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									                                     The Will Factor
                             A Newsletter from the District 58 Governor Will May
  Issue 3                                                                                   September 2002

To Every Toastmaster Is Given the                         Evaluation Contest.
Power of Choice.                                          Saturday evening you will hear the Districts’ Best
                                                          Humorous Speakers compete in the District 58
I hope every Toastmaster in South Carolina chooses        Humorous Speech Contest.
to attend our District 58 Fall Conference,
October 18-19, 2002, Greenville, South Carolina!      In between the two contests, you will have your
                                                      choice of many varied Education Sessions, plus
Your Conference Committee, Yvonne Reeder, DTM,        keynote addresses, a lively District Council Meeting,
Chairman, has, and is working diligently preparing an and surprises to keep you wanting even more.
event that will be worthy of your attendance. The
speakers and presenter are some of the finest ever    Conference information and registration forms can be
assembled by any professional organization. The       found on the District 58 OUTSTANDING website:
conference was assured success when it was
announced by Toastmasters International that             
International President Gavin Blakey, DTM and his
wife Bea Duffield, ATM would attend. President        Make Your Hotel Reservations Now!
Blakey and Dr. Duffield are from Brisbane,
Queensland, Australia.
                                                      Why now? Because the Conference is the same
Region VIII 2000 International Speech Contest         weekend as the Clemson University Homecoming.
winner, Larry Tucker, ATM, will deliver one of the    Rooms will be in short supply in the Upstate.
three keynote talks. He will be joined by Region VIII
Humorous Speech Contest Winner Jay Nodine and             Hotel reservations information is available on the
President Blake as our keynoters.                         District’s website

Friday, for those who register early, the District is     Winter Toastmaster Leadership
offering a Pre-Conference Seminar, From Speaker to        Institute Moves to Divisions.
Trainer. Rachel Harjes, DTM is the presenter.
                                                          The District Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)
Friday evening, the Palmetto Mastercrafters will host
                                                          (Club Officer Training) for January 2003 will be
a meeting that is guaranteed to entertain. The Mas-
                                                          conducted in the Divisions rather than one location.
tercrafters meeting will be followed by a District wide
                                                          Club Officers can chose the weekend that best suits
talent show. And to round out the evening, there will
                                                          their personal schedule. All three TLI’s count as
be dancing in the hotel pub to live music.
                                                          completing goal #9 in the Distinguished Club
                                                          Program (DCP), providing at least four officers attend
Saturday morning you will have the opportunity to
                                                          training in the July/August 2002 period. Location,
hear a wonderful guest speaker give a speech which
                                                          Day, and Time will be found on the District’s website.
will be Evaluated by the Contestants in the District 58
                                    District 58 Fall Conference
                               Region VIII, Toastmasters International

                                             October 18-19, 2002
                             Holiday Inn-Augusta Road, Greenville, South Carolina

 #      Sign up for:         Price      Full        Saturday         Education    Education
                                     Registration    Only            & Lunch      & Dinner

_____ Registration           $20.00     X               X                X             X
_____ Pre-Conference                    X
_____ Mastercrafters         $35.00     X
_____ Breakfast             $15.00      X              X
_____ Lunch                 $20.00      X              X                 X
_____ Dinner                 $35.00     X              X                 X            X
      TOTAL                         $125.00         $90.00            $40.00       $55.00
      20% Early                       25.00          18.00              8.00        11.00
      Registration Discount.
      Early Discounter              $100.00         $72.00            $32.00       $44.00

Your Home Club Number & Name:

Name:                                                        _____ Vegetarian Meals Requested


Telephone #:

E-mail Address:

                       Please make check payable to District 58 and send to:
                                               Bill May, D-58 LGET
                                               175 Foster Street
                                              Cowpens, SC 29330

 Early Registration postmarked by October 11, 2002 earns a 20% discount for Registration and meals.
 Additionally, the first thirty registration forms with fees that are received by the District earn an added
 value of being registered for the Pre-Conference Seminar.

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