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									Best cure for acne – best acne cure that work

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, which can be caused by many factors.
Acne appears normally on the forehead, the cheeks, chest and back. Severe acne can
leave unsightly scars on the skin. There are many best and permanent cures for acne
available, which are gifted to us by our mother nature.
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Garlic is known well for its anti septic properties. Rubbing raw garlic on acne affected
skin is an effective cure for acne. The garlic can be used as an antiseptic to kill bacteria
on the skin. In order to purify your skin try to eat 3 seeds of raw garlic. The purification of
blood improves oxygen supply to skin cells, which helps skin fight acne better and get rid
of them permanently.

Make a paste of grated orange peel and water; apply this to the acne affected area
every day.
Another best cure for acne is lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into a small
container. Apply this lemon juice on your acne affected skin with the help of cotton.

Apple cider vinegar is an effective and permanent cure for many ailments, including
acne. Try to apply apple cider vinegar (undiluted) to the areas where the acne is.

Take a slice of potato, rub it over your acne affected skin, leave it for approximately 10 to
15 minutes and rinse off with clean water.

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