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									                          Hooks to Holdings
                          with booksinprint.com & globalbooksinprint.com
                                Enables you to search your library’s catalog
                                    For libraries that have Z39.50 compliant catalogs with
                                      ISBN, ISSN, LCCN or Title Search capabilities.

This feature enables library staff members and/or patrons to see if a title they’ve found in booksinprint.com or global-
booksinprint.com is located in their library. First, the license administrator must establish a profile (see below for
easy instructions). Once the profile is created, users simply highlight the title and click on Search My Library’s Catalog
in booksinprint.com or globalbooksinprint.com. If a library has a consortium account and has several catalogs, users
can choose which catalog to search.
When users select a title, they arrive either at a drop down menu that lets them choose a catalog (if more than one is avail-
able) or at a screen that lists the library's holdings for that title. Users can view search results in a List, in the Full
Description format, or in MARC21 format—simply by clicking a tab.This enhancement offers benefits to everyone using
your subscription.
For Professionals
j Collection Development—search booksinprint.com by subject, or search for award winners, titles with reviews... then
  easily check Hooks to Holdings to verify which titles you own and which ones you should purchase.
j Acquisition—Quickly check if a book has been ordered, or if it is frequently out and needs multiple copies.
For Patrons
j Search the full breadth of booksinprint.com remotely or in the library, and then see if the library has the book you need.
j E-mail a list of books to reserve, or a request for titles that are needed—right from booksinprint.com to the library.
OCLC and WorldCat
NOW you can link to the holdings of libraries across the country through a new seamless link to OCLC’s WorldCat.

How to Establish a Profile:
Your License Administrator will need to do the following:
(1) Click on MY ACCOUNT on the top navigation bar.
(2) Click on the Detailed Account Information link and log on using the license administrator user name and password.
(3) On the new page that appears, click the link for create or modify your Z39.50 Catalog Profile for Hooks to Holdings
   (Search My Library's Catalog) Profile.
How to Establish a Profile, cont.
(4) Complete the profile page. If you are
   unfamiliar with the settings of your
   catalog, please check with your tech-
   nical services manager. For consor-
   tium accounts with multiple catalogs,
   select the NEW PROFILE button
   to create additional profiles.

If you need additional help please call
Bowker Technical Support at 1-800-

Once a profile is saved, users can select
Search My Library's Catalog on the
Search Results page, Full Description
area and its tabs, and the Lists area to
launch a search of their catalog.

Currently, booksinprint.com searches
Z39.50 compliant catalogs that allow
remote searching on ISBN, ISSN,
LCCN or Title Search.

Here you determine how precise or
“fuzzy” you would like the searches run
against your OPAC to be. If you only
wish to search on ISBN, leave the
optional fields (ISSN, LCCN, Title)
blank. However, if you want to better
match the “work” regardless of format
(ex: hardcover, soft cover, etc.) include
these additional fields in your profile.

j From the SEARCH RESULTS screen:
Once you’ve retrieved results from a search on booksinprint, you can then search your catalog
by selecting the “search my libraries catalog” link.You can search up to five titles at a time.

                                                                               After you’ve selected the titles and
                                                                               then hit Search My Library’s Catalog
                                                                               you will be prompted to Select a
                                                                               Catalog from a drop down menu. If you
                                                                               have only one catalog you will receive a
                                                                               screen that lists the library’s holdings for
                                                                               that title.

                                                                         jFrom the FULL DESCRIPTION screen:
                                                                         You'll arrive at a screen like the one here giving
                                                                         you information about the title listing(s) available
                                                                         from the library catalog you selected. Note that
                                                                         the amount of information retrieved depends
                                                                         upon your automation vendor. Not all systems
                                                                         provide status of holdings information.
jFrom within a LIST:
Select the titles (up to 5) that you wish to search against your catalog.
Then select Search My Library’s Catalog from within the Select an
Item Action drop down box, and follow the same procedure outlined
on the preceding page.

First, contact your account’s License Administrator. (To find out who your License Administrator is, simply select the
MY ACCOUNT button on the top navigation bar.)
If a "Hooks to Holdings" profile was created, the License Administrator should verify that the profile information was
filled out completely and correctly.We strongly suggest that License Administrators review this profile information with
their Z39.50 staff expert or library automation vendor. If the profile information is correct, there may be several rea-
sons why the search does not work:
    • The local server at the library could be down, busy, or experiencing heavy use.
    • The local catalog may not support ISBN remote database searching.
    • Records chosen to search do not contain ISBN numbers.
    • The port number in the profile is not an accessible port number.
    • The site is experiencing heavy use, creating response time delays.

  For more information, please call our technical support line at 1-800-323-3288.

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