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									Loyola Press to Reach Today’s Technologically Savvy Consumer
by Offering Perennially Popular Book as a Mobile App
For those on the go, mobile apps offer a quick and convenient way to access just about anything
they could possibly need. Since most people could use a little grace and peace in their busy days,
Loyola Press is offering a new mobile app—A Year of Grace-Filled Days: 2010. The app is based
on the Press’s perennially best-selling book A Book of Grace-Filled Days.
Chicago, IL (Vocus) November 29, 2009 -- Every year, the annually updated edition of Loyola Press’s A Book of
Grace-Filled Days is one of the top-selling titles for the Jesuit-owned publishing company. Containing short daily
meditations and Scripture readings that follow the lectionary of the Church year, the book offers readers a few
minutes of grace amid the busyness and stress of daily life. As of November 11, 2009, anyone who owns an
iPhone™ or iPod touch® will now be able to enjoy all the benefits of this inspiring book and much more.

 In addition to the reflections, Scripture readings, and quotations from the readings, the mobile app for A Year of
Grace-Filled Days: 2010 includes 30 different pieces of randomly selected background music, background images
that change monthly, and relaxing color schemes that change seasonally. Among other features unique to the app,
a date button gives the user access to a standard date picker, where he or she can quickly find any date in the
entire year.

 One of the main reasons Loyola Press is releasing this popular book as a mobile app is to ensure that spirituality
remains relevant in today’s fast-changing world. “As a Jesuit ministry, Loyola Press strives to reach all
people—whoever they are, wherever they are—with the message of God’s grace. A Year of Grace-Filled Days:
2010 is one more way we can reach increasingly busy people in an increasingly digital world,” says Paul
Campbell, SJ, vice president of mission and identity at Loyola Press.

 A Year of Grace-Filled Days: 2010 offers a new inspiration each day from October 1, 2009, through December
31, 2010; the current date always appears when the app is opened. While this full version is priced at $4.99, a lite
version is also available for free for anyone who wants to give the app a try before purchasing the full version.
The lite version offers access to seven different selections for 2009, along with two musical background options.
Both the full and lite options are available either at the App StoreSM or at www.loyolapress.com/app.

 A Year of Grace-Filled Days: 2010 is the second mobile app to be released by Loyola Press. In August of this
year, the Press released an app of their popular 3-Minute Retreat, also available at www.loyolapress.com/app and
the App StoreSM.


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