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					Mio Culture | Origami Side Table

If you’re constantly on the move and live in small spaces or just like having furniture that can come
together in a moment’s notice, this is one table that you might want to consider unfolding. The Origami
Side Table by Mio Culture comes delivered in a completely flat box and requires no tools for assembly.
Don’t kid yourself though, these handsome pieces are as equally sturdy and are made from a single
laser-cut and slotted sheet of steel.

The Origami Side Table actually comes in two pieces, one being the resulting negative piece of the other.
We love it for its ability to be compact and the amount of waste that isn’t created from creating and
shipping; you may love it for its versatility from a bedside table to an addition to your living room or the
lobby of your workspace this foldable wonder is a great addition for those looking for something a little
unique to put their stack of design magazines on.

:: Origami Side Table, $185.00 :: available online at MioCulture