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					                                                            Garwitz to obtain information. Primary

            “The Buzz”
                                                            elections will be held on April 18.
                                                            Candidate speeches will be held on April
Vol. III, Issue 31             April 11, 2008               24th with elections on April 25th.
We, the family of Sts. Joachim and Ann, have as our
foundation the teachings of Jesus Christ. In
partnership with parents, the primary educators of their
children, we strive to foster educational excellence and    To two of our 8th grade students
growth of mind, body and spirit. We call forth the          Finalists for the Respect Life Creative
unique gifts and talents of our students to be of service
to the community and our world.                             Writing Contest.
                                                            Papal Visit
What an honor!                                              On April 15th, Pope Benedict XVI will visit the United
Six of our students sang at the                             States. In honor of his visit and his 81st birthday
St. Louis Archdiocese Fine Arts Night                       (April 16th), we are joining other schools in the
at the Fabulous FOX Theatre. These                          Archdiocese to pledge voluntary acts of service for
students, along with hundreds of other                      the pontiff. You will see our “Birthday Blessing
Catholic school students from across the                    Bouquet” begin to form in the hallway as we track
Archdiocese, displayed their talents and                    our service hours. As a school, each classroom is
the quality of the fine arts programs in                    adopting a portion of the school grounds to maintain
our Catholic schools.                                       and improve our school environment. You may wish
                                                            to encourage your child to do additional service to
Save the Date                                               be added to the class totals.
Don’t forget to save the date for our
Volunteer Appreciation Day, May 9.                          *******Free Dress Day*******
We love to honor our volunteers!                            Parents will receive a free dress pass for
Beginning with Mass and continuing                          their children when they attend the
with a reception, join us as we celebrate                                 PTO Meeting,
YOU and all the hard work and effort                                Thursday, April 17, 2008
you put into the many events, activities,                                from 7PM-9PM
and daily routine of our school.                            Sara Sprock is our guest speaker and
                                                            will be talking with parents about
                                                            “School Culture Begins at Home—the
        Prayer Corner                                       impact of bullying on families, schools,
Please pray for those who are sick:                         and communities.” JOIN US!
Mrs. Angie Terry, Mr. Banas,
Mr. Charles Korf, Mrs. Madeline Ruether,                    Sixth Grade Camp
Mrs. Helen Crismon, Mrs. Jackie Hoener,                     Camp was a great experience for all of
Please pray for those who have died:
Mrs. Beverly Szymanski, mother of Jean                      us. I truly enjoyed my time working,
Gregory                                                     playing, and praying with the sixth

Student Council                                             Fr. Gahan’s Fortieth Anniversary
Campaigning begins next week. If                            of his ordination is planned for May 10th.
students are interested in running for one                  It will begin with the 5:00PM Mass and
of these leadership roles in our school,                    follow with a dinner sponsored by the
they should contact Ms. Bolton or Mrs.
Men’s Club. In honor of his                  Dates to Remember:
anniversary, the parish is putting           Saturday-Sunday, April 12-13
together a memory book. You will be          First Communion Weekend
asked as a family to complete a page that
can be bound into the booklet. The           Monday, April 14
school children will be creating a class     Student Council campaigning begins
page to add to the book. We will be
asking students to share some of their       Tuesday, April 15
                                             Pope Benedict XVI first USA visit
memories of Fr. Gahan.                       Uniform shorts may be worn
                                             Teddy Bear Tea Party
Spring Picture Proofs                        8th Grade Culver’s Night; 5:00-10:00PM
were sent home. Please return
                                             Wednesday, April 16
proofs/orders by Tuesday, April 15.          Pope Benedict XVI birthday
If you choose not to order, please           Etiquette Dinner for Grade 8
sign your child’s envelope so that
Inter-State Studio knows you have            Thursday, April 17
seen them. If your child returns             PTO Meeting; 7PM; cafeteria
proofs by the deadline with a                Talent Show Tryouts
parent’s signature, even if they aren’t
ordering, Inter-State will enter their       Friday, April 18
name in a drawing for an Apple iPod          All School Mass
Shuffle.                                     Stewardship Day
                                             8th Gr. Spaghetti Dinner - Café. 4-7PM
        Grade Boys’
The Sixth

And Eighth grade Boys’
Basketball Teams took first place in their
division in the CYC District tournament
                                             Thank you to the following
                                             families for their donations of the prizes
and are heading to the Archdiocesan
City/County playoffs.                        for the Egg Roll:
                                             The Walls Family
                                             The Dobbs Family
Summer Camp
                                             The Kinsella Family
Offerings                                    The Roth Family
Flyers for Duchesne Summer Sports            The Buchheit Family
Camps and St. Louis Soccer Club              The Buchholz Family
Summer Camps are available in the
office if you are interested.

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