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									LSU Computer Society
Minutes 23/03/06
Date:          23/03/06
Time:          16:00
Location:      Meeting Room, LSU
Quorum:        4 of 6 committee required. 5 Present

1.     Attendance and Apologies
       Present: Sam Hughes (Treasurer), Alec Christie (Chairman), Craig Wright (Secretary), Chris Roddis
       (Organiser), Matthew Kellett (Gaming Officer)and Matthew Walster.

       Apologies Phill Sparks (Tech Officer),

2.     Minutes of the last meeting
       a.      Matters arising
               Library books done.
               Action: Alec put other books on list.

3.     Finance
       £103.35 in grant account, £100 to go out to pay for clothing then account cleared by the union at the end of
       term. £15.20 in cash tin, £564.74 in private account, cheques went out.

4.     Events
       a.      LAN
               Finalise which date to hold it on, we have spoken to Imago and are also looking for other rooms to
               hold it, look into when people have exams so that LAN can be organised at best time.

       b.      i27
               Fully booked so we can’t go now, only 3 people did want to go, looking into others i28 is during the
               summer so preferable go to i29 and use this to advertise the society at the freshers bazaar to get
               more people who would be willing to go so that there is more chance of filling up minibus
               Action: Mathew look into information for i29

       c.      Waffle/Asterisk
                                 th                                                           th
               Any date after 14 March, preferable Tuesday or Wednesday, proposed the 9 may at 19:00 then go
               to the social.
               Action: Mathew to book room preferably the meeting though if a lot more people look as
               though they are coming change the room.

       d.      Bletchley Park
               Minibus not available so would be cars or coach, look into getting petrol back for cars, is about a two
               hour trip, though going with cars there would be insurance issues, possibly look into going via the
               Action: Alec look into insurance.

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LSU Computer Society
Minutes 23/03/06

      e.      Cadburys World with other Socs, after Freshers Bazaar
              Still looking into going with other societies
              Action: Alec look into organising with other socs.

5.    Console Gaming
      A few people interested, consensus is we can cater for it. There was an Xbox LAN last year in Loughborough
      possible hosted by the east midlands Xbox user group. Ask Microsoft about the 360’s then use this to
      advertise society, also look into the GDD at Leeds. Look into putting on console LAN at the LAN’s however if
      the LAN ends up in towers this would be hard to do. We would preferable need two rooms so would be good
      idea to look into using the Charwood leisure centre. Could possibly have one Xbox to use and run some sort
      of tournament on.
      Action: Sam look into booking church halls.
      Action: Mathew look into how to incorporate console into LANs best.

6.    Tech/Web Teams

      For clan we want clan sub domain with different layout to main site, message board, roster for matches,
      server info, team speak info, also linking with user group and member lists from, FAQ, want
      membership list, ability to go from to clans site or vice versa and still be signed in.

      Wiki reorganise menu’s, possibly have menus defaulted to expanded so easier to navigate and easier for
      member to use.

      Website needs to be able to been maintained by new members who may not be as advanced as current
      users. We want/need good website up before freshers bazaar, we want the public to be able to view more
      info and use it to help advertise the society.
      Act: Alec and Phill to have a meeting about the site.

7.    Grant Form and Development Plan
      Same as last week, development plan been read through from when was last done six months ago and
      added ideas from last weeks meeting. Have looked into a price list for the societies hosting from the
      company who waffle deals with, this hosting is at a very good price. Also let the union know we want to be
      consulted in detail about server if they decide they do want to buy it for us, we want direct access to tech
      support from Dell so do not have to go through the union to get support.
      Action: Alec will finish it as soon as he can and then submit it to the union before deadline.

8.    Any other business.
      Pay £100 deposit to clothing company we need invoice off company so we can pay the money out of the
      grant account. Has not yet been sorted fully yet due to logo’s on back and front, there is a set up fee £35 for
      back and £20 for the front, gowns would be stitched £5 extra and £45 set up, total of £23.50 for wargowns.
      Was decided to get wargowns stitched and other clothing screen printed.

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LSU Computer Society
Minutes 23/03/06
      Action: Alec get invoice for stuff with out wargowns then pay deposit before end of term.

      Look to see if its possible to get free access to one night at the union for members if they wear society
      clothing to advertise the union and society.
      Action: Sam to draw up proposal to union.

      Paintball/ Airsoft
      Paintballing sounds good idea though could be in the middle of exams and until time tables are out it will put
      people off deciding. Try seeing how many places we may be able to get for this.

      Leeds gaming day
      £75 for minibus on the day, from interest on the forums quite a few people would be up for it, should be great
      event for members also qualifies as an academic event due to tech talks, talks on physics and career’s talk.
      Action: Alec/ Chris look into booking minibus

Meeting ended: 17:25

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