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					Do you really know where you live?

  1. Why do we find settlements in different places?
  2. Why do settlements change?
  3. How can we make sure settlements change positively?
  4. Where in the city is…?
  5. Here today, gone tomorrow: is the city changing?
  6. Why do we need more houses?
  7. Are urban settlements the same all over the world?
  8. Does everyone in post-apartheid Windhoek now live together?
  9. How can we reduce inequalities in Windhoek and Namibia?
  10. Does where you live symbolise your identity?
  11. What is happening to our rural settlements?
  12. How can we help our rural services to survive?
  13. Can rural services be sustainable?
  14. Is it a waste?
  15. Are you doing your bit?
  16. Is it easy to move within settlements?
  17. Is it easy to move between settlements?
  18. How can we use our industrial heritage?

Why are South America and Africa two parts of the same

  1. What are oceans and continents and what lies below them?
  2. What power do Earth movements have?
  3. Where do earthquakes happen?
  4. Why do earthquakes happen and how do we measure them?
  5. What was the biggest earthquake ever recorded?
  6. How do earthquakes cause tsunamis?
  7. What types of volcanoes and eruptions are there?
  8. Where do we find volcanoes in the world?
  9. Do South America and Africa fit together like two jigsaw pieces?
  10. Why are there earthquakes and volcanoes in the middle of the
  11. What are tectonic plates and where do they start and end?
  12. What happens when one continental plate meets another
      continental plate?
  13. How is the power of the Earth showing through in North and South
      America and Africa?
  14. Why do people continue to live in earthquake zones and near
  15. Can we protect ourselves against earthquakes?
  16. Can we predict hazards from volcanoes?
  17. What are ‘hot spots’ and ‘supervolcanoes’ and should we worry?
  18. How do emergency services work after earthquake and volcano

Why are some countries dry whilst others flood?

  1.   Why does the rain never stop?
  2.   Where does a river start and where does it go?
  3.   What happens in a river?
  4.   What does a river do to the landscape?
  5.   What is a flood?
  6.   Why are some countries wetter than others?
  7.   What is a draught?
  8.   Why are some countries drier than others?
  9.   What are NGOs and what do they do?

What does my area need?

  1.   What does my area need?
  2.   Why do we use different scale maps and plans?
  3.   How do we measure route distances and identify routes on a map?
  4.   How do we give directions?
  5.   How do we accurately locate places and features on a map?
  6.   How do we show the height, gradient and shape of the land?
  7.   How do we use photographs?
  8.   How do we carry out a geographical enquiry?

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