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					                     Hampshire County Council
                   Physical & Sensory Impairment
                         Reference Group 2

                             RKdia - Horndean
                               11 June 2008

1.   Present
     12 People attended.

     In Attendance
     Amanda Hames (AH) Geoff Woollan (GW) Martin Parker (MP)

2.   Self Directed Support (SDS)
     MP presented a Self Directed Support PowerPoint presentation to the
     group, followed by a session of questions and answers

     Q. What is the effect on benefits? (DLA, AA)
     A. none – There will be a FAB assessment which will assist HCC to
        look at how it assesses for charging. The benefit to individuals will
        be they will get money to spend the way they would like. A
        disadvantage will be that they will have to manage their own money.

     Q. Does this work through Social Services?
     A. Entirely.

     Q. I need a ramp?
     A. If you are eligible for support and a ramp is required. You can use
        money on this.

     Q. Will government national benefits be affected?
     A. No - these will not be affected and also will not affect income tax.

     Q. If a bank account needs to be controlled by an independent person
        – how can a relative be independent?
     A. It would be discussed and, if this is the most appropriate person, we
        are looking at different ways of keeping checks to a minimum. The
        bank statistics need to be monitored. Until we finish the pilot we do
        not know what processes we will use.
        We are also looking at different areas assistants, accounts etc.
    In many relationships, one person is in charge of the money and it
    is formalising this. We have to ensure the individual is protected
    without too many hurdles.

    For example, a 40 year old child is managing a parent’s direct
    payments. There is currently a 1% abuse of direct payments; we
    need to make sure this does not increase.

    MP. If we perceive there is a greater risk, we will review more

    GW. The number of people who abuse remains small but the
    number of people who do not get best use of disability pay is higher.

    MP. We have to monitor risks to make sure we reduce the risk of
    this occurring.

    GW. If a relative rings from a remote location and with good reason
    suggests abuse, we have to enquire.

    We hope for a better relationship by asking what an individual wants
    and we will ensure the outcomes are achieved (ID).
    When we review we will look at the outcomes, if these are not
    achieved. We will look at what else we can do.

Q. Is this money situation covered by a power of attorney?
A. We would look at this favourably this could be discussed and
   agreed, for example:

    GW. An individual with learning difficulties who cannot manage
    processes but can make decisions results in the person with
    learning difficulties making a choice of another individual running a

    In long-term and short-term memory loss there is a pin number
    issue and so banks are happier when such a trust is in place.

    The pilot in Basingstoke has been extended to Christmas if not the
    New Year. We are currently fixing immediate problems and roll out
    will have more changes to make it more robust.

Q. How about a directory of support services?

     A. People will have an understanding in the local areas and we are
        looking at a web based directory and also looking at using an ‘e-
        bay’ type feedback facility

         BBC OUCH (what is this ?) newsletter has a lot of people who will
         look at it and know about services in their area for example
         obtaining football season tickets. It showed an example of a
         member’s husband who went to a day centre.

         Currently social care support payments are not able to be used in
         care/residential homes but this may change.

         Issues from Basingstoke - users should be given choice as they
         may not want to go to a day centre. HCC are planning to keep day
         centre and there are no plans to change in house provision at

     Q. Do care and nursing homes get grants for professional services?
     A. This should be included in fee.

         Hampshire County Council should provide emergency support, but
         the day centre may have to compete into the market. A day centre
         succeeds or fails because of the person running it. Day centres will
         change and personalisation is the key to change. Ultimately at the
         end of the day, the choice lies with the individual.

         The cost of gaining qualifications and undertaking exams makes it
         very difficult to get fully trained staff.

     Q. Can we have someone from the neurological side attend meetings?
     A. Alison Froud is a good person to start with. We will ask her to come
        to the next meeting.

3.   Any other business

        There is an interesting government debate around the issue of
         funding social care in the future. The message coming out is that
         there is a partnership between you, the family and the government.
         MP asked people to read through and comment.

        Southampton Centre for Independent Living – SDS workshops
         around the county invitation was handed out.

        Gosport Access Group has a Braille machine which can be used

          by groups around the county at cost price.

        Very good interpreting computer programme to change written
         words into an audio CD. The company is available at

4.   Date and time of next meeting
     Next meeting date to be advised as soon as possible that will be held in
     September 2008.

     10.40am coffee
     11.00am start


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