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Date: April 17, 2006

Josie Patterson
(617) 253-4422

Lunchtime Talk – Object Lessons
With Deborah Douglas

Curator of Science and Technology

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Noon – 1:00 pm
MIT Museum
265 Massachusetts Ave, Bldg. N52
Cambridge, MA 02139

Galton's Whistle and Other Amazing Physics
Want to see a scientific instrument that is so rare that only a handful are know to
exist? Last summer a researcher found a French-made version of Galton's whistle (a
small whistle designed to produce tones at the highest frequencies audible to humans and
animals) in a bucket of parts in the backrooms of MIT. Looking around some more, he
discovered several rare scientific instruments used by MIT physics students to study
acoustics during the 19th century.

Now these instruments have been transferred to the MIT Museum, but you can see them
first hand. Markos Hankin and the MIT Physics Demonstration Group will join Deborah
Douglas, curator of science and technology to show you the Galton's whistle, tuning forks,
organ pipes and other interesting pieces of equipment.

Object Lessons takes unusual artifacts from the MIT Museum’s collections out of the
back storeroom to reveal their stories. Presented by the museum’s curators--often in
partnership with MIT faculty, students and researchers—Object Lessons takes place on
the third Wednesday of the month at noon during the academic year.

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