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					They hear the Word.

                     All over the world, people are hearing the Good
                     News from the Ambassador, a solar-powered
                     handheld audio player by MegaVoice.
                     Read first-hand testimonies from around the
                     world from those who are working among the
                     non-literate and unreached.
“It feels like the missing
connection between our                           Audio New Testaments – along with the Story of Jesus audio, God’s Story audio, and other audio messages from the Bible – are
work of Bible translation,                       loaded onto the MegaVoice Ambassador and giving people access to God’s word for the first time, and in their own languages.
and the pastors’ work of
caring for their flocks and
evangelizing the lost has
finally been discovered.”             Peru                                                                                      Thailand
                                      “Good news about these tough MegaVoice players. B.H. visited Eden recently                “We are following up on the people we have trained. Zane, Titus and I went to a Lisu village with 130
                                      & found that the players I left there almost two years ago are still working well         families. They needed 5 more MegaVoice machines, but we only gave them 2. MegaVoice has helped
       Colin & Dot                    and the people cherish them. When I went there the first time I could only get            them a lot, and been very effective. I went by myself to another Lisu village where in the past, the
                                      two men and five teenage boys to listen to what I had to say, but I left some             people heard the Word of God one time a week from preaching. However, now with MegaVoice, they
       Burkina Faso Ministry          MegaVoice players with the new converts. This time B.H. had the attention                 can hear the Word of God everyday. It has helped the people a lot, and they said that they need more
                                      of practically the whole town - probably due to the village listening to the              machines. They really want to keep the MegaVoice machines with them. They also want the material in
                                      message over and over. God is good!!”                                                     the Lahu language, for there are 1.5 million people to reach. MegaVoice is becoming very famous in
                                                                                                                                China and Thailand.”
                                      “Just to let you know that the solar-powered MegaVoice players are well after
                                      almost a year in the jungle and still popular with the first groups that received         Burkina Faso, Africa
                                      them. Boots H. visited some Yagua villages near the Brazil border where the               “‘I don’t have any Turka in my church, but I do have a few Turka neighbours who aren’t Christians.
                                      first MegaVoice players were distributed the beginning of this year, and they             Is it okay if I take a player to lend out to them?’ This is the kind of question that just brightens a Bible
                                      are still holding up to the strains of jungle life.”                                      translator’s day!
                                                                                                                                The first reactions to listening to the scripture recording on the MegaVoice players have been over-
                                      “The Yagua people are about 90-95% illiterate but they listen to the messages             whelmingly positive. Comments like, “This is good Turka!” and “God’s Word is sweet!” abound. When
                                      at least once a week and get together to talk about what it says. They are also           we observe people listening to the message, it is clear that the listeners are engaged because we hear
                                      willing to share them with other Yagua villages that are deeper in the jungle.”           their “feedback” signals being voiced. (The Turka do not usually listen to stories silently. Instead, they
                                                                                                                                interject using special sounds and words which indicate how they feel about the story.)”
                                      “Solomon, our church planter who is working in a village in Andra Pradesh,                South Africa
                                      has a prayer meeting every Friday. Before the meeting, he plays the                       “Megavoice players are indispensable to our Bible Society of South Africa. We wish to reach out even to
                                      MegaVoice unit over the loud speakers mounted on top of the church                        those remotest areas where people are facing abject poverty and no access to power. The Megavoice
                                      building. He said that he plays 45 minutes every Friday. The loud speakers                players, operated on solar energy, are the best gadgets we can ever have.
                                      reach one kilometer, so most of the people are able to hear. He said that                 With the Megavoice player, we have been to different indigent communities in our immediate surroundings
                                      they really stop and pay attention to the stories.”                                       here and they are very excited to see such a tiny, almost insignificant but very powerful instrument.”

                                      “This morning six Hindu people stopped as I was listening to God’s Story in
                                      Telugu on the MegaVoice player. They all listened to the full Story. Finally all
                                                                                                                                Northern Russia
                                      of them told me in one voice, ‘Sir, we need this Saviour to save us from our              “We tried a test of the Megavoice Ambassadors with the population of reindeer farmers in Nenets,
                                      physical and spiritual problems. We all are in prayer together.’ After they left,         Northern Russia, to test resistance to extremely cold weather and to see if they could be charged up,
                                      our Police Officer came to our office. I told him about the testimony that just           using their integrated solar panels, with the absent sun of the arctic winter. Fortunately, the light from
                                      happened and he wanted to listen and see the MegaVoice player. He was joyfully            the lamps is enough to supply these small machines. There are many Christians. Unfortunately most of
                                      listening from the player and dedicated himself to serve God more in the                  them cannot read.
                                      Police Department. He took one MegaVoice player and promised that He                      So Megavoice is autonomous enough to represent a real chance of transmitting the Holy Scriptures and
                                      would take this gospel to his higher officers and his subordinates. He said               communicating the message of salvation contained therein … ‘to the ends of the earth …’“
                                      that it is very easy to carry – that carrying a Bible into Police headquarters is
                                      restricted, but he can carry this tool to share the Gospel. It is like a mobile phone.”
                                      West Africa                                                                               “In April I was meeting with three house church leaders, representing about 10 million people. I showed
                                                                                                                                them the MegaVoice device and was, actually, quite surprised at their reaction. They each wanted their
                                      “Timothy O., our TGSP leader in West Africa, is now distributing his first                own personal device with the Mandarin Bible recorded on it. They were excited because they often ride
Full names and specific villages      shipment of MegaVoice with God's Story African versions on them. He just                  buses when they travel and can listen to this and study while they are on these long drives.
have not been identified to protect   sent us this response from one of the leaders who received a player. ‘This is
the identity of these church                                                                                                    Mega Voice could be a great breakthrough for us here in China. We already have recieved a very
                                      the best thing to come out of the West to reach the rest!!!’”                             positive response from leaders here, who are waiting for us to distribute everywhere in China.”
planters and evangelists.
        AFRICA      INDIA     THE ORIENT                RUSSIA            SOUTH AMERICA

                               “It just keeps happening! On the phone last night Ram told me that his evangelist
                               used MegaVoice to witness to a family of brick-makers in Nepal. They come
                               down to the valley for 6 months of the year to work. Then they go back home ‘to
                               a very far place’ high in the Himalayas. One family listened to the God's Story in
                               Nepali and was saved. They begged to have the player so they could share the
                               story with other families. For several days the player went from family to family.
                               Ram gushed out, ‘Mom, nine Hindu families came to the Christ. I have never
                               seen anything like this before.’
“One family listened to        The families already went to the brick factory and have been telling everyone
God's Story in Nepali and      about Jesus! Everyone knows what happened. Sunday we had a celebration with
                               our local believers and the nine families. We will teach them more, and they will
was saved. They begged to      go back home and plant churches.
have the player so they        Most of us have memorized Hebrews 4:12, we quote it, put it on banners and
                               give eloquent sermons on it, but when we see it at work before our eyes, we say,
could share the story with     ‘How do I know this report is true? I have not seen anything like this happening.’
                               As Ram has told us, about his change to using chronological storytelling, ‘Now
other families. For several    that I start at the head not the tail, more people are coming to the Christ faster
days the player went from      than ever before and they do not fall away!’
                               Ram also played the 80-minute God's Story for some Tibetan children on the
family to family. Nine         MegaVoice player. A little while later a Lama approached Ram and asked if he
Hindu families came to the     could listen to the story. The Lama loved listening to it so much that he asked if
                               he could take the player to the monastery so he could listen to it at night privately.
Christ. I have never seen      Ram gave him the player. Before leaving that area two more Lamas, who found
                               out about the story in their language, came separately asking if they could have
anything like this before."    players. So Ram gave them the players with God's Story as well.
                               Ram knew his cover was blown and that giving them the players could mean
                               death for him or life for the Lamas. Some weeks later, covered with much prayer,
     Ram                       Ram returned to the that place. He saw one Lama who received him warmly. The
     Nepali Church Planter     Lama asked if he could come soon and visit Ram at his home.
                               Ram happily gave him the invitation. The combination of Ram evangelizing in
                               Nepal, and using the solar-powered tool, MegaVoice, playing "God's Story: From
                               Creation to Eternity" effectively reached the center of a Buddhist stronghold.”

                               You can help be a catalyst for testimonies like these. As you have read, the
                               demand for these audio tools is great. If one audio Bible can help change a
                               village, imagine what thousands of these players could do for a nation! Please
                               join with us, by helping us partner with mission agencies and national church
                               planters to provide the non-literate and unreached access to God’s Word. Each
                               gift of $100 can put 3-4 solar powered Ambassador audio players in the field.
                               For information on MegaVoice, please contact us at
                               To partner with us financially, please send contributions to:
                               MegaVoice International
                               7600 W. 110th St., Suite 200
                               Overland Park, KS 66210

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