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									Rx EDGE® Builds Psoriasis Awareness to Boost
Prescription Sales
The Challenge                                                               psoriasis get relief, and noted that in clinical studies nearly half of
                                                                            patients treated showed significant improvement within three months.
Psoriasis is an immune system disorder with no cure that causes dry,        Consumers also were encouraged to visit a website to receive a free
itchy and sometimes painful skin irritation. Patches or plaques of          information kit with product information and tips on how to communi-
raised, reddish skin with white scales usually appear on the elbows,        cate more effectively with a dermatologist.
knees, lower back and scalp. Affected areas some-
times can crack or bleed. The disease flares up            dnarb eht htiw gnikrow retfA      Execution
periodically and goes into remission, and controlling        yek eht etalumrof ot maet
symptoms generally requires lifelong therapy. In                                             After working with the brand team to formulate the
severe cases, the itching and discomfort can make           decalp EGDE xR ,segassem         key messages, Rx EDGE merchandisers placed
it difficult to sleep.                                     -snepsid noitamrofni tcudorp      product information dispensers in 5,300 retail
                                                          .seicamrahp liater 003,5 ni sre    pharmacies. Store management agreed with the
Many of the estimated 4.5 million afflicted with                                             strategy of locating the information in aisles contain-
psoriasis in the United States experience anxiety,
                                                            eht htiw deerga serots ehT       ing hydrocortisone products, such as Cortaid, to
embarrassment and low self-esteem. Though                     eht gnitacol fo ygetarts       reach the target patient audience. The trial program
treatments are available, it is common to think the       -niatnoc selsia ni noitamrofni     ran for six weeks, from late December 2005 to mid
disease is just a dry-skin problem and self treat with    ,stcudorp enositrocordyh gni       February 2006. The graphics featured an attractive,
moisturizing lotions or OTC hydrocortisone products.                                         smiling young couple in a playful embrace. The
Further, the stigma associated with psoriasis makes       eht hcaer ot ,diatroC sa hcus      message was clearly directed to the target audience:
many hesitant to seek medical treatment.                      .ecneidua tneitap tegrat       “Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis? Take one to
                                                                                             learn how you could have visibly clearer skin.”
To help raise disease awareness, the brand team for one psoriasis
medication pursued a strategy to inform and educate the public about        Results
the condition and treatment options. They knew it would be a
challenge to persuade consumers to use a medication that cost               At the conclusion of the trial period, Rx EDGE conducted matched-
significantly more than a typical OTC treatment for a 30-day supply,        panel studies to measure prescription lift attributable to the in-store
and had to be injected. The strategy, therefore, was to motivate            program and gauge return on investment. Two panels (test and
consumers to learn more about the disease and better understand             control) of 148 stores in the CVS chain were established. The panels
the potential benefits of drug treatment                                                                   were matched on total prescriptions
for managing symptoms and bringing            rof selas noitpircserp ,noitaulave keew-31 eht roF           filled, geographic locations and total
long-term relief. At launch, a major         3.7 yb desaercni noitacidem sisairosp elbatcejni eht          prescriptions per week, per store.
internet and television advertising                                                                        During the test period only, Rx EDGE
campaign featuring a professional             eht ,nageb margorp EGDE xR eht erofeB .tnecrep               dispensers were placed in test panel
athlete had yielded disappointing             .egappils selas tnacifingis decneirepxe dah dnarb            stores and not the control stores.
results, so the team turned to Rx EDGE        detartsnomed ylraelc sisylana lenap-dehctam ehT
to develop an in-store promotional                                                                       For the 13-week evaluation, prescrip-
campaign. They had never considered
                                                 gnihcaer ,tcudorp emulov-wol a rof neve ,taht           tion sales for the injectable psoriasis
in-store marketing, but were willing to        tsom era yeht nehw ycamrahp eht ni sremusnoc              medication increased by 7.3 percent.
give it a try to improve disease aware-      gnidliub ni sdeeccus egassem dnarb a ot evitpecer           Before the Rx EDGE program began,
ness and build interest in the product.       kaeps ot sremusnoc gnitavitom ni dna ssenerawa             the brand had experienced significant
                                                                                                         sales slippage. The matched-panel
Program Strategy                                  .noitacidem cificeps a tuoba rotcod rieht htiw         analysis clearly demonstrated that,
                                                                                                         even for a low-volume product, reaching
Rx EDGE and the brand team decided that information about psoria-           consumers in the pharmacy when they are most receptive to a brand
sis should be located in the pharmacy aisles where OTC                      message succeeds in building awareness and in motivating consum-
hydrocortisone-based products are sold. It was believed individuals         ers to speak with their doctor about a specific medication.
with moderate to severe forms of psoriasis would be more receptive
to learning more about the disease and possible treatments they             Overall, the Rx EDGE campaign exceeded the brand team’s expec-
could discuss with their doctors. Use of hydrocortisone instead of          tations, with an average of .5 new prescriptions per store per week.
moisturizing lotion is an indicator that a consumer is experiencing         The 7.3 percent prescription lift generated a total return on invest-
persistent, bothersome itching and other symptoms. The key objec-           ment of $5.00 for every dollar invested in the program.
tive therefore, was to inform pharmacy customers with possible
psoriasis that their condition isn’t just a dry skin problem or rash and    For further information about Rx EDGE solutions, contact Kathleen
they could benefit from a prescription medication.                          Bonetti at 847.879.6036 or kathleen.bonetti@rx-edge.com.

Pamphlets in the Rx EDGE pharmacy shelf display stressed that               866.697.9334
treatment has helped thousands with moderate to severe plaque               www.rx-edge.com

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