Dance Recital and Theatre Portraits by forrests


									   Dance Recital and Theatre Portraits                            Portrait Packages                                      Portrait Order Form
                                                                                                                                         Tap Monday 4:30
 We are photographing our students for group                  Class Portrait - $12.00***                Package Price Quantity Total Class Day and Time
pictures to hang in the studio during the week of                     One 8x10
May 29th through May 31st. We will also be                                                               Class Portrait $12.00   ______   ______ ________________
photographing those students who wish to have             Individual Pose Portrait A - $18.00
individual pictures during that same time. The                        Two 5x7’s                         Individual A $18.00 _______ ________ ________________
studio will be closed on Memorial Day. We will
                                                          Individual Pose Portrait B - $25.00           Individual B $25.00 ________ ________ ________________
photograph the Monday classes on Thursday,
May 31st during their normal time slot. For                           Two 5x7’s
                                                                                                        Individual C $25.00 ________ _________ _______________
instance, the 4:30 Monday class will have their                      Eight Wallets
pictures taken on Thursday at 4:30.                                                                     Individual D $30.00 _________ _________ _______________
                                                          Individual Pose Portrait C - $25.00
 During that week, come to your regular class                        One 8x10                          Additional Item _____ _________ _________ ______________
in full makeup, just as you would for the recital.                    Two 5x7’s
No glitter makeup please. It does not
photograph well. Make sure you bring all                  Individual Pose Portrait D - $30.00               Grand Total_______________________
costumes and shoes used for that class.                                One 8x10
                                                                      Two 5x7’s
 Cast Pictures for the Theatre Company,                             Eight Wallets
High School Musical, will be taken during dress
rehearsal on May 3rd. We will not be doing             New Additional Items Priced Separately**
individual portraits for the Theatre Company.             5x7 Photo Statuette—1person---$25.00
                                                                                2 people--$30.00
 A Picture CD of the Musical will be                                   3 or more people--$35.00
available to purchase for $35.00. This CD will       The 2,3 or more can be of all the same person in
contain approximately 200 pictures from the          different poses. They will be all on one stand.        Student’s Name__________________________
dress rehearsal performance for you to make                             One 3 Inch Button---$5.00
prints, enlargements, mousepads, screensavers,                   Two or more Buttons---$4.50 each           Phone Number___________________________
etc…Due to the numerous requests, you can also
order CDs of the previous plays: HONK; Into          Picture CD of Musical Theatre Performance              Parent’s Email___________________________
the Woods; and How to Succeed in Business.                               $35.00
                                                                                                            Parent’s Signature________________________
                                                     * All Individual Pose Portrait Packages include
                                                     one pose only.
                                                     ** These items can only be purchased in                Please make check payable to Lori Simendinger
                                                     addition to the portrait packages.                     and bring it with you if you wish to order portraits
                                                     *** When you purchase any Individual Portrait          for yourself. If you have any questions, please call
                                                     Package or the Photo CD, you can add an 8x10           Lori Simendinger at 341-9086.
                                                     Class Portrait for an additional $8.00.
                                                                                                                                  Thank you!

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