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					Reprint List

Please e-mail me the name of the couple who were married and your password. I will
also need the image number and quantity for each image. Keep in mind these images
are low resolution, therefore not as sharp. A lab print will be of much higher quality.

For example:
Shannon and Greg’s wedding
Password: Telluride
Order: 5 4x6s of Picture 7
1 8x10 of Picture 25
2 5x7 of Picture 16

Allow four to six weeks for delivery. Please notify me if there is a need for a rush
order. All orders must be prepaid with a check or money order. Make check payable
                                            Rachel Pfotenhauer
                                            27033 Road T.5
                                            Dolores, CO 81323

Pricing for Reorders

Color Prints

Wallets                $1.50 each (min. order of six wallets)

4x6 print              $6.00 each

5x7 print              $10.00 each

8x10 print             $18.00 each

Water color print      $25.00 each

Black and White prints

4x6 print              $6.00 (only available with black border)

5x7 print              $15.00

8x10 print             $20.00

Shipping Costs
If you order:            Shipping Cost

$10.00 or less           $3.00
$11.00-25.00             $4.00
$26.00-40.00             $5.00
$41.00-60.00             $6.00
$61.00-75.00             $8.00
$76.00-100.00            $10.00
$101.00-150.00           $12.00
$150.00 and above        $15.00

Custom albums are available upon request.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Reprint images may look a little different from original
images. This is due to a change in labs.