South store party tray menu by forrests


									             mcallen, texas 78501
             tel. 956-682-8737
             fax 956-631-4012                      city
                 party trays                                                     boxed lunches
               fresh fruit platters                                                   city deli boxes
      pick of the season...beautifully arranged                    contains your choice of our roasted turkey, honey ham or
     10-12 25.00 20-25 55.00 35-40 80.00                           chicken salad sandwich with crispy lettuce and tomato,
                  crudite platter                                       on wheat or sourdough slice with homemade
  fresh veggies with your choice of homemade dip                          potato salad and cookie utensils included
     10-12 25.00 20-25 50.00 35-40 70.00                                                     6.95
                 italian antipasto                                                  deluxe deli boxes
sliced meats and cheeses, fresh relishes & garnishes             contains your choice of any city deli or specialty sandwich
                 large only 85.00                                with crispy lettuce, cheese, and tomato made on croissant
       cheese tray with fruit garnish                                 french roll or wrap with homemade potato salad
assorted cheese artfully arranged with fruit & berry                            and cookie utensils included
     garnish served with crackers and bread                                                  7.95
   10-12 39.50 20-25 75.00 35-40 99..00                                              city salad boxes
                   prepared brie                              gr chicken spinach , chicken caesar, or garden salad w/ shredded
en croute (puff pastry), grilled, or with fruit preserves                  turkey homemade crostini and cookie
     garnished served with crackers and bread                                               8.95
      one kilo 65.00 (serves approx. 20-25)
                 tea sandwiches                                               office lunch menu
a wonderful assortment of homemade chicken salad,
    tuna salad, & cream cheese and cucumber                                    city deli sandwich platter
            on white and wheat bread                               chicken salad, roast turkey, or honey ham on wheat and
      30 pieces 25.00 60 pieces 39.00                               sourdough bread, topped with crispy lettuce and fresh
                                                                  tomato sandwiches are cut in half and are accompanied
                  shrimp platter                                                    by mayo and mustard
 fresh boiled shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce
                                                                                      10 people 65.00
             and fresh lime (21-25 count)
                                                                                      15 people 97.50
   assorted sizes available $24.00 per pound
                                                                                     20 people 120.00
           chicken or beef skewers                                            specialty sandwich platter
       marinated chicken or beef skewers with
                                                               like our city deli, sandwiches are made on large butter croissants
                   dipping sauce
                                                                  french rolls and wraps, with crispy lettuce, sliced tomato and
       1.75 each (minimum 36 pieces)                                   cheese cut in half with mayo, mustard and pickles
              turkey pinwheels                                                          10 people 77.50
fresh turkey, avocado, cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce,                                 15 people 107.00
    and sprouts wrapped in a jumbo flour tortilla                                      20 people 140.00
           10-12 30.00 20-25 47.00                                        non traditional sandwich platter
                    quesadillas                              ciabatta bread stuffed with honey ham, hard salami, shredded lettuce
  grilled chicken, fresh spinach, cheese and pico de        tomatoes,cheese & a thin layer of olive tapenade and city’s vinaigrette
  gallo in a toasted flour tortilla & homemade salsa                                 hot or cold cut in half
              10-12 37.50 20-25 60.00                                                    10-12 50.00
      chicken salad on mini croissant                                                    20-25 95.00
our famous made-with-chicken-breast chicken salad                           specialty sandwich luncheon
                per piece 3.60                                    assorted wraps and specialty sandwiches with choice of
                 silver dollar rolls                             potato salad or pasta salad, fresh fruit and cookies on buffet
   fresh baked rolls with ham & cheese, turkey &                       style trays with disposable dishes and utensils
          cheese & roast beef and cheese                                              11.00 per person
      20 pieces 47.50 40 pieces 87.50                                           deli sandwich luncheon
            specialty salads platter                          same as above but with roasted turkey breast and cheese, honey
    your choice of any combination of our pasta,                ham and cheese, or citys famous chicken salad sandwiches
                potato or side salads                                               10.00 per person
               by the pound 8.25
                    cookie trays
   homemade oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and
                  peanut butter                                                            extras
      30 pieces 25.00 60 pieces 42.00                                     cup of soup         3.25     bowl      3.75
            available chocolate dipped                                    cup of fruit                           3.95
            2901 nor th 10th                         
            mcallen, texas 78501
            tel. 956-682-8737
            fax 956-631-4012

                      city’s office lunch and party packages

                         to busy to leave the office?
                    let city cater your next office meeting,
                    office birthday party, or casual lunch!!

                     we’ll bring the food, drinks, plates,
                   untensils even the cake!! (cakes priced
                         seperately call for details)

             *dropped off at your office or place of business!!

                         packages for 5, 10, 15 or 20 guests

          pastas                            salads                     sandwiches

choose from:                       pt chicken salad    10.00      choose from:
  spicy southwest pasta            pt texas style      11.25        turkey and cheese
  chicken pasta primavera          qt. chicken salad   20.00        ham and cheese
  pasta marinara                   qt. texas style     21.25        chicken salad
                                   pt. tuna salad      11.25
comes with:                        qt. tuna salad      22.50      comes with:
  small tossed salad                                                homemade potato salad
  fresh bread, paper plates,       pt potato salad      4.00        kosher pickle spear
  utensils, napkins                pt pasta salad       4.00        untensils, napkins and
                                   qt potato salad      8.25        cookie
                                   qt pasta salad       8.25
for 5:           40.00                                            for 5:        37.50
for 10:          75.00             whole quiche        17.95      for 10:       70.00
for 15:         107.50                                            for 15:      100.00
for 20:         140.00             pint soup            6.95      for 20:      135.00
                                   qt soup             12.95

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