, combined together create a personal and
insightful birds-eye view of the love and fascination these women
have for the world they live in.
Film footage documents the intimate act of plaster casting the
women‟s feet, overlapped with running commentary of what
inspires them. The final outcome offers an exhibition
encompassing both film and photography.
„Love & Shoes‟ previewed during London Fashion Week in September
2004 at Georgina Goodman‟s Mayfair store, followed by the launch
party during Paris Fashion Week in October 2004. The complete
exhibition will launch on Georgina Goodman‟s award winning
website on 7th October 2004 at

"There are few things more intimate than casting the feet of
another woman. Overlay this with a conversation about shoes and
you have the perfect platform from which to dive into the depths
of their inner passion. It is the love of these women that I
was seeking to explore, their subtlety, their strength, theirs
dreams and desires all expressed through the universal language
of shoes. In this work, I could not have dreamt up a better
sparring partner and collaborator than Big Mark. Ultimately its
all about Love, that's the Whole Point".
                                                 Georgina Goodman

“When George mentioned Love and Shoes I thought how corny. How
wrong I was. The whole experience of working with her on this
project has been one of deep spiritual healing and growth. Love
has come back into fashion in my life, the only guaranteed
antidote to fear. In my own, and the world‟s healing, what
better place to start than from the bottom up? Our feet in
contact with mother earth for most of our waking day need to be
loved and George has plenty of it. Through sharing her client‟s
experiences of love and shoes with intimate physical,
psychological and sometimes emotional contact I feel we have
gone someway to describe seven women's feelings. The fact that I
am also a proud owner of a pair of her marvellous bespoke shoes
has put me back on track”.
                                                       Mark Lebon

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