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Bespoke engagement_ wedding _ eternity rings Marrying traditional


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									The new luxury is having something unique, made
for you. Spending time with experts in their field
making something beautiful and absolutely personal.      Bespoke engagement,
Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design is Britain’s leading
bespoke jewellery design company. We specialise          wedding & eternity
in bespoke engagement, wedding and eternity rings,
which are designed in collaboration with each
customer and made by hand in our tudor barn in
the Hertfordshire countryside.

Whether people have £1000 or £50,000 to
spend, we make sure each one comes out with the
perfect piece for them. Our studio is in a tudor
barn in glorious countryside, and part of the
experience is meeting the craftsmen who handmake
your ring, watching them at work if you’d like,
and spending the time with our award winning
designers to really engage with the how and why
of each detail.

Each ring we design is unique - it’s so much richer
than just offering mass produced casts from a
catalogue which is what many bespoke jewellers do.

About Harriet
Harriet made her first ring at her father’s knee
aged four, and went on to study Industrial Design
with a side order of jewellery. She started her
professional life managing large engineering projects,
but the lure of the tiny and intricate was too strong,
and she started doing bespoke appointments over
her kitchen table, making the jewellery in her
spare room.                                              Marrying
Ten years and many awards later, she leads a team
of six designers, five goldsmiths and a stone setter.
                                                         traditional hand
Young designers are helped to develop and
apprentice gold smiths are trained in-house to           making skills with
pass these important skills along to a new
generation.                                              contemporary design
Before putting pencil to paper, we spend a lot of      We hear lovely human interest stories each week
time with each person or couple. We talk through       as we meet people – the astronomer who designed
their wishes, and look to understand the personal      a moonstone ring for his beloved, an aquamarine
milestone they are commemorating, whether it’s an      ring with a setting inspired by waves for a girl who
engagement, a ring to celebrate the birth of a child   loves the water. Even the woman who melted down
or something more out there. What we do is all         all the gold jewellery her cheating partner had given
about designing for the people who commission          her after their split and had it made into a new
the ring, not for us. We start from scratch with       ring to symbolise her freedom. We have a massive
each person, and design and handmake the right         collection of these inspiring human interest stories
ring for them at the budget they have set. Each        so get in touch if that’s your thing.
ring is unique.
We are becoming known for sourcing and using            We are at the forefront of finding real solutions to
unusual gemstones, and cultivate relationships with     the ethical problems of the jewellery industry - not
some interesting small dealers who deal directly        just only buying diamonds from Canada so we can
with mines throughout the world. This also gives us     call ourselves Ethical, and abandoning the producers
the ability to trace the origin of gemstones, which     in developing countries who are doing a good job.
is important in our quest to be ethically responsible
jewellers.                                              We source gemstones and metal individually for
                                                        each ring, and find the perfect ones for each client,
                                                        whether it is a fair trade gemstone in a particualar
                                                        shade of green, or the largest, sparkliest diamond
                                                        they can fit on their finger.

                                                        Business in the countryside
                                                        Our main showroom is in a converted tudor barn
                                                        in Hertfordshire countryside. If you come visit you
                                                        can meet our designers and makers and see them
                                                        at work.
                                                        We also have a shop in the cobbled streets of
                                                        Cambridge, as an alternative venue for design
                                                        appointments and our ready-to-wear jewellery
                                                        brand Purple Label (also hand made inhouse).

                                                        We’d love to share our research with you
Actively seeking                                         • into the nuances of making jewellery ethically
                                                        while not abandoning beauty and luxury.

ethical solutions                                         • into beautiful and unusual gemstones, where
                                                        they are from, the stories behind them and the
                                                        interesting ways we’ve used them
Ethics                                                   • into keeping traditional handmaking and craft
Jewellery is special and no one wants to think of       skills alive in this country.
their ring having financed wars or terrorism, or
contributing to despoiling pristine parts of the
world. We’ve been working quietly towards more
ethical fine jewellery for the life of the company.
We were founder members of the Council for
Responsible Jewellery Practices and are actively
seeking real, workable solutions to the ethical
problems inherent in the jewellery industry.
We believe that the way we design and make
jewellery by hand, in one place, under our own
roof, is part of the solution – conversations
between designer and maker can take place by
walking across a room, not getting on a plane, and
customers can verify working conditions are good
by popping their heads into the workshop if they
visit during the week. We know exactly how
everything is made, and each ring involves dialogue
between designer and maker.
The process of making jewellery
by hand is beautiful
                                    photography by Sophia Schorr-Kon www.sskphotography.co.uk

For all enquiries please contact:

Sophie Sampson
Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design
North Barn, Fairclough Hall
Halls Green, Weston,
Hertfordshire SG4 7DP
01462 790565
07870 604 420

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