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hampshire by sdaferv



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									event timetable – saturday 9 may
Thank you for taking part in the Track & Field       TRACK EVENTS
                                                     T1    10:00   400m Hurdles    U17   M   FINAL
Championships 2009. We hope you have a               T2    10:00   400m Hurdles    U20   M   FINAL
successful and enjoyable day.                        T3    10:00   400m Hurdles    Snr   M   HEATS
Please report to Competitors’ Registration in        T4    10:10   100m            U13   G   HEATS
                                                     T5    10:10   100m            U15   G   HEATS
the Track Room at least one hour before              T6    10:10   100m            U17   W   HEATS
your first event each day so that we know            T7    10:10   100m            Snr   W   HEATS
                                                     T8    10:40   800m            U13   G   HEATS
that you will be competing and track heats can       T9    10:40   800m            U15   G   HEATS
be seeded fairly. Please tell us the numbers of      T10   11:00   200m            U15   B   HEATS
                                                     T11   11:00   200m            U17   M   HEATS
your events to make registration quicker.            T12   11:00   200m            U20   M   HEATS
Track finals will be run at the time scheduled       T13   11:00   200m            Snr   M   HEATS
                                                     T14   11:35   300m            U17   W   HEATS
for the heats if insufficient competitors register   T15   11:45   400m            Snr   W   HEATS
on the day to require heats.                         T16   11:55   2000m Walk      U13   B   FINAL
                                                     T17   11:55   3000m Walk      U15   B   FINAL
FIELD EVENTS                                         T18   11:55   3000m Walk      U17   M   FINAL
F1     10:00      Pole Vault       U17   M           T19   11:55   3000m Walk      U20   M   FINAL
                                                     T20   11:55   3000m Walk      Snr   M   FINAL
F2     10:00      Pole Vault       U15   B           T21   11:55   2000m Walk      U13   G   FINAL
F3     10:00      Pole Vault       U13   B           T22   11:55   2500m Walk      U15   G   FINAL
F4     10:00      Pole Vault       Snr   W           T23   11:55   3000m Walk      U17   W   FINAL
F5     10:00      Pole Vault       U20   W           T24   11:55   3000m Walk      U20   W   FINAL
                                                     T25   11:55   3000m Walk      Snr   W   FINAL
F6     10:00      Pole Vault       U17   W           T26   12:25   400m Hurdles    Snr   M   FINAL
F7     10:00      Pole Vault       U15   G           T27   12:40   3000m           U15   B   FINAL
F8     10:00      Discus           U17   M           T28   12:55   800m            U17   M   HEATS
F9     10:00      High Jump        Snr   W           T29   12:55   800m            U20   M   HEATS
F10    10:00      High Jump        U20   W           T30   12:55   800m            Snr   M   HEATS
                                                     T31   13:15   70m Hurdles     U13   G   HEATS
F11    10:00      High Jump        U17   W           T32   13:25   75m Hurdles     U15   G   HEATS
F12    10:00      Long Jump        U17   M           T33   13:35   80m Hurdles     U17   W   HEATS
F13    11:00      Triple Jump      U15   B           T34   13:50   800m            U13   G   FINAL
F14    11:00      Triple Jump      U15   G           T35   13:50   800m            U15   G   FINAL
                                                     T36   14:00   300m            U17   W   FINAL
F15    11:30      Shot             U15   B           T37   14:05   400m            U20   W   FINAL
F16    11:30      Shot             U13   B           T38   14:05   400m            Snr   W   FINAL
F17    11:30      Javelin          Snr   M           T39   14:10   800m            U13   B   HEATS
F18    11:30      Javelin          U20   M           T40   14:10   800m            U15   B   HEATS
                                                     T41   14:25   200m            U13   B   FINAL
F19    12:00      High Jump        U15   G           T42   14:25   200m            U15   B   FINAL
F20    12:00      High Jump        U13   G           T43   14:25   200m            U17   M   FINAL
F21    12:15      Long Jump        U13   B           T44   14:25   200m            U20   M   FINAL
F22    12:15      Shot             Snr   W           T45   14:25   200m            Snr   M   FINAL
                                                     T46   14:45   2000m S'chase   U17   W
F23    12:15      Shot             U20   W           T47   14:45   2000m S'chase   U20   W
F24    12:15      Shot             U17   W           T48   14:45   2000m S'chase   Snr   W
F25    13:15      Triple Jump      U17   M           T49   15:05   100m            U13   G   FINAL
F26    13:15      Pole Vault       Snr   M           T50   15:05   100m            U15   G   FINAL
F27    13:15      Pole Vault       U20   M           T51   15:05   100m            U17   W   FINAL
                                                     T52   15:05   100m            U20   W   FINAL
F28    13:15      Javelin          U15   B           T53   15:05   100m            Snr   W   FINAL
F29    13:15      Javelin          U13   B           T54   15:30   800m            U17   M   FINAL
F30    14:30      Discus           U15   B           T55   15:30   800m            U20   M   FINAL
F31    14:30      Discus           U13   B           T56   15:30   800m            Snr   M   FINAL
                                                     T57   15:50   100m Hurdles    Snr   W   FINAL
F32    14:45      High Jump        U13   B           T58   15:50   100m Hurdles    U20   W   FINAL
F33    14:45      Long Jump        U15   B           T59   16:00   80m Hurdles     U17   W   FINAL
F34    15:15      Javelin          U15   G           T60   16:05   75m Hurdles     U15   G   FINAL
F35    15:15      Javelin          U13   G           T61   16:10   70m Hurdles     U13   G   FINAL
                                                     T62   16:25   1500m           U17   W   FINAL
F36    16:15      Discus           Snr   W           T63   16:25   1500m           U20   W   FINAL
F37    16:15      Discus           U20   W           T64   16:25   1500m           Snr   W   FINAL
F38    16:15      Discus           U17   W           T65   16:50   3000m           U17   M   FINAL
F39    16:30      Shot             U17   M           T66   16:50   3000m           U20   M   FINAL
                                                     T67   17:10   5000m           Snr   M   FINAL
F40    16:30      Long Jump        Snr   M           T68   17:30   800m            U13   B   FINAL
F41    16:30      Long Jump        U20   M   (v2)    T69   17:30   800m            U15   B   FINAL
event timetable – sunday 10 may
Thank you for taking part in the Track & Field       TRACK EVENTS
Championships 2009. We hope you have                 T70    10:00   400m Hurdles    U20   W   FINAL
another successful and enjoyable day.                T71    10:00   400m Hurdles    Snr   W   FINAL
                                                     T72    10:05   300m Hurdles    U17   W   FINAL
Please report to Competitors’ Registration in        T73    10:15   100m            U13   B   HEATS
the Track Room at least one hour before              T74    10:15   100m            U15   B   HEATS
your first event even if you have already            T75    10:15   100m            U17   M   HEATS
competed on Saturday so that we know that            T76    10:15   100m            U20   M   HEATS
you are competing and track heats can be             T77    10:15   100m            Snr   M   HEATS
                                                     T78    11:00   3000m           U17   W   FINAL
seeded fairly. Please tell us the numbers of         T79    11:00   3000m           U20   W   FINAL
your events to make registration quicker.            T80    11:00   3000m           Snr   W   FINAL
Track finals will be run at the times scheduled      T81    11:20   200m            U13   G   HEATS
for the heats if insufficient competitors register   T82    11:20   200m            U15   G   HEATS
on the day to require heats.                         T83    11:20   200m            U17   W   HEATS
                                                     T84    11:20   200m            Snr   W   HEATS
FIELD EVENTS                                         T85    12:00   400m            U15   B   HEATS
F42    10:00     Hammer             Snr   W          T86    12:00   400m            U17   M   HEATS
                                                     T87    12:00   400m            U20   M   HEATS
F43    10:00     Hammer             U20   W
                                                     T88    12:00   400m            Snr   M   HEATS
F44    10:00     Hammer             U17   W          T89    12:30   800m            U17   W   HEATS
F45    10:00     Hammer             U15   G          T90    12:30   800m            U20   W   HEATS
F46    10:00     Triple Jump        Snr   M          T91    12:30   800m            Snr   W   HEATS
F47    10:00     Triple Jump        U20   M          T92    13:00   1500m           U17   M   HEATS
F48    10:00     Shot               U15   G          T93    13:15   75m Hurdles     U13   B   FINAL
                                                     T94    13:25   80m Hurdles     U15   B   FINAL
F49    10:00     Shot               U13   G          T95    13:30   1500m           Snr   M   HEATS
F50    11:00     Hammer             U17   M          T96    13:45   100m Hurdles    U17   M   FINAL
F51    11:00     Hammer             U15   B          T97    13:55   110m Hurdles    U20   M   FINAL
F52    11:00     High Jump          Snr   M          T98    13:55   110m Hurdles    Snr   M   FINAL
F53    11:00     High Jump          U20   M          T99    14:10   100m            U13   B   FINAL
F54    12:00     Hammer             Snr   M          T100   14:10   100m            U15   B   FINAL
                                                     T101   14:10   100m            U17   M   FINAL
F55    12:00     Hammer             U20   M          T102   14:10   100m            U20   M   FINAL
F56    12:00     Long Jump          Snr   W          T103   14:10   100m            Snr   M   FINAL
F57    12:00     Long Jump          U20   W          T104   14:45   1500m S'chase   U17   M   FINAL
F58    12:00     Long Jump          U17   W          T105   14:55   2000m S'chase   U20   M   FINAL
F59    13:00     Discus             Snr   M          T106   15:05   3000m S'chase   Snr   M   FINAL
                                                     T107   15:20   200m            U13   G   FINAL
F60    13:00     Discus             U20   M          T108   15:20   200m            U15   G   FINAL
F61    13:00     Long Jump          U15   G          T109   15:20   200m            U17   W   FINAL
F62    13:30     High Jump          U17   M          T110   15:20   200m            U20   W   FINAL
F63    14:00     Javelin            U17   M          T111   15:20   200m            Snr   W   FINAL
F64    14:30     Long Jump          U13   G          T112   15:45   400m            U15   B   FINAL
F65    15:00     Shot               Snr   M          T113   15:45   400m            U17   M   FINAL
                                                     T114   15:45   400m            U20   M   FINAL
F66    15:00     Shot               U20   M          T115   15:45   400m            Snr   M   FINAL
F67    15:00     Discus             U15   G          T116   16:00   1500m           U13   B   FINAL
F68    15:00     Discus             U13   G          T117   16:00   1500m           U15   B   FINAL
F69    15:30     High Jump          U15   B          T118   16:15   800m            U17   W   FINAL
F70    16:00     Triple Jump        Snr   W          T119   16:15   800m            U20   W   FINAL
                                                     T120   16:15   800m            Snr   W   FINAL
F71    16:00     Triple Jump        U20   W
                                                     T121   16:30   1500m           U17   M   FINAL
F72    16:00     Triple Jump        U17   W          T122   16:30   1500m           U20   M   FINAL
F73    16:30     Javelin            Snr   W          T123   16:30   1500m           Snr   M   FINAL
F74    16:30     Javelin            U20   W          T124   16:45   1500m           U13   G   FINAL
F75    16:30     Javelin            U17   W          T125   16:45   1500m           U15   G   FINAL

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