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Durvet                                                                                               VITAMIN E & AD
MANUFACTURED FOR DURVET, INC.                                 -----------------------------------------------------------
  BY AMERICAN VETERINARY PRODUCTS                                              SECTION V. REACTIVITY DATA
MANUFACTURER: AMERICAN VETERINARY PRODUCTS                    -----------------------------------------------------------
  749 S. LEMAY, SUITE A 3-231                                 STABILITY: Stable.
  FORT COLLINS, COLORADO 80524                                  CONDITIONS TO AVOID: Heat, sparks, open flame, moisture,
DATE: September 15, 1993                                          and direct sunlight.
NO.: 370-10, 370-25, 370-62, 371-10, 371-25, 371-62, 384-     INCOMPATIBLE WITH: It is hydrolyzed by moisture in the
  25, 387-25                                                    presence of alkalis or strong acids to free tocopherol
REVIEWED BY: Peter Tyler 9/16/93                                which is then rapidly oxidized by air. Non-oxidizing and
* Not Est. = Not Established                                    non-corrosive to metals.
-----------------------------------------------------------   HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS: May emit toxic fumes of
             SECTION I. MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION                 carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
-----------------------------------------------------------   HAZARDOUS POLYMERIZATION: Will Not Occur.
MATERIAL NAME: Vitamin A D3 E Blend, Vitamin A D3, Vitamin      CONDITIONS TO AVOID: Keep container closed.
  A D3 B12                                                    -----------------------------------------------------------
OTHER DESIGNATIONS: Vitamin E + AD.                                       SECTION VI. HEALTH HAZARD INFORMATION
CHEMICAL FAMILY: Vitamin                                      -----------------------------------------------------------
TRADE NAME: Vitamin A D3, Vitamin A D3 B12; Vitamin A D3 E    EFFECTS OF OVEREXPOSURE: Dizziness, headache, blurred
-----------------------------------------------------------     vision, drowsiness, nausea, fetal abnormalities, bone
             SECTION II. INGREDIENTS AND HAZARDS                pain, cracking and peeling skin, neuritis, elevated serum
-----------------------------------------------------------     calcium and phosphorus, renal failure, hypotension,
INGREDIENTS AND HAZARDS            %          OSHA PEL          narcosis, and central nervous system depression. May
-----------------------------------------------------------     irritate eyes, skin, and throat on contact.
Retinyl Propionate                            Not est.        TARGET ORGANS: Central nervous system, blood, kidneys,
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY: Generally recognized as safe.            skin, gastrointestinal tract.
Retinyl Palmitate                             Not est.        PRIMARY ROUTE OF ENTRY: Eyes, skin, inhalation, ingestion.
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY: Generally recognized as safe.          FIRST AID:
Cholecaliciferol                              Not est.          EYE CONTACT: Flush eyes with copious amounts of water.
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY: LD50 35 mg/kg-oral-rat                     Get medical attention.
(d,l) Alpha Tocopherol                        Not est.          SKIN CONTACT: Wash with soap and copious amounts of
 Acetate                                                          water.
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY: LD50 >48 g/kg-oral-mouse                 INHALATION: Contact a physician.
Ethyl Alcohol                     8.0         1000 ppm          INGESTION: Contact a physician immediately.
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY: LDLO 1400 mg/kg-oral-human             -----------------------------------------------------------
Benzyl Alcohol                    2.0         Not est.             SECTION VII. SPILL, LEAK, AND DISPOSAL PROCEDURES
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY: LD50 1230 g/kg-oral-rat                -----------------------------------------------------------
                        LD50 <50 mcg-eye-rabbit               SPILLS, LEAKS: This is a regulated product (40 CFR 116
BHA, BHT                          0.75        Not est.          RCRA, hazardous substance #D-001). Spills should be
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY:                                          contained, absorbed, and placed in a suitable container.
Cyanocobalamin                    0.05        Not est.          Do not allow discharge into sewer or waterways. SARA
 HAZARD DATA/TOXICITY: LD50 >2000 mg/kg-oral-rat                hazardous substance, reportable quantity = 1 lb.
-----------------------------------------------------------   DISPOSAL: Incinerate in a RCRA licensed facility. Recommend
                 SECTION III. PHYSICAL DATA                     crushing of containers to prevent unauthorized reuse.
-----------------------------------------------------------     Empty containers (1" residue) landfill at RCRA licensed
BOILING POINT AT 1 ATM, DEG. C: No data available.              facility.
VAPOR PRESSURE AT 15 DEG. C mm Hg: No data available.         -----------------------------------------------------------
VAPOR DENSITY (Air = 1): No data available.                          SECTION VIII. SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION
WATER SOLUBILITY AT 20 DEG. C: Dispersible                    -----------------------------------------------------------
SPECIFIC GRAVITY 20/4 C: 0.97                                 RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: Organic mist or vapor respirator.
EVAP. RATE (BuAc = 1): No data avail.                         VENTILATION: Local exhaust or general dilution.
VOLATILES, %: 10-20%                                          PROTECTIVE GLOVES: Rubber gloves.
MOLECULAR WEIGHT: Mixture                                     EYE PROTECTION: Safety goggles
APPEARANCE AND ODOR: Brown liquid with moderate               OTHER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Eyewash.
  characteristic odor.                                        -----------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------          SECTION IX. SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS AND COMMENTS
             SECTION IV. FIRE AND EXPLOSION DATA              -----------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------------   STORAGE & HANDLING INFORMATION: READ AND FOLLOW ALL LABEL
FLASH POINT AND METHOD: 68-73 deg. F                            DIRECTIONS
AUTO-IGNITION TEMPERATURE: 793 deg. F                         Store in cool, dry place (45-60 deg. F). Keep containers
FLAMMABILITY LIMITS IN AIR: % by volume                         sealed when not in use. For veterinary use ONLY. Not for
  LOWER: 3.28%                                                  human consumption.
  UPPER: 9.0%                                                 DOT CLASS: Flammable liquid NOS; UN/NA code 1993, RCRA
EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Dry chemical, CO2, alcohol foam, water     hazardous substance #D-001.
  breathing apparatus and turn-out gear.

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Durvet                                                                   VITAMIN E & AD
Arun Kumar, V.P. Operations                   DATE: 9/17/93
Gene Komer, VP Tech. Affairs                  DATE: 9/17/93
Judgements as to the suitability of information herein for
purchaser's purposes are necessarily purchaser's
responsibility. Therefore, although reasonable care has
been taken in the preparation of such information, American
Veterinary Products, Inc. extends no warranties, makes no
representations and assumes no responsibility as to
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to purchaser's intended purposes or for consequences of its
APPROVED BY: Andrea Cappuzzo
DATE: 03/14/96                        COMPAS Code: 54201161

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