Applications for Jewellery Making using Gemstones

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					Applications for Jewellery Making using Gemstones
The inclusion of gemstones into your jewellery making is much easier than many people think. A vast array of semi precious and precious stones exist
that can perfectly compliment any piece of jewellery - from earrings to broaches, rings, necklaces and bracelets. The only thing limiting you is your
imagination and perhaps a little basic knowledge, which can be easily learned through either jewellery making classes, textbooks and a little trial and

The raw materials have been graciously provided by the earth and come in a rainbow of colours. Throughout history, mankind has used gemstones in
jewellery making from the earliest use of semi precious gemstones turned into beads to the most expensive diamonds gracing the crowns of kings and
queens. Gemstones can be the focal point of a piece of jewellery or alternatively they can be used to enhance a design in precious metal to
compliment the intricate work and add a ‘sparkle' to the piece.

The easiest way to incorporate gemstones into your work is to use gemstone beads, which are ready-drilled and of a uniform size and shape. Simply
stringing them together with alternate silver spacers or other beads makes a quick and easy necklace that can look stunning worn with the right outfit.
The most popular type of gemstone used in this application is turquoise, although alternatives such as a the deep, cobalt blue of Lapis Lazuli or green
peridot can work just as well. Why not try combining beads made from different gemstones to create a graded effect - from light blue to deep blue for

Gemstones, both precious and semi precious, are often used in ring settings and creating a gemstone ring is much easier than beginners think.
Jewellery suppliers stock a wide range of different ring settings in silver and gold as well as cabochons (shaped semi precious oval stones) that will fit
standard settings. The gemstones you select can be of particular significance - a birthstone, perhaps - or they can just be ones that catch your eye.
You don't have to use precious gemstones - the toffee coloured stripes of Tiger's Eye makes a beautiful and budget busting choice and if polished can
have a subtle beauty unmatched by many other more expensive gems.

Necklaces allow you to let your imagination run wild. A mesh of links can incorporate tiny garnet beads, giving a ‘net' effect that adds an air of
sophistication to any evening dress. Although not strictly a gemstone, amber is always a hugely popular choice in jewellery making. The warm, honey
colour of amber has a depth that is unmatched by harder stones and works particularly well with silver. It is also relatively cheap in comparison to other
precious gemstones and can be easily worked (although it is quite a soft material and can scratch easily, so care has to be taken when working with
amber). Teaming up a simple but striking modern necklace design with a pair of matching earrings gives you the opportunity to create an overall effect
of luxury and elegance.

Gemstones have never lost their popularity and although fashions change and some stones fall in and out of favour, there are always plenty of
different stones to experiment with when creating your own, unique jewellery designs. They can be used for the smallest project - a simple pair of drop
earrings - or a matching set incorporating a ring, bracelet, earrings and necklace. As said earlier; the only thing that limits you is your own imagination.
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