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									                                                    HOTS Question Bank Format

Grade:    XII                                                            Subject: ENGLISH

Chapters / Concepts:     COMPREHENSION              AND WRITING SKILLS

Se.No                              Question/s                        *Apl/An                    Value Points                     Points
                                                                      /Sy/Ev                                                     Wise
 Q1                                                                             Answers

         A1.Read the following poem carefully and answer the                    1. Jabavu is a remote place where there
         questions that follow:- (12 )                                          are no streets, lights and cars. It is also an     1
                                                                                open land devoid of trees and grass.
                               Shantytown                                       2. There is intense cold and the children
                                                                                become ill since they are left unprotected.        1
         High on the veld upon that plain
         And far from streets and lights and cars                               3. i) Dry as the sand                             1+1
         And bare of trees, and bare of grass,                                    ii) rough as a rasp
         Jabavu* sleeps beneath the stars
                                                                                4. The people of Jabavu are poor and live
         Jabavu sleeps.                                                         in houses that have not been built well.
         The children cough.                                                    The cold creeps into the shacks like an            1
         Cold creeps up, the hard night cold,                                   invader.
         The earth is tight within its grasp,
         The Highveld cold without soft rain,                                   5. It is extremely cold all around. There is
         Dry as the sand, rough as a rasp.                                      no place where the people could shelter
                                                                                   themselves. They feel cold under the            2
The frost rimmed night invades the shacks.                        blankets, rags and sacks.
Through dusty ground
Through rocky ground                                              6. There is a ray of hope in the writers
Through freezing ground the night cold creeps                     mind. Some positive changes may happen     2
In cotton blankets, rags and sacks                                in the Shantytown.
Beneath the stars Jabavu sleeps.
                                                                  7. The Shantytown will one day become a
One day Jabavu will awake                                         civilized place where the children are
To greet a new and shining day.                                   healthy. It will become a developed town
The sound of coughing will become                                 with parks, flowers, electric supply and
The children‟s laughter as they play                              concrete houses.                           2
In parks with flowers where dust now swirls
In strong-walled homes with warmth and light.                     8. Any sensible answer.                    1
But for tonight Jabavu sleeps
Jabavu sleeps. The stars are bright

A.1 Based on your reading of the above poem, answer the
following questions briefly

  1. What aspects of a well-established community are
missing from Jababvu according to the first verse?

  2.„Cold creeps up, the hard night cold. „What does the poet
want us to sense about the cold?

  3. Identify two similes in the second verse that describe the
harshness of the Highveld.

   4. „The frost rimmed, night invades the shacks‟. Why is
„invader‟ an effective word here?
        5. What is the effect of the repetition in „Through dusty
     ground/through rocky ground/through freezing ground…..?
        6. State the effect of the final sentence, „The stars are
        7. What changes does the post anticipates for the Jabavu of
     future years?
        8. What emotions are stirred in you by this poem? Why?

Q2                                                                        1. a) I take leave of you                          2
     My dear parents, my beloved little mother and little father, my               b) I depart without lamentation
     only sister, and my little brother. Dearest grandmother and                   c) I would soon breathe my last
     aunt, my friends, dear and cherished acquaintances. All of you                d) And yet, up to the last moment -
     who are precious to me in what is dearest to my heart. I take        to live and to hope.
     leave of you, I send you greetings, I love you. Do not weep; I
     am not weeping. I depart without lamentation, without                     2. a) I know everything, I feel               2
     trembling, without pain, and even now, yes, even now, I am           everything, I read everything that is in
     attaining to that which should indeed be the goal, not the           your hearts.
     means- to parting from you and at the same time to full                      b) Do you feel as I do that
     nearness to you and complete union with you. I can convey so         fragrance, that loveliness?
     little of my love, nothing but the most earnest assurance of its
     depth and sincerity. My sincerest thanks. Today the twenty-               3.   the fragrance in the field
     sixth of March, I have reached the twenty second year of my                    the essence of the spring            2
     life. I heard what the doctor said that I would soon breathe my                ( Any other suitable answer)
     last. And yet, up to the last moment- to live and to hope. I have
     always had the courage to live-moreover, I am not losing it in           4. The writer wants everybody to           2
     face of what in human speech is called death. I should like to       know the essence of love.
     take upon myself all your sorrow and all your pain. I feel in
     myself the strength to bear it for you too, and the desire to take        5. a) lament                              2
     it with me. Please, please have the strength too, do not suffer,             b) intimate
     do not weep. I love you, I cherish you so very much.                        ( Any grammatically correct
Whenever I have read your words, I have grown wings. You             sentences)
have done everything that is within the power of human love.
Do not reproach yourselves in any way. I know everything, I              6. She thanked them, conveyed her    2
feel everything, I read everything that is in your hearts.           love them, and requested them not to
Today is a beautiful day. You are somewhere in the fields or in      lament her death because they had done
the little garden. Do you feel as I do that fragrance, that          enough for her.
loveliness? It is as though I had an intimation of it today. I was
not walking, I was in the open air, which was full of the
essence of spring, of warmth, the shimmer and scent of
memories. The nerve of the soul was stirred by the poetry of
the commonplace, the smell of boiled potatoes, smoke and the
clatter of spoons, birds, sky, being alive-the everyday pulse
beat of life. Love it, love one another, learn love, defend love,
spread love. So that you may perceive the beauty of the
obvious gifts of life as I do-that is my wish for myself. So that
you may be able to give and to receive.

Your loving daughter,
A.1 Based on your reading of the above passage, answer
the following questions briefly

   1) Which are the sentences that imply the writer‟s
      impending death?

       a)__________                                c) ______
        b) _ _ _ _ _ _ _                          d) ________
       2) Pick out two sentences that have a rhythmic balance.
       3) What are the things that brought a few memories back
       to her?
       4) “So that you may be able to give and to receive”.
       5) Turn the given words into verbs and use them in
           sentences of your own.
           i) lamentation
          ii) intimation
       6) The writer has succeeded in conveying her tender
           emotions towards her family. How has this been

3   JEBEL HAFEET rising 1219 metres above the sand dunes                    1) Jabal Yabir located in the Hagar      1
    offers a panoramic view of the oasis city of Al Ain. As the lone            Mountains in Ras Al Khaima.
    outcropping from the flat desert terrain Jebel Hafeet was a             2) There are about 118 species of
    well-known landmark throughout the area‟s history and is a          plants, 18 species of mammals, 140
    contemporary tourist attraction thanks to a smooth multi-lane       species of birds and more than 10 species
    tarmacked road that reaches all the way to the top. The 12 km       of reptiles.                                 2
    route to the top has been described as “the greatest driving            3) The Jabel Hafeet which was once
    road in the world.”                                                 an isolated place is now accessible by       2
            An extensive natural cave system winds through Jebel        motorable roads.
    Hafeet that is home to a wide range of animals including bats,          4) Has numerous fossils of
    foxes, snakes, lizards etc. at the foothills at the mountain lies   Nummulites, fragments of branching
    the Green Mubazarrah, a tourist spot focused around the hot         corals, oysters and gastropods, rare – sea   2
    water springs that gush forth in little streams and form a lake.    urchins, remains of barnacles and crab
    It is a well-developed tourist attraction with swimming pools       claws.
    and Jacuzzis scattered all over the Green Mubazarrah. Jebel             5) 60 corners and a surface so
Hafeet is also often incorrectly labeled as the UAE‟s highest       smooth that it is a good racetrack for
mountain (as it is certainly the most well-known); this honour      cyclist.                                 1
actually belongs to Jabal Yibir, in Ras. It 1527 meters (5010          6) Any suitable title.                1
foot) tall and is located in the Hajar Mountains in Ras Al
Khaima, the northernmost emirate of UAE.
        Jebel Hafeet is the only mountainous area within the           A2. 1) any grammatically correct      1
Abu Dhabi Emirate, located just south of Al Ain and about 170          sentence.
km east of Abu Dhabi city. The mountain rises to 1,200 metres              2) looser.                        1
above a sea level and is characterized by its magnificent                  3) to wear away.                  1
landscapes and wadis which support a wide range of animals
and plants. Studies indicate that about 118 species of plants, 18
species of mammals, 140 species of birds and more than 10
species of reptiles live on Jebel Hafeet.
        In addition to its richness in flora and fauna, Jebel
Hafeet is well-known for its archaeological and historical sites
that date back thousands of years. The mountain is threatened
by uncontrolled development and its establishment as a
protected area, with a formally adopted management plan,
should go a long way in ensuring its integrity and role in local
development activities.
        Famous as a traditional hunting region and one of the
last known habitats of the Arabian Tahr, Jebel Hafeet has been
„tamed‟ by construction of the motorable road that goes right
to the summit from where the visitors can have wonderful
views of the surrounding region. Nestling among rocky-clefts
on the way up are desert flowers, lizards and other wildlife.
Birdlife is also a feature of the mountain.
        At the foot of the mountain, near where the road from
the cement works passes through a man-made gorge, numerous
fossils of Nummulites, almost the size of a bottle-top, can be
found. With them, lying loose on the slopes, are fragments of
branching coral, oysters and gastropods, rare sea urchins and,
even rarer, remains of barnacles and crab claws.
         At the northern part of the mountain north towards Al
Ain, south of the Khalid bin Sultan Road, eroded flanks of the
anticline are exposed in the wadi. Here, very hard, massive
limestones are preserved with their beds in a near vertical
position. Numerous coral „heads‟ are found here, some quiet
large about 60 centimeters in diameter.
         The Jebel Hafeet Mountain road extends for 11.7 km
up the mountain, rising 1219 metres (4000 ft). The road scales
the mountain and ends at a parking lot with only a hotel and a
palace belonging to the country‟s rulers. Jebel Hafeet Road
which has 60 corners and a surface so smooth that it would
flatter a racetrack is the challenge for cyclists who frequently
come over to train. The Jebel Hafeet Mercure Challenge is a
yearly road cycling competition taking place somewhere in
January. National and international riders take part in climbing
the 8 per cent average ascent of the mighty mountain.
         The mountain spans the border with Oman and lies
about 90 minutes‟ drive south east (SE) of the thriving city of

A.1 Based on your reading of the above passage, answer
the following questions briefly

  1. Which is U.A.E‟S highest mountain?
  2. Jabel Hafeet claims to be rich in flora and fauna. Why?
  3. Jabel Hafeet has been „tamed‟ by constructions of the
motorable roads. Bring out the meaning of this sentence.
  4. The foot of Jabel Hafeet Mountain is an interesting spot
for archeologist. Comment.
 5. What is Jabel Hafeet Road famous for?
 6. Give any suitable title to the passage

A.2.Do as directed in the brackets

   1) flatter (use it in a sentence of your own)
   2) loose (give the noun form)
   3) erode (give the meaning)

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