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					             Texaco appoints Good Relations Consumer
                          to drive consumer loyalty

Good Relations Consumer has been appointed by Texaco, the UK’s largest branded
network of independently owned service stations, to launch           a new Corporate
Responsibility Scheme in an effort to teach children aged 6 and 10 years road safety

Launching as part of Texaco’s we.o.u loyalty card, the scheme features five
children’s books which follow the vivid imagination of a boy named Hector and his
discovery of road safety messages.

The books, which will be available free of charge at Texaco’s network of 1,150+ retail
sites from the beginning of November feature Hector’s journey to understanding five
rules concerning road safety. These include: the importance of using a seat belt, safe
cycling, being seen, the rules of the road and crossing the road safely.

The project will comprise of creating news hooks and talking points around where
responsibility lies in teaching road safety with media. The campaign also plans to
build word of mouth with parenting groups.

The books, created by advertising agency, VCCP, aim to build an emotional
connection between Texaco and its customers as part of its customer loyalty
scheme, we.o.u.    Illustrated by Tom Percival and written by Natalie Herbert and
Tristan Poulter, over 350,000 copies of each book will be available at Texaco service
stations free of charge over a six-week period. The campaign will also be supported
by point of sale materials and an interactive micro site Each
book will include a reflective sticker that children can attach to their school bag, and
the first book will also include a glow wrist band to act as a constant reminder to road
safety messages.

Cathy Cooper, General Manager Area Marketing Support Europe for Texaco said,
“Texaco wanted to share the responsibility for making the roads a safer place for
young children. Whilst providing entertainment through a series of highly visual
books, which we hope children will be keen to collect, we also want to communicate
some serious road safety messages that will be remembered for life.”
The books were compiled with advice from the Department for Transport. Dr Stephen
Ladyman, Minister of State for Transport, said, "It’s important to encourage good
road skills from an early age. These books present road safety messages in a fun
and creative way and I hope they’ll help children think about potential dangers when
they’re out on their own.”

                                       -   Ends-
   For more information please contact Good Relations
   Christine Morgan
   0207 861 3130

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