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                  TITLE                             FORMAT                     CONTENT                   OUTCOMES

 HEALTHY WORKFORCE, HEALTHY                      Consultancy              Demands of job             Record findings
          BUSINESS                                interaction with         Control over work          Develop an action
   HSE Management Standards                       managerial               Support received            plan
                                                  teams                     and given                  Create a company
 For: ALL employers who have a’ duty             Risk Assessment          Relationships within        stress policy
 of care’ to protect the health, safety and      Stress Audit              company                    Continual
 welfare of all employees while at work          Focus Groups             Role of managers            monitoring and
         WORK/LIFE BALANCE                       Practical and            The physical, mental       Identifying signs and
                                                  interactive               and social aspects of       symptoms
For: Professionals and individuals who            workshop                  stress                     Being aware of a
are not sure if life is passing them by or       Worksheets               Work? Personal?             variety of coping
trying to run them over!                          provided                  Both?                       strategies – both
                                                                           Coping strategies           personal and in the
                                                                           Personal plans              workplace
                                                                                                       Developing a plan
    MANAGING ORGANISATIONAL                      Consultancy              Maslow’s Hierarchy         Ensuring Best
            CHANGE                                interaction with          of Needs                    Practice is facilitated
                                                  managerial               HSE Management              for a seamless
For: ALL employers who are considering            teams                     Competencies                transition
changes within their companies.                  Interactive session      The Change Curve           Avoiding low
Keeping the workforce informed and                                          and emotional               morale, and low
involved is paramount to a successful                                       transitions                 productivity within
transition                                                                 Staff attitude audits       workforce
                                                                           5/95 Effect                Developing and
                                                                           Best Practice               enhancing SKILLED
                                                                                                        people management

              STRESS                             Both interactive         Introducing Bio dots       Differentiate
       Awareness / Management                     sessions                 Difference between          between pressure
                                                 Work sheets               pressure and stress         and stress
For: Managers and team leaders who                supplied for the         Psychology and             Identify the physical,
would like to be more aware of stress             Awareness                 physiology of stress        emotional and
and the consequences of, both on a                session                  Behaviour types             behavioural effects
personal level and for the benefit of the        A training pack for      Effective coping            of stress
workforce they manage                             the Management            strategies                 Develop individual
                                                  programme                Generic work/life           coping strategies to
                                                                            balance                     deal with stress
            TIME IS MONEY                        Practical                The mental and             Acknowledge
       Claiming back wasted time                  interactive               physical toll of            personal and
                                                  workshop                  wasting and losing          individual
For: Professionals and individuals who           Work sheets               time                        shortcomings
would like to manage time more                    provided                 Effective AND              Developing
effectively within organisations to avoid                                   Efficient?                  individual personal
the loss of prospective profits being                                      Power words                 organisational
absorbed into long-winded and/or                                           Reducing health             strategies
unnecessary meetings or fighting the                                        risks                      Being aware of how
avalanche of paper                                                         Personal goals and          to be more
                                                                            action plans                financially viable
                                                                                                        within the company

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                                           Health and Welfare Training Courses

                 TITLE                          FORMAT                   CONTENT                       OUTCOMES

THE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR                    Practical and         The purpose of              Being aware of how to
                                               interactive            communication                develop and interpret
For: Professionals and individuals             workshop              Communication                verbal and non
who wish to embrace or simply revisit         Worksheets             channels                     communication
their effective communication skills           provided              The Assertive               Enhancing listening skills
                                                                      Manager                     Developing individual
                                                                     Management                   plans for the way forward
                                                                     The Power of
                                                                     Consolidating
                                                                      Effectiveness and
    THE CONFIDENT MANAGER                     Practical and         Distinguishing              Developing and
                                               interactive            between positive             enhancing personal
For: Professionals and individuals             workshop               self esteem and              positive mental health
who wish to master the fundamental            Worksheets             arrogance                    skills
skills of being able to exert a positive       provided              Resilience                  Aware of coping
outcome in the productivity and                                      Dealing with and             strategies to deal with
motivation of the workforce                                           responding to                negative behaviour
                                                                      criticism and anger         Developing individual
                                                                     Personal future              plans for the way forward

PRESENTATION SKILLS FOR THE                   Practical and         Role of a                   Identify the specific role
    ASPIRING MANAGER                           interactive            Trainer/Presenter            of a Trainer/Presenter
                                               workshop              Preparation                 Being aware of ‘VHF’
For: Professionals and individuals            Worksheets            Communication               Plan and write effective
who wish to either enhance or initially        provided               skills                       objectives to suit the
learn the art of presenting at meetings       Handouts              Teaching/Presenting          session
or training sessions in a confident and        provided               environments                Effectively deal with
articulate manner                                                    Types of Learner             difficult participants
                                                                     Dealing with difficult
                                                                     Experiential
  POSITIVE INTERVIEW SKILLS                   Practical,            Importance of good          Participants will be made
Preparing and attending job selection          experiential and       preparation                  aware of how to develop
             interviews                        interactive           Carrying out                 skills to boost confidence
                                               workshop               research                     and personal self esteem
For: All individuals who find                 Hand outs             Assessment                   in preparing for and
interviews an ordeal – be better               provided               Centres                      attending job selection
prepared!                                                            Anticipating the             interviews
                                                                     Rehearsal and

                    Nutts Corner Training Centre - 17 Dundrod Road - Crumlin - Co Antrim - BT29 4SR

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                                Mechanical Technologies Training
                                          Health and Welfare Training Courses

                TITLE                          FORMAT                 CONTENT                        OUTCOMES

     BUILDING SELF ESTEEM                    Practical and       Defining confidence          Acknowledge personal
                                              interactive         Body language                 and individual
For: Professionals and individuals            workshop            Beating                       shortcomings and be
who feel their ‘Get up and go’ has           Work sheets          procrastination               aware of how to develop
‘Got up and gone’!                            provided            Personal goal                 individual strategies
                                             Hand outs            setting                       which promote self
                                              provided                                           confidence

 EXAM STRESS FOR STUDENTS                    Practical and       Defining pressure            Recognise signs and
                                              interactive          and stress                    symptoms of stress
For: Any individuals who are finding         Work sheets         Positive and                 Develop individual
the strain of exams over whelming             provided             negative                      strategies to cope with
                                             Hand outs            affirmations                  and manage stress
                                              provided            Coping strategies            Enhance positive
                                                                  Time management               affirmations
                                                                                                Develop and implement
                                                                                                 personal time
                                                                                                 management goals

     TRAINING THE TRAINER                    Practical and       Role of the Trainer          Identify the role of the
     The ‘Perfect’ Presentation               interactive         Setting objectives            Trainer
                                             Includes group      Presentation skills          Set objectives for specific
For: Professionals and community              work                Learning methods              activities
workers who want to get their                Training pack       Identifying ‘difficult’      Design and implement
message across in an articulate and           provided             behaviours                    programmes
coherent manner                                                   Evaluating training          Using ‘VHF; to Trainer’s
                                                                                                Deliver ‘Perfect’
                                                                                                Provide constructive
                                                                                                Aware of effectiveness of

     COMMUNICATION SKILLS                    Practical           The dynamics of              Acknowledge personal
Put into context at organisation, group       interactive          communication                 and individual
             or team level                    workshop            Active listening              shortcomings
                                             Work sheets         Barriers                     Be aware of how to
For: Managers, Team Leaders and               provided            Styles                        develop a confident voice
individuals who wish to improve their        Hand outs           Breathing control
image – verbally and non verbally             provided

                                                                  Negative and                 Differentiate between
        ASSERTIVENESS                        Practical and        positive affirmations         aggressive, passive and
  Encouraging psychological health            interactive         Learning to say ‘No’          assertive behaviour
                                              workshop            ‘If’ statements              Expressing feelings with
For: Managers, team leaders and              Worksheets          ‘Power’ words                 integrity, honesty and
individuals who wish to express their         provided                                           respect for others
feelings in a positive respectful            Hand outs                                         Using the ‘power’ words
manner                                        provided                                           on a regular basis

                   Nutts Corner Training Centre - 17 Dundrod Road - Crumlin - Co Antrim - BT29 4SR

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                             Mechanical Technologies Training
                                      Health and Welfare Training Courses

              TITLE                        FORMAT                  CONTENT                     OUTCOMES

             MINDOUT                     Interactive,          How Young people         Experience some of the
A positive mental health programme        experiential and       cope                      teaching approaches
      for post primary schools            practical             Is it the same for       Equip individuals working
                                         MINDOUT                Boys and girls?           with young people to
For: Teachers, Youth Workers and          resource and          Dealing with anger        deliver the programme
others who engage with young people       training pack          and conflict             Outline methods of
aged 15 – 18 on a regular basis           provided              Positive self talk        handling stress
                                                                Dealing with             Have opportunities to
                                                                 rejection and             share good practice
                                                                Getting help

    OTHER BESPOKE TOPICS                 Practical and         Evidence based           Giving individuals and
                                          interactive            information on each       groups healthy options
   POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH                 sessions               specific topic
                                         Hand outs
        CARE IN THE SUN                   provided


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