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									Dealing with the Upset Customer

How do you deal with upset customers? Are you intimidated? Concerned?
Confused about why they’re upset? This interactive workshop will show you how
to deal with your own reactions to upset customers, how to calm them and
discover what they want. You will learn how to turn upset customers into
satisfied, loyal customers. Gain confidence, improve your service standards and
have happier customers after participating in this workshop. Upset customers are
a part of every business. If they are dealt with promptly and professionally they
will become some of your most loyal customers.

Objectives: After completing this workshop participants will be able to:
  ● Know how to listen under tense circumstances
  ● Empathize with the customer
  ● Be able to compose yourself and retain your composure during the
  ● Understand the difference between repeat customers and loyal customers

Who will benefit:
  ● People who have to provide customer service – in person or over the
  ● Sales people
  ● Receptionists
  ● Managers and those who supervise customer service employees
  ● Anyone who deals with unhappy customers

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