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									The Break-Up:
Today we delve into the messy end of a typical Chinese break-up. Despite the fact that it sounds a lot
like one of Echo’s Korean soap operas, this podcast has been inspired by real-life events. We have stories
involving Hong Kong art smugglers, knifed fruit and death threats. We’re sure you’ve got stories too: when
you come to Beijing look us up and we’ll swap them over a beer or two.

All that said, we were a bit torn about how to classify today’s lesson. The Chinese in this podcast is more
difficult than in our typical Elementary lesson, but also easier than our average Intermediate. We finally
settled on Elementary as the vocabulary covers family relationships, pets and children. This is relatively
basic stuff, but don’t worry if you find it a bit challenging given the emotions involved, and the fact that
plates are probably being flung through the air during the dialogue.

Text :
                     uy` ı ¯ ˇ
                    b` ao l´kai wo
                    Don’t leave me.
                    nˇ f`   ˇ
                     ı angshou           ı ` ¯ ` an
                                        y¯qie dou tai wˇ le
                    Let go of me, it’s all too late.
                     ı ou
                    nˇ zˇ le         ´       ¯ ı      ´ ´ ` ¯
                                    zanmen jia M¯mi shei lai wei a
                    If you go, who will feed the cat?
                     ı    ˇ ¯ `       ı
                    j`de gei ta wei sh´
                    Remember to feed it.
                     ` ´
                    na haizi ne
                    What about the child?
                     ´     ¯ `     ¯ ao `
                    haizi ta geng xuy` baba
                    The child needs her father more.
                     ¯ e ¯ ao ¯      ´ ` ˇ ¯
                    ta yˇ xuy` mama lai weinai a

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                 She also needs her mother to nurse.
                  ı ˇ ´      ` `
                 nˇ shaolaizhetao          ´   ´     ¯    `    ` ´
                                          zan haizi dou shang daxue le
                 Stop with this nonsense. Our child is already in university.

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Vocabulary :

                                l´ ai                 to leave
                                f`ngshˇuo             to let go
                                y¯ e                  everything
                                M¯  ımi               Mimi
                                z´nmen                we
                                w`ie                  to feed
                                j`                    to remember
                                    a a e a
                                shˇo l´i zh` t`o      enough of this non-
                                sh´ı                  food
                                 u a
                                x¯y`o                 to need
                                  e a
                                w`inˇi                to breast-feed
                                   a   a e
                                sh`ng d`xu´           to attend university

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