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									Homestead PTSO Meeting Minutes
       September 18, 2008
President Patti Rooney called the meeting to order at
9:03 a.m.

Attendees: Mark Roherty, Kathy Erlandson, Patti
Rooney, Stephanie Fleming, Alicia Nickols, Jeannie
Cooley, Julie Barragry, Bradley Rotter, Suzette
Urbashich, Michele Ziegler, Chris Debbink, Jodie
Landgraf, Amy Gleeson, Karen Geschke, Ann Holtz, Carol Hagemeier, Judy VanHandel,
Joanne Manion, Pam Enea, Mela Osburn, Debbie Murphy, and Peggy Mulligan

The minutes from the May, 2008 meeting was approved as written.

Student Council:
Student Council President, Bradley Rotter, thanked the parents that have volunteered to
sell Homecoming dance tickets during lunch hours. The theme for this year’s
Homecoming Dance is “Welcome to the Jungle.” Plans for Homecoming Week include
several theme days, a pep rally, car show and parade that will begin at 4:30pm on Friday,
September 26. The next Student Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 6 th
at 7:00pm. One item on the agenda is an evaluation of the future of the Sadie Hawkins
and Winterfest Dances, and whether changes will be made.

Treasurer’s Report:
Stephanie Fleming handed out the 2008-2009 budget. Deposits have been made from
funds received during Registration. Anyone with expenses to submit, please mail them to
Stephanie for reimbursement.

Principal’s Report:
Mr. Roherty reported that the school year is off to a good start. The Student Council has
done a great job with all the Homecoming planning. Events include the Powder Puff
Football game on Wed., Sept. 24th at 5:00pm, various dress-up days, pep assembly,
parade and football game. The Homecoming Dance is Saturday night in the Field House
8:30-11:30pm. The Village of Thiensville no longer allows candy to be thrown to
spectators during the Parade. Enrollment at HHS is 1493 students, up by 32 due to new
families moving into the community. We have the largest senior class to date with 409
students, and the smallest freshman class with 334 students. Planning is underway to
celebrate the 50th Anniversary of HHS in 2009. Everyone is invited to be part of the
planning for this celebration. Key events include a kick-off picnic on August 30, 2009,
Homecoming during the weekend of October 9-10, 2009 and an Open House on Sunday,
December 13, 2009, which is exactly 50 years from the date of the first Open House held
when the school first opened. The theme for the celebration is “1959-2009 Celebrate
Homestead”. Please contact Mr. Roherty if you would like to help in the planning in any
way. Everyone is welcome!
President’s Report:
Co-Presidents Patti Rooney and Kathy Erlandson welcomed everyone to the first PTSO
meeting of the year. The meetings are always held the 3 rd Thursday of every month with
the exception of December when there will be no meeting. Patti Rooney thanked Tamey
Greve for the outstanding job she did organizing registration and coordinating all the
volunteers. Tamey also is chairperson for PTSO Membership. To date we have
received 226 family memberships and 294 individual memberships. Patti also reported
that the student directory will be printed in early October and mailed out by mid-October.

Jeannie Cooley and Julie Barragry will be hanging Homecoming signs on the school
grounds, as has been done in past years. All athletic teams have been encouraged to
participate in the annual parade.

Grad Greetings:
Julie Barragry reported a profit of $674 from last spring’s Grad Greeting fundraiser.

Booster Club:
Booster Club is looking for new members. Deb Murphy requested anyone interested in
helping on the committee to contact her. A specific area of need is someone, or several
people to coordinate ordering and selling Spirit Wear. Clothing specific to next year’s
50th Celebration will be designed so this will be a fun year to be involved! Booster Club
meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30pm in the high school conference room.
Boosters were responsible for funding new team benches on the football field, a tarp to
protect the field, new speaker systems on the football and soccer fields, and financial
support to keep Andre, the sports trainer, on staff. Thank you Booster Club!

Area Council:
Karen Geschke reported on the September 3rd meeting. Demond Means opened the
meeting with very positive comments about the direction of the school district. He stated
that he had two areas of concern regarding class size – specifically the 7th grade at Steffen
with 34 students/classroom, and 4th grade at Donges Bay with 29-30 students. A new
teacher has been added at Steffan, and an aid is now at Donges Bay. Eric Dimmitt, the
new Directory of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment was introduced. Suzette
Urbashich, new School Board president also spoke. The District has a new web site – be
sure to check it out at Peter Stone and Beth O’Connor will not be
seeking reelection for 2009 and they are looking for candidates with school-aged children
to fill their positions on the School Board. Jackie Mortenson spoke regarding MTEF and
the success of the foundation reaching their 10-year anniversary. Karen also presented
the school with a “Leave a Legacy” plaque commemorating $6,800 raised in the
campaign last year.

School Board:
Suzette Urbashich reported that the enrollment for the entire district is up approximately
50 students that equates to about $50,000 for the district. Specific plans are in place to
increase student performance. Data will be collected as a way to trace progress in this
area. The Science/Technology/Engineering/Math curriculum is under review,
specifically at the middle school level. A meeting will be held in November for anyone
considering running for the open school board positions (date to be announced). Suzette
also mentioned the next PR Committee Meeting is on Tuesday, September 30th at 4:15 in
the Egelhoff Room. Anyone interested in being the HHS liaison for this committee
should contact Suzette.

Joanne Manion announced the new Co-Presidents for PPI for the 2008-2009 school year:
Jodi Holman and Pam Liegeois. Red Ribbon Week is October 20-24 and a multi-media
program by “The 7 Project” will be presented to the student body. PPI is reminding
everyone that the 4th Monday of each month is “Family Dinner Night”. Save the date of
February 27th for the annual PPI breakfast.

Judy VanHandel explained the mission of this organization is to provide information and
support for those students who struggle. This year, half of the programs will be held in
the evenings, and half in the morning. Information is shared at these meetings, and
occasionally the program includes speakers. V.O.I.C.E.S. recognizes any staff or teacher
who have helped students who struggle with their “Inspire Award” (Mr. Roherty is a past
award winner!). Please let Judy know if you would like to nominate anyone for this
award. The next “Parent Chat” is Thursday, October 16 th at 6:30pm at Caribou Coffee at
11104 N. Port Washington Road in Mequon (next to Bed Bath & Beyond).

There are still a few open positions on the HHS PTSO Board:
   1. Vice President or Co-VP
   2. Volunteer Coordinator to shadow Danette Carlton (currently in this position) to
       take over office for next year.
   3. School Board Representative

Please contact Patti Rooney or Kathy Erlandson if you are interested in these positions.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy Mulligan
Recording Secretary

                      ***Next PTSO Meeting is
                     Thursday, October 16th, 2008
                           at 9:00am ***
   If you have the time, please plan to stay after the meeting for some

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