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        Demonstrations   &                                                                          2009
                                                                                                wHistle-stop toUr

         n Rail Training Tank Cars

         n Tank Trucks

         n Emergency Response Equipment

         n Many more exhibits...

         n And It’s Free

Be a part of the TRANSCAER® Whistle-Stop Tour! The Tour
is designed to increase community understanding of
the importance of emergency planning, and to provide                                         september 22 – 26, 2009
local emergency response groups an opportunity to
receive some hands-on training and talk about additional                                    Is your community prepared for a transportation
                                                                                                     hazardous materials incident?
training needs. Demonstrations and presentations will be
focused on rail, truck, and chemical specific information.

The tour offers a wonderful opportunity to help emergency
responders to dialogue about transportation related
topics. These discussions include topics such as Tank Car

recognition and Managing a Hazardous Material Incident.
All are invited to take part in this event.
                                                             Norfolk Southern Corporation

                                                             1200 Peachtree Street, NE
                                                             Atlanta, GA 30309
                                                             Attn: Mike Stiner

                                                       LoCATIon     ConTACT
                                                                                For more inFormation contact –
                                                                                      PhonE              E-MAIL                          RAILRoAd      PhonE          E-MAIL
                                                       Buffalo      Stephanie Burgess 716-713-8281        Bill Oertly   540-981-5965
       september 22, 2009                              Cleveland    Serena Steele     216-348-4392 Mike Connelly 419-483-1450
                 Buffalo, NY
                                                       Toledo       Thomas Jaksetic   419-936-3541   John Lerner   574-296-2215
         Norfolk Southern Bison Yard
              50 Bison Parkway                         Columbus     Darrel Koerber    614-794-0213 John Lerner   574-296-2215
                9 am to 3 pm                           Charleston   Jim Shedd         304-766-7655 x10         Paul Williams 540-855-6942

       september 23, 2009
           ClevelaNd, ohio
          East 55th Street Yard
          4790 Crayton Avenue
             9 am to 3 pm

       september 24, 2009
                Toledo, ohio
         Norfolk Southern Toledo Yard
             343 Emerald Avenue
                 9 am to 3 pm

       september 25, 2009
                ColumBus, ohio
       Norfolk Southern Bulkmatic Facility
               1875 Frebis Avenue
                  9 am to 3 pm

september 26, 2009
      CharlesToN, Wv                         Buffalo
   Morris St & Piedmont Rd
        9 am to 3 pm





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