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Kreecher Party Invite landscapeindd


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									              Hosted by MyBrand Forever, Creative Kidstuff, Manhattan Toy,
INTRODUCING   Richelle Huff, Albi and Walker Albinson

              Saturday, Nov 14, 2009
              8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
              Creative Kidstuff Store
              1665 West End Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55416

              Please come and join us for the introduction of a new project
              invented by Richelle J. Huff and Walker Albinson. We want
              to have everyone come celebrate our new Kreecher Family
              and toast their arrival. All 10 Kreechers want to meet you.
              Blanche, Hank, Mildred, Eugene, Floyd, Herman, Irene,
              Beatrice, Stanley, and of course Walker want to show you
              what they are made of, even if it is old socks and scarves.

              The Creative Kidstuff store will be holding a special
              Kreecher Klub opening for the general public with mad
              scientists and activities from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

              From 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm come join us for bubbly and Kreech-
              er KupKakes. The Kreecher family is a wacky mixed up group
              that is all about fun.

              Check them out at to know more
              about each of them and where they came from.

              This event is being held in the brand spanking new Creative
              Kidstuff store located in the new retail venue, The Shops at
              West End in St. Louis Park, on the east side of Park Place,
              just south of 394 and across the street from Costco.

              Please RSVP to so we can
              confirm the Champagne needs!!!

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