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					                  Light after the Dark
                       Book One
                       Chapter 2
                            By Kapil Chauhan

Illumina gasped as a hand clasped over her mouth

Oh…Mother…please. Help...

“Not so fast pretty girl. You saw everything didn’t you? Talk you
little bitch!” Bucky yelled as he pulled her hair. Illumina started to
cry. She had forgotten her spell book at home and she was defenseless.

“Hm. Since you’re not going to talk I guess I’ll make you scream in
pain.” Bucky said smiling, as his hole in his teeth showed.
Illumina knew what was going to happen for it almost happened to a lady
at the bazaar. Her eyes grew big as her tears also started to pour.

Ashera…I have been a good girl…Santa…send Rudolph…oh help! Thought

All of a sudden there was a flash and a smell of metal. Illumina opened
her eyes and saw a light brown haired kid standing in front of her.

“Excuse me sir, but I believe what you are doing to this girl is
injustice!” The boy spoke, all stuffy sounding.

“Who the hell are you runt?” Bucky growled, as his patience was running

“Prince Saif”

OMFG! Bucky’s eyes grew big as he saw the prince in front of him.

“I-I am just her father kind prince.”

“Oh, well I see..well..goodbye.” Prince Saif said, as he started to
walk slowly.

”WAIT!” Illumina screamed. Prince Saif turned around and Bucky started
swearing under his breath.

“Hm, yes young maiden?” The red robes prince asked

“This man is not my father. I was walking through the meadows and saw
him murder someone. I screamed and he saw me and when I wouldn’t talk,
he wanted to…” Illumina looked down as Prince Saif understood.

“You fiend, I shall vanquish you! I knew such a beautiful girl could
not have an ugly brute for a father!” Saif said, all stuffy again.
Me…beautiful…? Illumina blushed as she thought this.

“Urg…you brats are annoying me. Now you both will die today!” Bucky
yelled as he swung up his axe and started to strike Saif. Though
heavily dressed, he could dodge well. Saif took out a long sword and
dodged all of the attacks. He then stuck Bucky right in the heart as
Bucky fell and breathed his last breath. Illumina smiled as she was
saved and Saif smiled as his first act of justice.

“What’s your name? And are you okay?” Prince Saif asked, his brown eyes
staring into Illumina’s indigo ones.

“I-Illumina and I am f-fine. Thank you.” Illumina said as she curtsied.

“Ah, Illumina, what a beautiful name, anyway see you soon maybe!”
Prince Saif said as he waved and climbed on his horse and left,

Me…oh…Prince Saif is so handsome…oh…only I was a princess… Illumina
thought as she picked some flowers and ran home.

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