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					Here are some simple things that WE can do ……….

Close the doors behind you – keep cold air where you want it – AirCon is
       very expensive, lots of electricity, lots of fuel, lots of CO2

Adjust your AC so that you do not have to keep switching it on and off
  OR as this is Thailand – get used to the heat – keep your windows open

Remove your tie at work – save on the AC – very popular in Japan

Get your parents to install low energy light bulbs as old ones ‘blow’

Recycle everything – glass, metals, paper, plastics – bring them to school
      We are still trying to sort out batteries and printer cartridges!

Use the recycling bins properly – don’t mix waste – someone has to sort it!

Stop accepting those plastic bags – carry your own re-usable cloth bag

Avoid restaurants that use ‘throw-away’ packaging

Don’t throw away old clothes – send them to OXFAM (Charity Shop) or
       NAPO – or give them to your maids to recycle

Buy ‘vintage’ clothes from local Charity Shops in the UK
       maybe someone could set something up in the PTG store

Compost your kitchen scraps and left-overs in a compost heap
     Or learn how to make ‘liquid fertiliser’ as used at BPS

Plant a tree – lots of them if you can – plant a herb garden on the balcony

Plant a bamboo fence around your property
Check energy efficiency of new appliances before you purchase them
      Look for appliances that have a low ‘carbon footprint’

Heat your hot water on the roof – a long length of hose pipe will do it

Insulate your home to keep the heat where you want it – inside OR out

Share transport – use school buses, BTS, whenever possible

Pay bills on-line or at an ATM – less paper, less travel

Shop at your local market – cheaper food, less travel

If you must use a car – keep it well serviced – it will be more efficient
      Lower emissions and lower fuel consumption

You or your driver, plan your journey ahead – avoid right turns where you
      will have to wait – still using fuel

Avoid rapid acceleration and heavy braking – look ahead and move fluidly

If buying a new car – go for lower engine size, diesel, better fuel economy

Hang wet clothes to dry on a line – don’t use a tumble dryer

Don’t leave appliances conveniently on ‘stand-by’ – switch them off

Become a vegetarian – or eat less meat
     raising animals uses more resources – food and energy!

Don’t be just another CONSUMER, do you really need it or are you just
      trying to impress your friends?

Think global – act local – it’s YOUR planet

Do not print out this copy – email it to friends – store it on your desktop!

Send me any good ideas to include on this list:

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