NPHC General Body Minutes September 17_ 2009 Call To Order 110pm

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					                         NPHC General Body Minutes
                            September 17, 2009

I. Call To Order: 1:10pm
II. Roll Call:    Zeta Phi Beta (Excused absence)
                  Iota Phi Theta (1 member not dressed/WARNING)
III. Advisor Reports
        A. Be kind to individuals at Greek Expo
IV. Officer Reports
        A. Vice-President’s Report
           1. Committee Updates
               a) NPHC Greek Expo
                  - NPHC tables need to be set up between 5:30-6pm
                  - There will be a popcorn bag at each table for candy
                  - Advisor from Omega Psi Phi will be doing a presentation on their
               b) NPHC Week 2009
                  - Make sure delegates are going back to chapters and relaying dress
                      code for the week
                  - Street Smarts location has changed to Computer Science Building 101
               c) Greek Extravaganza 2010
                  - Next Thursday will be the first committee meeting
                  - No new updates
               d) Socials
                  - Ideas:
                           Tailgating
                           Halloween Horror Nights
                           Beach
                           Theme Parks
                           Skating
                           Social with another schools NPHC
                           Laser Tag
                  - Dates:
                           Thursday October 8
                           Sunday November 15
        B. Treasurer’s Report
           1. NPHC Dues
               a) $100 due October 1 = $800 income
               b) Proposed budget printed to explain need for fundraising and sponsorships
                  for the year
           2. NPHC Account Balance
               a) See projected budget (Delegates should have this)
           3. Congo River Golf Fundraiser
               a) Will be selling tickets at fundraiser
               b) Each organization will be selling 7 tickets instead of 15
         c) If you don’t sell all of your tickets you can sell them at the actual event
            from 6-8pm
         d) If you lose your tickets you will owe the $10 for each ticket lost
     4. Fundraising
         a) Concession Stands
            - Basketball games or concerts
            - 2 people per organization will be required to attend
            - 9-11% profit from each cashier
            - Judith Gachelin will look into what concession stands are available
                (Sesame Street)
         b) Bowling at Firkin Keglers
            - $10 a ticket for shoes and a game
         c) Bring back to your chapters and bring back fundraising ideas to next
C.   Parliamentarian’s Report
     1. NPHC Constitution
         a) Proposed dues to be raised to $100 a semester
         b) Will be doing 3 readings and a vote in the upcoming meetings
         c) Read over Proposed Constitution because we will be voting at next
D.   Risk Management Director’s Report
     1. OSI and OF&SL Updates and Reminders
         a) Hazing Prevention Week next week
         b) Roster Edits are due to OF&SL September 18
         c) Plan for Standards of Excellence due
         d) Order of Omega applications are available
E.   Community Service Director’s Report
     1. Community Service Debrief and Updates
         a) Community service last week at the New Youth Image Center downtown
            - Tutored the kids and played games with them
            - Considering adopting them for our Greek Extrav philanthropy
         b) October 10- Knights Give Back
            - Submit a roster to Felichia Wright of who will be attending
            - 75% of chapter must attend (Mandatory for NPHC)
            - If you cannot attend contact Felichia Wright
         c) October 17- Event not finalized yet
            - Mandatory for NPHC
         d) November 7- Homecoming Philanthropy event
            - Mandatory for NPHC
         e) Let Felichia Wright know of ANY scheduling conflicts for community
F.   Scholarship Director’s Report
     1. Greek Student Success
         a) Last week Mike Clark presented and there wasn’t a lot of NPHC support
         b) Thursday October 1 @ 3:45pm in the Student Union
            - NPHC is responsible for this day so we NEED to show SUPPORT!!!!
                  -  Presentation will be on Personal finance and financial aid
                  -  If you know anyone that would be a good speaker let Mike Clark
                 - Barbara Butler will help
                 - Presentation will be 30 minutes to an hour long
                 - Great opportunity for STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE POINTS!!!
V. Unfinished Business
      A. NPHC State Conference
          1. Registration forms and fees are DUE!!!
          2. UF needs a head count of who is going
          3. Conference is Saturday September 26 from 9-5pm
          4. One representative from each organization is required to go
                 - Sigma Gamma Rho has area meetings
                 - Phi Beta Sigma has conference and a step show
                 - Alpha Kappa Alpha may not have a member present
VI. New Business
      A. NPHC General Budget 09-10
          1. Look over delegates copy
          2. Add Miscellaneous section
          3. Will be voting next meeting on individual events
          4. NPHC Week
                 - Street Smarts prizes (tickets to our Friday part for NPHC week or
                     restaurant gift cards, CAB & SGA)
                          Try to see if each organization can donate a gift card and give
                             to Landon Hamilton by Monday
                 - Dexter Grant moves to vote to keep NPHC Week budget the same
                     2nd by Luda Bonhomme
                         In Favor: 10
                         Opposed: 3
                                 PASSED! NPHC Week budget will stay the same!
          5. Greek Expo
                 - Breakdown of all expenses at next meeting
          6. Paying 2 years of national NPHC dues next semester
          7. Study Nights
                 - Money will go towards snacks and drinks
          8. Socials
                 - NPHC will pay what we can and members will pay the difference
          9. Awards and Philanthropy Gala (In the spring)
      B. NPHC Informational Pamphlets
          1. OF&SL already has a Greek Book we can use and hand out
          2. Dexter Grant moved to vote that we use OF&SL Greek Books
             2nd by Milenys Santana
                 In Favor: 12
                 Opposed: 3
                         PASSED! Will be using OF&SL Greek Books!!
      C. SGA Tailgating Performance
           1. Michael Morris from SGA wants us to perform at Miami Game which will be
              October 17
                 - Dexter Grant moved that we vote to present it to the NPHC Step team
                     2nd Courtney Evans
                         In favor: 10
                         Opposed: 2
VII.    Announcements:
           A. November 8: Alpha Phi Alpha’s Cancer Benefit Dinner
           B. Give Mike Rape rosters for party guest list
           C. Need volunteers for tabling next week and to pass out fliers
VIII.   Adjournment: 2:25pm